Thursday 19th May 2011

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19/05/2011 at 06:06

Oh nice birkmyre - working or show stock?

NZC - it doesn't seem long ago that you were telling us about it getting too warm. Time seems to pass so quickly.

What:             speed swim set (I use the term loosely)/turbo
Why:               doing what it says on the tin (my schedule is on the fridge)
Last hard:     not being back to my usual pace yesterday
Last rest:      25/4

Lyrics - yes.

19/05/2011 at 06:33


hello everyone, I'm safely back from sunny Tenerife where I basically did bu88er all.  I went off barely able to walk, let alone run. By the middle of the holiday I could just about walk without limping.  I did do one 'power walk' of 4 miles and another run walk of a little over 3 miles but that is it in terms of exercise.  Something has to happen from now on though as I ate and drank as though I was running every day and my clothes are rather tighter than they were! 

We got back on Tuesday night and it was back to work again yesterday and walked back into more of the same sh*t, different day.  I am so glad I'm leaving and am quite looking forward to my exit interview with HR. I leave on 30th June.  Wibble.

I may stay away until I get back into some kind of regular exercise. I'll read, but likely not post.


19/05/2011 at 08:23

Morning all

Club night last night, out with the big boys again & for the 1st time it actually felt comfortable. After weeks of just about hanging on, not only did it feel ok, I could actually join in the conversation without gasping for air. Very happy to actually notice an improvement in my fitness.

Exciting Birkmyre, you got a name yet?

 Mava - Hope you had a great holiday, good to see there's been some improvement.

What: 6 mile Fartleks

Why: Felt right

Last Rest: Monday

Last Hard: Sunday

Lyrics: Finally, yes. Though I now have the song stuck in my head which I'm not too happy about. 

19/05/2011 at 08:39

Morning all.

Birkmyre thanks for the lyrics again.  This is the 1st time ever I've known them 3 days in a row

Mava glad to hear you had a good hol.  Hope the knee continues to improve

NZC I remember going to Oz and having a fire in 10 deg weather.  Is this the same in NZ?  Do you say it's weather for a fire when it drops below 10 deg?!

What: core at gym

Why: it's Thursday and the fizz says so

Last hard: staying awake at orchestra last night

Have a good day all.

19/05/2011 at 09:22
Morning all

4 miles d&d. gym circuit with core d&d. Thats it for today. 3 mile jog tomorrow, then rest up - why - because i'm giving a local half marathon a go on Sunday. I'm not sure if it 100% wise, but i'll know for sure after if the young cow has left the field - i haven't seen her looking over the fence for quite a while.

Good to hear that things seem to be improving Mava. Hope things are back to normal soon!. I know the frustration of injury and the feeling that its all disappearing - it isn't though!.

Birks - hope the fence is good - i hope your not walking 100's of miles after the thing

19/05/2011 at 09:48
lyric - sadly , yes. Possibly one of the most irritating songs known to man. (Well for me anyway!!)
Tom - more like it. White Lies are super, was blown away when I first heard "To lose my life" my personal fave off that one is EST. Papillon (Editors) is also on my ipod most played....
Birk - ah good luck, must be a phase, about half a dozen pals have acquired mutts in the past year...I have enough trouble controlling the kids....
What - slow light run
Why - did 5 yesterday (after hard sesh tuesday) and knees and ankles aching today

Have a great day!
19/05/2011 at 10:45
Morning all

Lyrics - Hell yes and singing away in the office
What: intervals as coach so steady pace for me about 3.5 miles d&d
Gym triathlon - 24 minutes of pain PM
800 metre hill reps PB
Why: to be the best of the best of the best
Last hard: yesterday
Last rest: 28th March
19/05/2011 at 13:09
Good afternoon.

Welcome back from your hols Mava. Hopefully you can gradually ease your way back into the way of it.

Lyrics, but of course!

After yesterdays 10M aborting into 7.3M, I attempted a single loop 9.1, with the potential of a 4M walk home if things went wrong. It was a fairly circumspect effort run at a modest pace with a few stops late in the run to stretch out tightening hip flexors. As i've said before the problems are due to fatigue rather than injury, so I'm fairly hopeful of managing myself through this.

More strength work this afternoon if I can avoid the allure of the garden. Val has a lot of large and heavy pots that need moving - but cross training it isn't.
19/05/2011 at 14:11

Afternoon all,

birymyre: I'm not fond of black dogs

runners trotts turned into general trotts so no been aroung for a few days

  • What: 5m
  • Why:  Knock me down, I just keep getting back up. 
  • Last Hard:  ?
  • Last Rest: Yesterday

Have a good one

19/05/2011 at 14:19

What: Possibly light run later/ Olimpie
Why: Went karting last night and feel tired/ relieves stiffness
Last hard: Sunday
Lasst rest: Tues

Lyrics: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH, not that ****ing song again! Hate it!

19/05/2011 at 14:25
AF: labrador pups are great black dog chasers I hear

birk: enjoy the extended family. I've been aching to have a new dog for a while now. Need to get Mr. Chick to see it the same way though. After our last one died we said never again. Typical case of never say never!

Tom, Dustin: need to dig out my Editors album! We still haven't unpacked all boxes (renting at the mo while we are building our house) and it's there somewhere.

I did core work last night and feel it today. Goes to show I need to do this more regularly!

What: 5 miles easy
Why: lunchtime run - didn't have time for more
Last hard: Sunday
Last rest: Tuesday
Lyrics: yes - and it's on permanent repeat in me head

Edited coz I forgot to say Welcome Back to mava!
Edited: 19/05/2011 at 14:26
19/05/2011 at 15:05


AF - taking the black dog on a long run can help. Teach him to live life your way

I just love dogs. Full stop

And yes know the lyrics 2nd day on the trot - that never happens

 Mava - welcome back

No run today resting up but no work for 11 days bit of time off.

Will start agin tommorrow

typo can stay

19/05/2011 at 18:24

Good luck with the puppy Birkmyre

Just heard back from 1 interview.  The one I really wanted I didn't get.  Reason = I was overqualified.  I had contacted them before the interview and asked if this was a good way into the field I want to get into and they said yes.  They said I'd need to work my way up...then they turn round and say I'm too qualified.  I am not a happy bunny.

Leg feeling dodgy again as stretching every day as fizz told me fallen by the way-side so am going to relax this evening with a glass of wine and probably do some stretching!

Can we see a photo of the pup once s/he's home?

19/05/2011 at 19:32
Evening all.  A nice 7.2 mile run earlier this evening.  Bit breezy but ok - running a race over the same course on the 29th.  Dunblane 7.5 mile road race - I wonder why there are so many oddly-distanced races near here!!
19/05/2011 at 20:02

Evening all.

Yesterday's club run was hard, I blame the idiot who made up the route (me).

What:  Rest
Why:  Needed, and busy clearing tree debris (one less Leylandi in the world!)
Last hard:  1 day
Last rest:  2 days
Lyrics:  Yes

Planning some hill running tomorrow.

19/05/2011 at 21:48

Birkmyre - good luck with the puppy - remember to hide your shoes!

Lyrics - yes!!

Mava - welcome back - baby steps - you'll be back running before you know it!

JEB - wonderful when you feel that improvement - how old are you?

emzap - it is cold when it drops below 10 degrees! Sorry you didn't get the job you wanted.

Paddy - good luck with the half!

What: About 6 miles with Mae - always hard work, but she didn't pull as much as usual. She was a very satisfied customer afterwards.

19/05/2011 at 22:31
Evening all,

Mava - sorry to hear that you're still not running. Grrr. Hope it sorts. Good luck surviving the last six weeks.

birkmyre - sigh. Wish I could see far enough into the future to dare get a dog again, black or any other colour. I had a wonderfully loyal black lab cross when I was a kid. He was definitely mine. AF: the furry ones who take you out of the house and are always happy to go the way you choose are not to be confused with The Others.

emzap - that's the way of things, if your not qualified, you don't get the job, if you are, they can't afford you. Sorry you got caught by that catch 22.

Gobi? Gym tri? Stationary bike, ok, dreadmill, ok, and ?? or I suppose there is a pool. But just 24 minutes?

Tom, you seem to be getting some more substantial mileage. What does your week look like these days? What are you aiming for?

Me? Back this side after delays which made a long journey longer, and straight into work and life in general. It's ok this end of the day, when my bod thinks it's mid afternoon, but I do not look forward to getting up tomorrow morning. Tomorrow head off towards Exeter for the last of the Dartmoor LAMM training weekends - a full dress rehearsal. I've got an altimeter to play with now. The first priority for Team Outlaw (mother-out-law and daughter out-law) is not to get lost. We've still got some practicing to do.

go carefully all.

19/05/2011 at 22:42

LAMM training weekends?  The lambing season is over now, or am I misunderstanding you?

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