Thursday 30th March 2006

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30/03/2006 at 18:30
I must admit having Hilly talk about beers'n'curry the night before FLM had me a tad confused too.
30/03/2006 at 18:36

what: another 5.5 miles i.e. 5 laps of sunny Speke at lunchtime
why: same reason as yesterday
last hard day: Sun
last rest day: Sat

same time as yesterday, but felt a lot harder with wind blowing over 30 knots.

PG - well battled

recover soon Rory & everyone else ill/injured
30/03/2006 at 18:56
i knew it. not one chance to post back at work.

nasty experience imski. guess that's the downside of warmer lighter evenings, the chavs also tend to gather. Good run though.

Hope the shin is nothing more than in need of an easy day or two Podro.

BR, a tough but understandable call re. FLM but sounds like you'll have an enjoyable weekend. I seem to remember a while ago you saying you weren't bothered about tough but scenic races. Do i detect a slight sea change for the time being?

Sorry about your woes FAB. Take it easy.

Well done at Rome PG. Sounds like you nailed the strategy spot on.

cheers for the link newmum. will look into it.

Hope the cold clears soon Rory. Best wishes.

Sorry to hear about your foot problems Julz.

Too many injured peeps out there. A collective get well.

Easy 2 miles done, just to get an easy run in.

and now i shall leave the forum in peace whilst talk of underwear sharing ;)


Oh, Ironically i knew the lyrics as i can't stand her ;)

30/03/2006 at 19:05
I remember when I was on holiday last year lots of people posting as variations of me.

What does that say about those people and my underwear?

30/03/2006 at 19:13
Your underwear is of enourmous proportions??

Maybe that's what caused the groin strain.

30/03/2006 at 19:29

A lot of people have tried your underwear?

You're a Viz cartoon reject?

You're the orginal Pantman!

Sozz - I've had a kwazy day today!
30/03/2006 at 19:40
Evenin' all < flexes at knees with feet splayed>

Not been posting since not been running. yesterday I was finally able to walk without dull pain in shin. have decided next run will be ca 3miles on grass on saturday. If Ok the debate will be how fast I build up milage. Thoughts with all those suffering similar injuries or dilemmas at mo.

welcome Beeble/handbag and a couple fo otehr new faces.

welcome back familiar faces

no welcome to the concept of underwear sharing....there are other threads for that surely.

lyrics - no clue, like the best.
30/03/2006 at 20:41
Julz - does sound a tricky one - I suppose give it a go for a bit but how long do you give them until you decide they aren't the solution ?

What - an hour bike on the rollers whilst watching TV. Not done it yet just about to start. Legs are a bit tired after yesterday so just going to spin an easy gear. Gave the bike a good clean this evening - took the drive train to pieces and degreased it all.

Bad luck on the FLM BR and welcome back all.
30/03/2006 at 20:42
sft legs hope build up goes ok. Grass sounds like a good idea.

No idea on lyrics other than its a girlie that sings it cause Paul l says so and ''can;t stand her''!

Gym d@d

What a miserable affair it was. It was really warm in there when I arrived. Staff in t-shirts. I think they should be wrapped up warm, at least in sweatshirts to allow us not to boil! Asked them to turn up Air con, got told it was on full - yeah right! I don't think so.

Anyway onto elliptical trainer for 15 mins, boiling after 5.

Onto dreadmill for 20 mins. 5 at 10k, 10 at 10.5k, 5 at 10K - MAJOR yawn! Still boiling hot. Demotivated, fed up, can't be @rsed. But not giving in, so tried blasting out ears with MP3 player and that didn't work either. Ok run over, miserable affair so on to the bike.

Onto bike, no way doing 45 mins, no time anyway as have to get to chippy to feed teenage scoobs (I'm such a health conscious mum), set for 30 mins. Grab the bars at front which also have heart rate monitor on. Oh dear heart rate rather high and not even on a big hill yet. Why's that then? Ok I'm feeling cr@p but usually this is due to psychological with me and not physical. Slogging it away determined to see it through. Got to 20 mins and in walks hubby, he's been away all week on a course. He's come to run on tready. What joy to see him and thats it. Stop the bike after 21 mins. Climb off - think what a waste of time that was. Got into changing room and wish there was a nice comfy bed to lie down and go to sleep on. Feel stuffed.

Home, chips, and bed.

Night all.

30/03/2006 at 21:05
Evening all,
Lots of good stuff posted while I've been asleep.

Peter Gledhill - nice marathon - you sounded totally in control - what is your marathon PB?

BR - no flm - don't you know supporting can be harder than running the thing!

Wardi - great to have a friend like you.

beeble - nice to meet you - my mother-in-law's ancestors came from Fife.

200m - good luck - you deserve it.

scooby - I'll have to teach you how to pretend to do up your shoe laces while quietly moving the inside of your shorts to one side. Thought I was waiting one day for a girl who had stopped to do up her shoe-lace and she told me later what she had done - only works with short shorts though and works 100% off-road cause no puddles left on the pavement!

Sorry you're not running Paris - but guess it is the sensible thing to do:-(

M - good to see you on top of your training.

Rory - schedules are meant to be altered!

Jultz - forget about the 22 miler - get yourself injury-free, running nicely and you still might get your marathon in.

Glad to see you got your 15 miler in Hilly - you'll be fine.
30/03/2006 at 21:59
First of all thank you all for your kind and supportive remarks, you are a top bunch. Hollywood - 'well done on going to the pub' - thanks, but to be honest I don't normally need much of an excuse!

PG.. good run in Rome. Sorry about the tooth, as if marathons weren't painful enough!

Julz.. after any injury my physio advises one week extra rest after the pain has gone, just to make sure. I followed this advice after shin splints last year, built up slowly but surely and have had no return of the problem. I stretch more than I used to and I run in a mixture of shoe types with no orthotics. Best of luck.

BR.. sensible decision I reckon. You could always set up an alternative 'special drinks' table for forumites at 15 miles or so {o:

Club night - consisting of 6 men of veteran status and a pretty 19 year old girl who joined us last year. I have never seen such eagerness to circle back for a straggler in the history of the club {o:

9 miles done with a few fast strides, mostly off road.
30/03/2006 at 22:21
Paul I - I made it especially easy. Lyrics <A Ironic by Alanis Morissette. Heard the song last night in the tube.
30/03/2006 at 22:23
Hello peeps

Many apologies i have not read the thread been at the hospital all day and have only got back home, had my mum rushed in this morning, still don't know whats wrong, going back tomorrow, hopefully will get more news. So hence no running today and don't know when i'll be able to post again

Take care all
debbo    pirate
30/03/2006 at 22:24
Pammie - hope your mum's ok. Look after yourself too.
Blisters    pirate
30/03/2006 at 22:46
Lyrics? Sounds a bit familiar, but definitely don't know it, even when given clues such as artist and title.
Imski - Let me get this right. You got hero worship from a bunch of pubescent females? SCARY!
Dubai Dave: There's not many of us around on the 2300 running shift...
SGQ- I'm not surprised that today's run was slow, you knocked out a brisk one yesterday.
Pete G- Rome sounds like a really scenic place to have a marathon. Sub 4 sounds perfectly acceptable given the crowds, and your strategy seemed to be the right one. I hope that the tooth settles down quickly. They are surprisingly debilitating.
Hilly: I've missed something significant, haven't I? Or have I just been trapped by an early dose of April 1sts?
Gary Beeble: welcome aboard - That story sounds awfully familiar. I spy some "soft" targets in your pb list....Now where's BR?
Scooby- I laughed at the car park incident! They say that the difference between radio and TV is that radio has the better pictures!
DozyD- If you are clocking your times for 10k, then you care, and you'll be as fanatical as the rest of us. Keep it up. PS, if you are focussing on enjoying 10k races, then 7 miles is a perfect training distance.
Hilly/BR - I though that there was a wind up going on.......then I see the combination posting......from what I understand about each of you this sounds messy and, I don't believe it......
Pammie, hope your Mum's OK

Day at work, visiting a concrete plant. (Daddy, don't be silly you can't grow a concrete plant)
Dry and windy, but just as I finished to drive home it lashed it down. Got home 1 hour later, and had just reached into the dry weather, so dived in, got my kit on, and went out for as brisk 6.5 miles. Absolutely perfect. A little refreshing drizzle towards the end, but 7m/m pace was really tick-tock and in the zone. Monday's niggle was definitely related to training on cold muscles. I'd been home 5 minutes when the heavens opened for an hour. Am I the happy bunny?
30/03/2006 at 23:17
NZC, last summer I did a lots of bare foot running; there was quite a craze for it on one of these threads, on the grounds that it encourages a much more natural midfoot style. As soon as the weather is good enough here, I'm looking forward to my laps of the local cricket pitch again

WP, as long as you re sensible I'm sure your fizz's advice is only a guide. Its your body/leg, and I always tell patients to be guided by how they feel.

PG, the Rome marathon sounds like a wonderful sight-seeing tour. A bit difficult to concentrate on the running ?

LizzyB, and Hilly, you could follow the trend, and get some acupuncture to shift your gunge andget rid of your cough.

BR, you sound contented enough with your descision to race low-key for a while, and to watch FLM.

Pammie, I hope your mum is OK

Julz, sfllegs and ony one else with shin splints, I'm sure it was quite against any orthodox advice, but after some time out with shin splints last year, as soon as I started getting some really proper treatment ie very deep massage, and much deeper than I could have done on myself, I starting building back the miles - up to 65 mpw in only 5 weeks.

I've continued getting weekly massage at the same time as building up the miles and adding speedwork,. Although I reckon I still felt the pain sometimes until about 6 weeks ago ie 6mths my fitness now is loads better than if I'd not run till there was no pain, and only then started building up again.

What: 7ml inc 3x 1ml hard
Why: still recovering from my bug, so being cautious ie didn't do 6x 1ml
30/03/2006 at 23:24
TMR - I'm lucky I've never had shin splints but deep massage - the very painful stuff is what is recommended here too, I remember my husband having to go through all that - not nice - but it works.

Bisters - concrete plants - well I guess you wouldn't have to water them! I've just been out mowing the lawn and have run out of petrol - have to get myself down to the garage.

31/03/2006 at 00:15
Thanks loads to those of you who posted advice, I canned tonights run, it seemed a bit too soon, I'll be giving it some more thought over the weekend, haven't really decided on anything yet. Does sound like a thorough regular massage would be one good idea though.

nrg-b - I work as an character animator and tomorrow I'll be talking about my job! :)

Pammie Hope its not too serious for your mum and she recovers quickly. My mum isn't well either at the moment, shes got a lung infection.

Welcome to all the new posters. There does seem to be a proliferation of people posting from my old stomping grounds in Fife!

Right, night all!
31/03/2006 at 00:36
almost forgot.... great race & report PG!

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