Thursday July 9th 2009

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09/07/2009 at 19:57

Well done Sharkie and a great report as expected now

What - 6.25m
Why - Steady Miles
Last hard - Yesterday
Last rest - Tues

Take care

09/07/2009 at 21:22

AF - sounds like a simple hazard of large, base mileage to me. I guess it depends on your approach. I always feel like that during base. Re: facial hair, I hope that's not the only requirement as, tbh, I couldn't grow any decent facial hair if my life depended on it......

Christ Paddy. Small world isn't it! You must know Seskin Hill then - one of the hills Kelly used to work out on? I love running up that every time I'm back. Great workout!

SGQ - On my days wfh I invariably end up doing a little bit more, but generally, luckily, no issues doing just my standard 7.

sharkie - nice!

mava - hope it does the job for you!

09/07/2009 at 23:07

TT, 148ml in 7 days, wow!  are you aiming to keep it at that level all summer ?

IM,   yes I think throwing things is fun

AF, I've noticed that you don't do much standard type of speed work, but there again, I have exactly the same problem running faster over short distances despite doing quite a lot of the stuff

alehouse, not good about your neck, I hope it continues to improve rather more speedily

sharkie, I'm v impressed by your 400m time.  Seems 100m training is better for 400m racing than marathon training ; well that's my excuse anyhow

What: am: 6ml easy:  pm: 10.3ml inc 5k race
Why:  marathon miles, Thurs is supposed to include some hard miles, and the race was very local. I set off near the back, partly by accident, partly cos I knew I'd be quite tired, and so not great expectations.  Just before half way (it;s a 2 lap course)  going up a nasty hill, and thinking I'm working as hard as I can, I hear coach's voice 'Come on, Marg, and encouraging me to overtake the runner in front, and the next;  seem to be able to change gear, overtake 2 clubmates and generally work much harder than I thought I could, and pretty well hold it for the rest of the race. End result, 1 min slower than Sunday's track 5000, but its not a flat course, and my legs have got reason to be tired, though HR overall only 2 beats lower.  Bit disappointed by that. 

The course has been remeasured since last year, and is now c 120m longer. The explanation is that when it was first measured it was measured on the road, the statutary 30cm from the kerb ie the supposed running line, but now everyone runs on the pavement and cuts corners, of which there are quite a lot on the course, and they can't stop people doing this.

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