Thursday session 9 Jan

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09/01/2003 at 21:44
Hi Folks,

Well done Laura ! Don’t know how you keep warm running outside in the Lakes for 2 hrs in these temps and the snow.

Like Martin & Drew, feeling weary during this first week back at work and was very tempted to skip the session … but I rested yesterday so no choice really. First speedwork session for a while felt hard work.

What :- Treadmill, total 10 km on 1% incline doing Yassoo 800’s
1 km warm up at 12 kph
6 x 800 m at 16 kph with 3 min recovery at 10 kph after each piece
1 x 400 m at 16 kph
13 kph for a bit to warm down

Tullip – I find interval training on the Treadmill is the best way to banish the boredom – as well as watching TV

09/01/2003 at 22:18
lazy cow, me
09/01/2003 at 22:24
Welcome back WW.

Blimey lots of quality training on here today and lots of talk of Horwill so.....

What: Horwill Alternating Pace 10K
Why: Honestly was asking myself this when running through slush on the track.
Last hard run: Today
Last rest day: Monday.

Turned out OK, had to take a 3 min rest after 18 laps but got through the 10K in 38:27 (excluding the 3 min rest).
09/01/2003 at 22:28
MM -

glad to see you're back with a vengeance! great time in the slush.
09/01/2003 at 23:25
What: 8km treadmill @2% incline, starting slow, with faster Kms (sort of intervals, but not stressful)

Why: to see if my back is up to running yet - verdict "sort of" - the running was ok until I got to 16km/hr, but driving and sitting around have not been so jolly.

Then: a couple of miles with the club juniors, steady with a bit of gentle hill work.
Why: regular commitment
10/01/2003 at 00:00
yes, training again, properly this time.....

what am: 10km in 36:32minutes
why: because i need some miles and i thought i was doing road run with the club tonight....but as it turned out
between this i cycled about four miles to and from the hairdresers. just slippin it in.
what pm: club session, cut down because i have champ XC's on saturday, so i did 8*200m, 30 sec recovery. 'bout 30-32 seconds/200m.
why: because the coach says and everybody knows he's the boss
then i went to the climbing wall for 1.5 hours. cos also on saturday i have the third round of the Irish Bouldering League. in which i hope to do well.

night all, i'm off to bed, and rest and dream of all the training i got done today.
10/01/2003 at 00:01
hippo, youre not just any lazy cow...........youre a water cow, but not that lazy i thinks!
10/01/2003 at 07:11
What: am easy rec run.

What: pm 12x400m 10K pace, 100m rec
Why: To improve my 10K time & I need some speed. My/Cliff Temple training session's

opps: I forgot the fast 200m at the end
Last hard: Tues
Last rest: Fri

Not as cold tonight I managed to train without my hat.
10/01/2003 at 07:27
Water cow, Like it
Thought hippos were hosrses
10/01/2003 at 09:36
Phil, you slacker, I see you missed out the 100 lengths in the pool you were supposed to do.

(good luck with your various challenges on Sat!)
10/01/2003 at 13:07
I know a bit late,

what: Threshold session 6.4K 44mins
last rest: yesterday
last hard: today

Feel tired tongiht(last night), must have done this session properly. Also I ran more distance than usual.

KK: what's Body Balance?
10/01/2003 at 13:35
Body Balance is a class held by my gym about 3-4 times a week. Combines aspects of stretching, yoga, Tai-Chi & pilates (alledgedlly). Follow the link for more info, most gyms use the body *fill this space here* class franchises.
10/01/2003 at 14:10
Thanks for the link KK, sounds good & interesting. What do yo think of it?
10/01/2003 at 15:23
I do it as a recreational thang really. Im not sure how valid it is as a form of flexibility training, as I've been doing it for about 2 months and dont really feel more flexible. Having said that, I find it relaxing, the other members of the class are good company, and the instructors nice, so I continue to invest my time in it.
10/01/2003 at 19:17
Know what you mean, I do Body pump ( nothing to do with running), just because I like it, teacher is great and keep me motivated.I think I'd like to try Body Balance, I might have a word to the manager at the gym. We've got Body Step & Body Pump so that could be the next one!
Cheers for the infos.

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