Training for several marathons in a year

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13/10/2010 at 00:44

I have run 3 marathons so far none fast my pb at london this year was 4hr 56min.

however i have a crazy idea developing in my head about completeing my 60th marathon on my 60th birthday ( or as near to it as possible)  whihc means in the next 15 years i will need to build up and do 4 to 5 marathons a year.

Now for some of you super athletes out here this might not seem to be  much but as a full time working single mum of a 12 & 14 year old i'd like a bit of advice and insight into

a)level of training

b)impact on your life

c)impact on your bank balance

 My starting point is I have been running for about 6 years am a memeber of a small run club (lead one of slower groups) run 3- 4 times a week when not training for a marathon I probably do 15 - 20 miles a week.  i like to cross train 2-3 times a week as well when i can.

I am not concerned with running super fast marathons though if i commit to this journey I would hope to see quite an improvement in my times before age takes effect and i start to slow down!

My times at the moment are about

29min for a 5k pb 28.30

 60 min for a 10k pb 57min

2hr15 for a hm pb 2hr 9min

marathon pb 4hr 56min

all advice / insights / comments welcome

Dubai Dave    pirate
13/10/2010 at 05:45

Well ist certainly perfectly possible.

1 Level of training is what you want it to be, have a look at Shades thread there are plenty who run marathons on three runs a week. If you want to reach your best you will have to do more.

2 Impact on your life, again its down to you I find time as a dad to kids aged 4 & 6 to train somewhere around 14 hours a week but  freely admit that wouldn't be possible without the goodwill of mrs DD. Assuming that you trust your kids to not burn down the house then early mornings & evenings would seem your best bet, though could you run to work? run at lunctimes?

3. Monetary impact can be what you want, there are lots and lots of small marathons in the UK, of course there are still travel costs and B & B etc but it can be done fairly cheaply. If you want the glitz of big city marathons then its expensive

Good Luck

17/10/2010 at 15:00

I was at the Loch Ness marathon, and ran past a chap in a "one hundred marathon club vest"- he's done 150 marathons, and said he he'd done one the week before, and was doing one the next week!

Clealry this is beyond what you intend- but he was no racing snake, and not young, either!

I imagine that frequent marathons limit your speed- as you can't afford to go all out in racing or training, if you've to do it all again a couple of months later- perhaps you need to contact the 100 marathon club for advice?

Great idea, though!

 There are a number of folk on here who've done high numbers of races- plodding hippo comes to mind.

I don't know if they have a specific training thread.

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