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08/03/2005 at 14:28
Can anyone help me to make head or tail of the 10K training plan.

The bit I am having a problem with is where it says 3 sets of 3x500m with 300m recoveries and 800m between sets.

As I have read it it is run 500m fast, recovery run for 300m and repeat 5 times. However this interpretaton of it does not include the bit about 800m between sets, should this be at a walking pace or what?

Anyone got any ideas?
08/03/2005 at 14:35
slimjim, 3 sets of 3x500 means you are doing the 500m fast 9 times. after you have run 3 of them you take a longer recovery and then repeat 3 more times with shorter recovery, so basically every 3 rd fast bit you have a longer recovery.

You could walk, jog, run very slowly for recovery, main thing is to keep moving.

hope this helps and good luck.
08/03/2005 at 14:36
Yes - one set is 3x500m fast with 300m recoveries between each 500m burst. The 800m is recovery between each set - so you run 500-300-500-300-500, then 800 recovery. Then 500-300-500-300-500 and another 800m recovery, etc.
08/03/2005 at 14:46
It all makes sense now - thanks everyone

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4 messages
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