Training Session - Sunday 29 December

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29/12/2002 at 20:50
Thought I'd get back on to here after a nightmare week (running wise).
Never known it take so long to get rid of a cold -nothing sinister just perpetually blocked up- although I did have more or less constant nosebleeds last Mon/Tues.
Monday 23rd-went for a 10-11 miler on Monday and felt awful with about 3 to go,struggled back 5-6 minutes slower than usual.
Tuesday 24th-felt ropey did nothing
Wednesday 25th-wanted to go for a run but how people with small kids (mine are nearly 5 and 15months) get out I'll never know....
Boxing Day - attempted an easy 5 miler , got half mile out and had such chronic pains in my chest that I had to stop and walk home.
Friday - obviously took it easy
Saturday - went for a 4.6 mile loop,first mile chest felt heavy but tried to run through it, just about suceeded and the last 2-3miles were OK.
Today- had entered the Cliveden (Burnham Joggers) x-c but thought given how I've been all week this would be a bit daft (pity the course looked great AND it was raining!)
The thing is that generally I feel OK (apart from the constant blocked nose),and the big plus is that I've had bags of time to play with the kids (and the wife :-p)
Also had my parents down all week (got rid of them this morning),so running aside life has been good.

Just cant wait to get out there again.....

Well done to all those who've kept it going this week, and I'll wish you all the best for a happy 2003!

29/12/2002 at 21:00
What: 5 miles hilly off road in the constant heavy rain. Fun, but not as planned - halved my planned mileage due to conditions - just too slippy even with the Walshes XC race (county champs) next Sunday so I don't want to risk injury.

Followed by trip to the cinema to see Harry Potter. We thoroughly enjoyed it, though if Mrs had come with us she would have taken up running again when those wonderful spiders appeared.
29/12/2002 at 21:12
What: 23 miles easy in dismal rain (why was I doing this?)
Why: I asked myself constantly (but mainly coz I missed last week's long run due to having a cold)
Last hard: yesterday (track session)
Last rest: Boxing Day
29/12/2002 at 21:13
Dustin re: your kids comment - don't feel so bad now about my sporadic running. Mine are 2 and almost 6... yes, it is nearly impossible at times. I ran three times this week, too. As for Xmas Eve and Xmas Day - what was I thinking!
29/12/2002 at 21:29
What:had our club hash today - traditional thing between Xmas and NY. 9 miles-ish over very very rough countryside in appalling weather - took about 2.15 with 1.45 actual running, the rest of the time looking for the trail. About 40 of us, very mixed abilities.

Last hard: Boxing Day 4 mile race
Last rest: yesterday
29/12/2002 at 22:19
holy hell, i had to work today: there goes the long run.

what: 3 x 10 minute sets, on treadmill, comprising of 500m@17kph, 1000m@16.6kph and the other 500m@16kph. then the rest of the 10 minutes was spent slow running. toakes just under 7minutes per 2km.
why: needed as intense a session as i could fit into 30 minutes.

at the moment i'm trying to develop a training session(or sessions which can be done in a short time, ie, when you miss a session and need to partially make up, or if you only have a 40 minute lunch break. i hvae a thread posted saying "when time is short". anyone know what a good workout in about 20 minutes is?, please post replies on the other thread, i'll boing it up the list now........ thank s,


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