Training Session - Wednesday 18 December

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18/12/2002 at 16:20
Hi all,

Congrats on your weight loss Martin, hang on in there with the cross training, glad you're seeing some positives from it.

What: nothing.
Why: feel like I ran a marathon yesterday. Serves me right for doing long run with a cold.
Last hard: yesterday!
Last rest: Mon
18/12/2002 at 17:00
Martin, have you tried doing any weights, in particular leg extensions? I find that this exercise really helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the knee.
18/12/2002 at 17:26
hangover category six then four today

probably best not to train in case i spontaneously combust....

then again
18/12/2002 at 17:32
bravo, stickless, inspiring stuff as ever.

good luck with the knee, Martin, hope it comes right soon - and you too, sfh legs (thought you were changing your name?)

what: 11miles including 9miles @ target marathon pace (av. 6:17)
why: weekly ritual, need to start increasing the distance, but pretty knackered right now - looks like I'm not the only one who's been overdoing it, though, not mentioning any names, Laura ;-)
last rest: yesterday
last hard day: Monday
18/12/2002 at 19:16
Went for a 2 mile run around Billinghay Fen this evening and saw someone running in the opposite direction in shorts. They must have been a bit cold, because I was just about alright in my tracksters.
18/12/2002 at 20:09
My actual session today was very short but very difficult - maximal upper-body fitness assessment as I do at work. Max number of press-ups in two minutes; sit-ups in two minutes; tricep dips in two minutes (that one's my own addition) and as many 'overarm' (the hard sort) chin-ups as I could manage without falling off the bar.

Now I ache rather a lot, but it's worth it - I'm well on target for my important assessment in Feb. :)
18/12/2002 at 20:19
Hope your injury isn't too serious Martin and that surgery won't be required. Keep up the cross training!

This is another awful week for running, what with the pre Xmas activities.

What: 10 miles @ tired pace! due to another very busy day to add to the last 6 days. It was also very, very cold. The wind was icy and just made me feel miserable tonight! As much as I love Christmas, I can't wait to get back to normal training.

OK I'll stop moaning now-It's great to run, enjoying the fresh icy air. I would certainly moan if I couldn't do it, so I'll shut up and be positive!

Roll on tomorrow-rest day.

Last hard: Saturday
Last rest: Friday.
18/12/2002 at 20:28
Wolfy, -5% sounds cold!

AM: 5M recovery run
PM: 12M midweek long run. I got most of this run done in the daylight as I finished work early. This meant I could get out into the countryside which I miss during the dark winter months.
Last hard: Yesterday
Last Rest: Fri
18/12/2002 at 21:06
What: 4 x 1 mile with 400m recovery, each in 6.40 minutes.
Why: Because no one else turned up at the track and I wanted to do something that would keep me warm:-).
Last rest: yesterday.
Last hard: monday.
18/12/2002 at 21:18
Laboured round my recovery run for a few seconds under half an hour. Temperature must have been about -1 at most - glad to get that out of the way.
Hilly I have no such reservations in regard to moaning about running in weather like this. Hope the forecast of more much milder weather for the weekend turns out to be accurate.
18/12/2002 at 21:29
What: Nothing
Why: Absolutely, inexplicably exhausted! Frantic rush at lunchtime to finish, then post Xmas cards. tonight, I'm working again, so really, no time (I'm always telling people to make time - but today...)

Well done to everyone who gets out and runs at this time of the year!
18/12/2002 at 21:31
Frantic trying to get everything sorted before leaving for vacation tomorrow. No chance to run, too busy fielding calls and nailing down loose ends. Off to Italy with my wife for Christmas + New Year. See you all on the flip side.

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year to all.
May Frank Horwill bring you everything you've asked for.

18/12/2002 at 21:56
What: 30 mins faster than easy (but not much)
Why: Freezing!
Recovering slowly from chest infection
Next rest: Tomorrow

18/12/2002 at 22:05
Hello all, trying to get back into gear after disastrous few days, our house move went completely pear shaped just as we were about to exchange contracts due to City guy in the chain losing his job just before Xmas. Chain now appears complete again but all delayed considerably.
Went for a run last night and felt much less stressed so now trying to get back on RW 100 day half marathon schedule for Paddocks Wood that I have so far only managed day 1 of. So today:
What: 3 x 1K at 10K pace with 400m recoveries av. speed 4mins 45secs.
Why: Defintely about time I did some more speedwork.
Last hard: Ages ago.
Last rest: Monday.
Snicks, I haven't written my Xmas cards yet! Have a good holiday MM. I'm hoping Santa has been looking at the what girls wear thread on General, I'm compiling a very long wish list.
18/12/2002 at 22:07
What: 1/4 of a club speed session, and lots of sleep, both before & after
Why: I think I've come down with a tummy bug, I feel like Im gonna chuck all the time today
Last Hard: Sun
Last Rest: Yesterday/today

Joints ache, sholder aches, head aches, I feel constipated and my breath/burps really taste awful (sorry for the graphic description, but how else can you say these things?)
Oh well, there goes the mileage total this week...
18/12/2002 at 22:40
What: Fancy Dress Body Pump & got a bottle of beer and a chocolate from instructor.Good Fun.
Treadmill: 15 mins-random-incline 3%
Tomorrow: rest as my calf still hurt.

Nite nite.
18/12/2002 at 23:56
what: tonight did lactate endurance run with club(numbers reduced due to sickness tho)ie. 30 minutes steady then a 15 minute pickup to around 5k pace at the end
why:because the coach said so

last hard: monday evening, 10 x 300m, 100m rec
last easy: monday morning, 10km hilly but steady(i was breaking in the new pegasus i recently bought, and there lovely)
19/12/2002 at 00:21
10 minute
(Runners trots and no time)
19/12/2002 at 07:56
Thats more than I did Benz , I fell asleep in fornt of the telly ...oooh the shame :(

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