Tuesday 16th October 2012

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16/10/2012 at 23:18
Not dead, not even dying...just been in Wales (the land that broadband forgot) for the weekend.

Anyway...welcome RW, what part of Wales are you from? Likewise AdamR...it's amazing how many people are flushed out of the woodwork by intriguing lyrics!

Stickless: good to hear from you. I'm now running for Fenland Runners, a lovely bunch of people and hope to make one of their teams for the Hereward Relay...remember that one?

Alehouse: Good luck for tomorrow and positive thoughts to you for next week.

LMH: things seem to be picking up mentally as you get back into your stride.

Lyrics: not today, yesterdays yes...though it's not that good a song. Some 60s stuff doesn't stand up that well, though I can never resist "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie (RIP), of which both song and singer have links with the purveyors of todays lyrics. Incidently I made it to San Francisco in 1969...yeah man! Sadly by then the scene had gone and it just looked like Camden on a sunny day

Enough of the old hippy's reminiscences.......

Last week I had three really good runs (Sun, Mon and Wed) which left me rather battered for the rest of the week. Spent the weekend developing DOMS by running over the hills oF South Glamorgan. This is where I lived when I was running at my best, sadly it now reminds me of what I've lost over the years. A couple of reasonable sub 8:00 8 milers on Sunday and Monday and a rather scratchy session with the club tonight...still struggling to get on terms with the 42min 10kers. My "stone in shoe" niggle seems to be under control, despite what is being seen as yet another misdiagnosed injury....big toe stretching anyone? I'm running in a more rigid shoe with an extra insole to cushion my toes and hopefully relieve the stress on my forefoot........so yes Alehouse I'm in a mood, but it was always thus....I'll feel a bit happier when I run a sub 60min 10M...but I don't think that's going to happen soon
17/10/2012 at 00:56
alehouse wrote (see)


Welcome to the newcomers! Adam:  what LMH says. Run Wales:  if I am right you have done a bit of running in a previous life!

content abridged....

I think I might have chosen a username that is quite generic.  I've not had a previous username or anything, and I'd be surprised if our paths have ever crossed. I think your radar is a bit off, alehouse.  Perhaps too much time in the alehouse!

Cheers anyway!

17/10/2012 at 21:37

Lovely to see so many of the old crowd still here and running, and thank-you for the welcome backs.

Tom - Hereward - oooh yes.  Not this year for me though.

LMH and others - I don't know that I can quite blame the PD, except inasmuch as I find doing the day job harder than ever, so that flogging myself out the door when I am tired or making a day even longer by adding an hour's run to the front of it is something I'm just not very good at.  I don't think anyone has any very objective way of comparing energy levels with what they were a year ago, but I'm very confident mine are a lot lower.  

So today, I'm afraid, typical.  Intended to run in to work, had to change that plan in order to stop by GP's, didn't run in, got caught at work ended up staying late and finishing the job when I got home.  Only just finished supper.  Next chance for a run Fri. am.  Stairs.  Again.  This time sticking to the Plan (one step at a time, slower, and go for 10 reps (250m).

Still, if you don't do the run, you don't cane yourself afterwards.  That's bad mental manners.


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