Tuesday 19th May 2009

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19/05/2009 at 15:29

Afternoon all,

40:  Sounds like you still haven't found your racing head - or if you have, you beat it to death with alcohol

clink "...i'm finding the speed for HR goes really off very quickly..."  Tell me about it!  And I don't even use a HRM.

Welcome noobie!  Congrats on the PB.

DD:  Finger's crossed for no last minute health scares.  That Bill Rowan has your name on it.  ( as well as Bill Rowan's )

Welcome Davey - I might see you at Berlin

  • What:  10m with 10x100m strides.  I stuck with the tried 'n tested in the end; I liked NZC's reasoning.  Major shock to the legs ensued as that's the fastest they've had to turn over since new year's day!
  • Why:  General aerobic and speed.  Changed to rhythm now. 
  • Last Hard:  1/1
  • Last Rest:  15/5

Have a good one!

19/05/2009 at 16:19

welcome davey!

nice clue sgq....

19/05/2009 at 19:23

Evening all,

Wabo - impressive recovery!

Noobie - well done on your pb - quite a chunk off your time!

DD - you'll definitely have to go for a Bill Rowan.  Remind me to introduce you to Fu in Durban - he earned one of the last Bill Rowans on the down run in 2007 - his time was 8:59:42.  I'm sure you'll have a lot to discuss...

TT - hope your medical issues are resolved soon - at least you now know what the cause was and what needs to be done...  Looking forward to hearing what greater feats you'll achieve when you're fully recovered!

What: 4miles easy
Why: Comrades taper
Last hard: Last Tuesday
Last rest: Yesterday
Lyrics: despite sgq's clue - nope!

For anyone who's bored enough to track my progress on the Comrades web site on Sunday my number is 9436.

Flying out tomorrow so hopefully next post will be from South Africa - as long as all my travel plans go without a hitch (touch wood!).

19/05/2009 at 19:54

Nice pb noobie
Good luck with the Comrades DD - (my next ultra is not until 2010)
TT - don't know - Reading 1:18, Bracknell 1:21 - in the past have taken 30s longer at Wokingham than at Reading - but warmer weather adds to to the error of estimation - have to be v. happy with anything uner 1:19 I guess - more concerned with where I am in Berks CC - hopefully no worse than 2nd MV40

What: 8 miles steady
Why: keeping it ticking over pre Wokingham
Last hard: Sunday
Last rest: Saturday
Lyrics: nope

Take care all

19/05/2009 at 20:35

Noobie - well done on the marthon PB.

Dubai Dave - you know you've done the work - you've just got to relax and let it happen on Sunday. Number 9445 noted.

Tipp Top - sounds like you have still been getting the training in even with the low iron  - good luck for the marathon.

Scobos - 5 x 1 mile - all under 5.30 - nice.

Hi Jason & Davey. Good luck with your marathon times Davey.

SGQ - nice 6 miler - finishing strongly.

Slow Duck - got your number too - 9436 - have a good one.

Michael - good luck for Wokingham.

What: another little run - 20 minutes - hopefully my legs will thank me for it.

Good running everyone.

19/05/2009 at 21:59

good luck slow duck!

I did 5 slow miles tonight, 50.45, wrell not massively slow for me. Its  a weird feeling now to have a running marathon and walking one too in the bag within 3 weeks of each other.  I suddenly feel cool with my running because they are out of the way and tbh I was a bit worried.  NOw I have survived and just want to enjoy running, know what I mean anyone?

anyhow, lyrics, cos I feel the need to read some harry potter, even though I am supposed to do an essay by friday! Life is a minestrone, 10cc, or a carrot and coriander clink if you like

take care all, oh my club mates are doing brilliantly up in cape wrath in case anyone here is also taking part!  Proper proud of them I am! 

19/05/2009 at 22:07

A late good evening!

What: 40 mins that started off slow and got slower on muddy river banks and paths
Why: need to get some time on my feet
Last hard: that was
Last rest: Dec 24

Lyrics: nope...until I saw the answer. And yes, Life is a Minestrone! Nice choice Wabo.

19/05/2009 at 22:19

Evening all.

Yes, I know you're still posting impressive training at interesting times, but many of us don't speak "bike, swim", so it doesn't have the same impact.  Comment was meant to be encouragement rather than complaint!

What:  5 miles easy, but rather weary
Why:  Base
Last hard:  2 days
Last rest:  3 days
Last alcohol:  3 days

Club run tomorrow.

19/05/2009 at 22:21

 Thanks for all the welcomes!

Good luck Slow Duck.  Hope the trip to South Africa is a good one!  Good luck also Dubai Dave

TT - If that's the training you do with low iron, It'll be interesting to see what you can do on full power!

Well done on the PB Noobie!

Wabo - well done on the moonwalk!   think I know what you mean, now that I've got the marathon out of the way and essentially recovered from it, I can just enjoy the running and not worry about it!  

Joe - good luck with the 10k... take it easy!

Yet again, seemed to chose the worst time of the day to do my evening run, so did a drenching 6.2 miles along an undulating route in 45:45.  Quite (well, a bit too much) refreshing! First time I've done back-to-back doubles, going to have a couple of single days just to make sure I'm not overdoing it too quickly!

19/05/2009 at 23:58

Evening all,

Good to see some new faces on here

MichaelG: Do it! It's not that hard really as long as you are used to big hill days, Run/walk the ups and fly down the other side
Noobie: congrats on the PB
DD: Go for the Bill rowan! It's certainly in your capability
scobos: nice reps

What: 7m inc a 5.5m fell race
Why: A bit of tuesday Tempo running. Fairly pleased to finish a smidge over 40 mins on a tough course with battered legs. 

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