Tuesday 22nd November

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22/11/2005 at 06:20
Lyrics for BR.

What: 6 miles
Why: miles
Last hard: Friday

Have a good one.
22/11/2005 at 06:27
morning. Been waiting for someone to start the thread - too early for me to come up wiht any lyrics.

Good running yesterday those who raced.

what: a nice as I feel run in the cold
why: I'm running for me between now and the new year
last hard: sunday
last rest: yesterday

long day in store for me today. a meeting which doesn't start till 4pm and I have to minute it because no-one else is around. Needs me to wear a suit too. yuck.

Have a good day all.
22/11/2005 at 07:09
mornin all....
two days on the trot for me now....lol
what.? 6m steady with second claim club
why.?trying to lose weight
last hard.? can not remember
22/11/2005 at 07:09
Morning all,

What: not sure, not feeling well
Why: had to tell
Last hard: feeling ill

Considering changing my marathon plans as training should be under way & all I want to do is rest :-(
Skipped yesterday's training.
22/11/2005 at 07:21
Get well soon, Tim.

Trinirunner - for me Visions of Johanna is about chasing the unattainable goal; the quest for Johanna is impossible but without the quest life is worthless.

What: school XC club am / light track session pm.
Why: down week.

8.5 hours of sleep last night - usually get by on 6-7.
22/11/2005 at 07:24
Big Tim - Sorry to hear you are still not well. Any idea what the problem might be?

NZC - I am sure you are going to be fine. Was yesterday better than your previous outing?

SG6 - Good to see you posting again.
IronMelissa    pirate
22/11/2005 at 07:29
Morning all,

Recover well all those on the bench.

BR and sleepy folks - apart from all the training, you could be being affected by the longer nights. My body likes to be asleep when it is dark and awake when it is light, which causes a few problems at this time of year!

I ended up with an hour on the turbo yesterday. Debbo - Rosey e-mailed me some ideas about the step down weeks. I am sure he wouldn't mind if I forwarded it to you, so if you e-mail me I will.

What about today: 20 min run am; 60 min swim pm
Why: tri tri tri
Last hard: hills Sunday
Last rest: Friday

Shouldn't say this but haven't had a frost here yet. Do you all wear your normal shoes for running in the frost, or trail shoes?

Good runnings all.
22/11/2005 at 07:39

NZC, well done on your longest walk. As Sportaloo says I'm sure you'll be fine. Just think of it like marathon training-hard work but worth in the end.

Hope you feel better soon BT!

mava, I love suits!:o) I often wear one to work or at least a jacket. It's the only time I get to wear them after spending so much time in running kit!

I woke up with a raw throat, so missed my morning run. I'll take some throat lozengers and see how it feels later. I don't feel ill, apart from a bit of headache, so could be the start of something or maybe I've caught it in time.

what:club run approx 8 miles with relays
why:mainly social run with a few fast strides thrown in. I don't race the relays, but will stride out
last hard:Sunday

Have a good day all!
22/11/2005 at 07:42
Tim-hope you are okay and can identify what the problem is take care!!

I am struggling myself have these 2 days off work and what hapens my back goes into spasm's whilst on a bus going into town had to get a bus back ASAP Iwas in trouble and had to put tissue over mouth to stop myself being sick!! ended up 6 hours in severe pain and back on heavy duty tranquillers that relax the spasm's.Not happened since a bad bout in April and no reason for it I can identify.

What: nowt
Why: see above
Last hard: yesterday

Hope everyone has a good day and wrap up warm
IronMelissa    pirate
22/11/2005 at 07:50
Oh no WP - how awful. Hope you can figure it out and resolve it.
22/11/2005 at 07:51
BT and hilly get well soon.

Poppy, sorry to hear about your back. Look after yourself.

4.75 d&d, 10.09 pace, 148 av HR. Probably a bit fast but quite enjoyed it. I think it will do me good to have some weeks just running instead of training.

Not as cold in London this morning as it has been.
22/11/2005 at 08:00
Big Tim, Hilly and Poppy - hope you are all feeling better soon.

Hilly & Sportaloo - it was my biggest walk so far - that is good but I'm still feeling a little battered.

What: Rest
Why: Want to be able to run tomorrow.

Have a good day.
22/11/2005 at 08:14

back from a lovely week in spain, via couple of days in birmingham and haven't had chance to catch up and see what everyone's been up to yet, hopefully some weekend congratulations are due so will check later.

had to miss tattenhall race on sunday with the birmingham trip but in current form i wouldn't count for the team so only myself to blame.

enjoyed some nice runs in the sunshine along the beach path and a pretty decent gym in the hotel so was able to do something useful while away as well.

with the ice and fog i've discovered the 'joys' of the treadmill. actually been quite useful as it's impossible to let yourself run lop sided without falling off so it's helping me to not let the battlescarred leg collapse.

too many of you seem to have lurgies at the moment, hope for speedie recoveries all round

what - run inside or out depending on weather
last hard - hmm
last rest - yesterday
22/11/2005 at 08:22
Morning all,

Sorry to hear about your back WP, hope it gets sorted quickly.
Get well soon BT

Plan to do speed session later on, not as cold this morning...

22/11/2005 at 08:23

That sounds very uncomfortable WP, hope you get it sorted out.

Treadmill, I go to bed around 10.30pm. Used to survive on 6.5 hours per night but need more like 7.5-8 when training hard. On that note...

What: Rest
Why: Cream Crackered

Last Hard: 2 days
Last Rest: 11 days

22/11/2005 at 08:25

what : rest
why : schedule
last hard : sun
last rest : thurs

2 good runs over last 2 days. Off to watch Plymouth at Sheff Weds tonight. Might wear my tracksters under my jeans!
22/11/2005 at 08:31
Morning All,

What: 10M steady
Why: Still a bit tired/stiff from Sunday, so will give the interval session this evening a miss and just run round the loop.
Last hard run: St Neots
Last rest day: Thu+Fri

It's definitely warmed up by a few degrees in Notts ;-)
22/11/2005 at 08:44
What: Nothing
Why: Getting a cold
Last Hard: Sunday
Last Rest: 13 days
22/11/2005 at 08:48

Sorry to hear about injuries, illnesses and suits :-(

What: 5km run with Tim this morning - definitely much warmer today but I've seen the forecast for the end of the week (snow?!); maybe do 5km later but actually I'm hoping Miss H will take him out instead...

Why: Crear crackered:

Lyrics: Nope but BR's retort has got me singing "Give me *hope*, Joanna, Give me *hope*, Joanna, hope until the morning comes..."
22/11/2005 at 08:55

What: 13 x 400m, off 1 min recovery

Why: speed

Last hard: Last thurs

Last rest: Saturday

A few colds and illnesses going around, get well soon, BT & MTB!

Train well
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