Tuesday 27th December 2005

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27/12/2005 at 13:50

Overnight snow and some soreness in lower-back (reading lastnight in bed in an awkward position) meant that I contemplated swapping my work-session for running on the treadmill.

Then decided to take Ricky out for the warm-up for some Pose running on Snow experience. He did very well and I think the lightbulb switched on in terms of pulling with the hamstrings (as opposed to driving with the hip-flexors) & landing softly to minimise slipping.

Felt OK so dropped Ricky home and did the work-sessions in NB150s as Puma H Streets would get instantly wet in the snow. With the icy breeze my feet would freeze!

What: 3 x 15mins at 77%MHR. First loop had difficulty raising the HR - I think I wasn't letting the lower-back muscles relax. Last two loops were just fine. Pleased that for a 4beat drift I was maintaining an ave pace of 7:35/mile over snowy pavements including crossing major road junctions. Finished with a long warm down, 11.3miles in total.
Why: Minimising cardiac drift.
LastHard: Today
LastRest: 11Dec05

And lower back feels less stiff with better mobility.
27/12/2005 at 14:21
BR: In answer to your question from the other day...

My daily routine consisted of:
- 20-25mins strength drills on all lower leg muscles
- 20-30mins of Pose drills.

Then twice week, loads of pillates style work on stomach, obliques, hamstrings & hip flexors using a swiss ball and ankle weights.

I tried to maintain this routine for my first few work-sessions but I could not perform as the legs were too tired. Breathing/HR was fine. Clearly work-sessions and those daily drills are not compatible for me.

I'm struggling with my weight so I wonder if I'm too muscular now?

Therefore, I've improvised my schedule to spend more time running. So for example, no more biking/swimming. Indoor pose drills have been incorporated into outside recovery runs.

Question: Now that I've done my work-session should I go for a recovery run 30mins at 65-70%MHR later tonight???
27/12/2005 at 14:24
Just read the thread for last few days...

Fantastic racing by various people. A collective well-done to you all. :-))

Stickless: Those young couples are probably feeling guilty from the Xmas-Excess. They will run today, maybe a few weeks into Jan but unlikely to take it any further. Whereas you on the on the hand, my dear.... ;-)))

27/12/2005 at 14:25
back from just over 2 miles down the canals
enough to exhaust me and start me coughing
ive asked a lot of my body in the last few weeks
run ruined by inconsiderate bar stewards with loose dofs
27/12/2005 at 14:26
27/12/2005 at 14:31

No snow here. although there has been the odd flurry, but it doesn't settle. Did think of BT, when i heard Kent had it bad, they always do. We sometimes seem to escape it, although nrg-b to the west of me seems to have it too.

Woke late. Well thats a lie, woke early 5am came on here deciced not to post till i had my run. Went back to bed and woke up gone 9am Plan was as close to 2 hours as poss as not done a run over 10 miles since mid nov (12th) that was 14 then longest since 8½.
Certainly glad it wasn't Jan 27th lwast i've got 33 days before the race i was freaking out over just a week ago. How times change.

I had some good lyrics today but never mind.


What: 12.32 miles
Why: long run
Last Hard: today
Todays thought: Go the distance

couldn't find hrm strap so ran as i felt, but tried to average 10:15 miles thought 10 minute miles might be too fast and i wouldn't last the distance

Very very happy with the distance struggled a bit around 10 miles but as i was still over 2 miles from home, if you excuse the pun i had to plough on snow or no snow.

Passed some adults with some children (twice) they had those mini motorbikes they like these days, coming back i had to run up a steep mud/sand bank and down the other side, one of the men said to me "watch your speed" ;o)

Anyway i averaged 10:12 miles
slowest 10:25
fastest (12th) 9:56

there was a headwind in places but delighted today

1362 miles
27/12/2005 at 14:31
sub 'on the on the hand' for 'on the other hand'

27/12/2005 at 14:32
i am just keeping going
27/12/2005 at 14:40
nrg-b, yes go and run again.
27/12/2005 at 14:47

1946.5 miles

Took me ages to add it all up but I have an online excel one so wont have same trouble next year;-)
27/12/2005 at 14:54
Well done poppy

I have a very basic spreadsheet. So i just put in my miles for each day and it adds it all up.
Last year i had the problem of adding it all up. Not this year. Or even next year.
27/12/2005 at 14:55
URR: Wow 109miles is fantastic! How much of your weekly running is outside then on a treadmill? Also what intensity do you run at eg 80% of the miles at an easy pace etc etc etc)???
27/12/2005 at 14:58
1333 for me
thats nearly 300 down on last year
500 of that is racing
27/12/2005 at 15:05
Thank you Miss L toe:-)

I started my excel one which is fantastic it does so much my shoe mileage races etc in October so cant wait till this time next year!!

I am eager to make 2000 for the year but running(sorry) out of time:-)

But if I switch LSR to saturday I could just make the deadline;-)

That is good mileage you have Pammie

Hipps good mileage and I am sure next year there will be plenty more with you being a lady of leisure;-)
27/12/2005 at 15:06
WP - 1946.5 miles done.

4 days left after today...

Are you thinking what we're thinking?
27/12/2005 at 15:07
WP - add in a VERY easy 3 mile trot each day and that's 12 taken care of (15 if you do one today).
27/12/2005 at 15:07
I know what im thinking
poppy-you COULD do it
27/12/2005 at 15:11
I use the running log online at coolrunning.com, which gives you all the stats you can possibly want - I have started using it in November though, so no mile count for this year.
27/12/2005 at 15:14
PH: So far, this year you've ran 3 miles more then me.
27/12/2005 at 15:16

I have already done the sums;-)

So yes I am thinking what you guys are thinking:-)

I run home from work every day so thats the 3 taken care off;-) back in work tomorrow..boo hiss

I could just do it;-)

I Will make it my goal!!

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