Tuesday 27th December 2005

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27/12/2005 at 01:03

(Sorry, but I couldn't think of a musical description and the only music going through my head at this time of night is the theme tune to Match of the Day!!)

What: Nothing
Last hard: Never
Last rest: Past three weeks
Why: Lazy bastard!
Blisters    pirate
27/12/2005 at 01:12
Da derrrr da da da da durr, da derrr di du du durrrrrrrrrr


But didn't you think that Andy Cole's Goal was a screamer?

My M&D went to the Wigan/Man city game, in the Wigan end, but supporting City (!). Mum still enjoyed it.

Cross training for me today at the Jan sales. And later, who knows?

27/12/2005 at 01:32
Morning - well as it is still December;-)

What: 3 miles bush tracks easy.
Why: Up early to get my run in as need to get back into this running thing.
Very hot here today - boys have gone kayaking - kids are going to the swimming pool soon. Me - think I'll just take it quietly.

Have a good day.
Dubai Dave    pirate
27/12/2005 at 06:31
Morning All

Safely back from Tanzania, Haven't had time to read through the last few days posts but hope you all had a wonderful Xmas. I managed to fit in runs on Xmas day and yesterday so not too much extra weight on board.

What: 10K tonight, club christmas Black Tie run
Why: It was my idea!
Last hard: Awhile

Enjoy those still on holiday for those like me who are back at work, Smile!
27/12/2005 at 06:42

NZ, strength is what I have more than anything else. I also love running long distances more than churning out a speed session. Maybe I'll do ultra one day:o) Don't let my hubby read that though!

what:am 5 miles, pm 5 miles with 30 mins tempo
why:recovery and a bit of pace

Why does the night time always make one feel worse with a cold. I had an awful night, then got up at 2:30 and ended up sleeping on the sofa as I found it easier to breathe. Now I'm up and I feel fine again except for my nose running like a tap and sore from blowing it!

I'm off to the Jan Sales later-should be fun, but also depressing seeing all the pressies you bought for xmas at half price!
27/12/2005 at 07:23
Multi, you won't go sub 1:30 on that training ;-)

What: not sure anything from 6M - 13M
Why: snowing very hard!!!!

If the snow stay's it will just have to be days of endurance training at whatever pace I can get.
I could try something harder in the gym but not for more than 60min!
27/12/2005 at 07:29
where are you big tim?
27/12/2005 at 07:35
SE Kent
27/12/2005 at 07:42

What: 10 miles in the frost am / short run pm
Why: general aerobic

Hilly -Ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're trying to be so quiet?...
Take care doing a tempo run the day after 24 miles on top of a cold.
27/12/2005 at 07:57

Hilly - So you will be doing Comrades in 2007 then... :o)

Scobos - Good, solid post yesterday. Lots of beer mentioned there....oh and a great time too :o)

Well done to Bryn and M.

What: 10 miles
Why: Longish run
Last hard: Saturday

Blew it again this morning,did the run 5 seconds slower than HM pace. Pheeeewww.

Enjoy the day.

27/12/2005 at 08:04

Multi - Think its time you got yourself some new kit for the new year;o)

BT - Well Im not too far from you so I will be expecting that snow soon:o(

Venom - Nice position, well run.

Bryn - well run yesterday.

What: am: 6 miles easy - pm: 6 miles easy

Why: Marathon miles and increase on mileage.

Last Hard: Parts of yesterday

Have a good day - enjoy those sales Hilly.

27/12/2005 at 08:16

what a lot of congratulations on great races and pb's from yesterday! - camaco, JP (fantastic) FL (also fantstic) venom, scobos and bryn

sorry to hear more of you ill - icram, hilly and hipps, hope all back on form really soon

had my best run since injury yesterday a lovely 6 but striding much better and feeling smoother. lots of friendly cyclists out too, one even offered me his bike!

very icy here but no snow, having to wait for a bit of thawing or i'll be on my you know what before i know it so plan to get out early before next batch of visitors is a bit off schedule

what - 3 miles
why - just a few today, getting a bit ahead. physio wants no more than 30 mpw for a couple more weeks yet
27/12/2005 at 08:39
Hi again

I need a new log for 2006. Anyone know of any Excel type logs that I can download?
27/12/2005 at 08:49
Morning all,

Well, we'd planned to take our road bikes out today (it'd be the first time in weeks that I'd been on the road on mine), but the snow looks like it's put paid to that. So will probably take the MTBs out later instead, maybe a bit of a run afterwards. At the risk of sounding miserable, I hope the snow melts quickly or there won't be much running in the next few days!

Debbo, this is the foam roller I bought: http://totallyfitness.co.uk/CoreAccessories/FoamRoller/PHY-SR635.htm. If you do a Google search lots of place sell them, I bought it from this shop pretty randomly but they delivered it very quickly indeed (within a couple of days despite it being just before Christmas). Most impressive.

Multi, good to hear from you again - get yourself out the door and do some training!
debbo    pirate
27/12/2005 at 09:26
Thanks Venom - I'll order one today.

No snow in Edinburgh yet!

What: longish run I think, 12-13 miles, if I'm feeling ok - I'll see how I feel.
Why: I've got a half in mid-January. I wasn't feeling well last night - felt like a cold coming on, and I slept very late this morning, so I'm probably not 100%.
Last hard: last tuesday I think
Last rest: thursday

Hope all you ill and injured folk are better soon.

Have a good day all!
27/12/2005 at 09:35
No snow here either,just a hard frost.

BR, having done my run this morning I don't think tempo will be on the cards this afternoon, so easy it will be!

Sportaloo, I'd love to, but I think not!!!

Have a good day all and take care out there.
IronMelissa    pirate
27/12/2005 at 10:12
Morning all,

hail and snow here, but not the 4 inches we were promised!

Great running and racing yesterday everyone - lovely to read.

Hope all the ill peeps feel better soon. Hilly - get those Kleenex tissues with balm in. It really helps the nose-soreness issue.

What: 60mins turbo d&d; perhaps a run later
Why: today is an easy day, but it's beautiful outside so I might head out for 4 miles or so. Closing down on that 1000!
Last hard: Sun 18 Dec
Last rest: Mon

Good runnings all.
27/12/2005 at 10:59
Morning all. Haven't been on for a few days..so Happy Christmas one and all. Managed a run on Christmas morning anf have just finished a 7.5m run @sub135.

Still recovering from injury...can still feel niggle at top of right shin...but it isn't (yet) affecting my running. Lots of stretching and icing after run. Trying to build mileage back up slowly.

Hope you are all well. I will look back at previous threads for race news.


27/12/2005 at 11:03
10 miles d+d. Pushed it in parts. Nice to run how I felt again.

27/12/2005 at 11:07
4000 beckons...well done BR...glad you are njoying your running again..

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