Tuesday 28th February 2012

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28/02/2012 at 06:28


Yesterdays lyrics: Message in a bottle' by the Police.

What:4M Easy/Steady

Why: My legs are a bit stiff/heavy from yesterday

Hopefully not used todays lyrics before.

Back later.

28/02/2012 at 07:13


Should have got those lyrics birkmyre - in my defence my jab is due on Thursday so brain function fading rapidly. Currently tired on over 9 hours sleep a night.

Wabo - well done for seeing the positives. Sorry that you didn't get to enjoy your time with your girls as much as you might have.

Des - have to agree with Alehouse on the MP but still a great run.

RFJ - sounds like a good time was had by all.

Tinebeest - glad they made it home ok. What is Traumeel?

Painful visit to the smt last night. Left hamstring is still tight - though in the belly of the muscle now which is apparentely an improvement - and piriformis spasming badly. Right QL is worse. Don't know if it's just the increase in running volume or an underlying cause - unfortunately my lovely, trusted physio emigrated last year. Historically I used to get problems when my glutes weren't firing and I ran off my hamstrings so will reintroduce my glute strengthening exercises and the new stretches and exercises the smt has given me. If someone could say that a week with no running or cycling would cure it I'd take the week off and just swim but I think that whilst it would settle down it would just get upset again as soon as I started back.

What:                  45 minute easy run
Why:                    easy day
Last hard:          22/1
Last rest:           31/1

Lyrics - no.

28/02/2012 at 07:56
Sorry Des with the others in regards I just shook my head when I read about your run.

What: 2 hours of pain on the loop of infinite pain
3 mile run PM
Why: I am a cyclist who runs a bit
Last hard: that will be today then
Last rest: Wednesday 15th Feb
Lyrics: No

www.gobi70.wordpress.com it is about cycling really and a bit on my ankle
28/02/2012 at 12:41

Wabs - glad you (sort of) had a nice trip!  Next time will be AMAZING!!!
Des - well done on the lsr , at mp??
LmH - sounds painful, and I thought my trip to QoP yesterday hurt....
RFJ - nice pacing there! Glad you enjoyed Barthelona, do love it there
not sure on todays words tho'

what - club night, so hills or intervals, but think I'll take it easy, been bunged up again since sunday afternoon...
why - its what Tuesdays were made for

28/02/2012 at 13:35
Afternoon all,

Wabo, oh dear. What a trial of frustration, exacerbated by being ill. I do understand how precious snatched time together is, and to have it squandered by the airlines - grrrrr. Still, you got some time together.

Gobi - I can see you taking a shine to the turn and shift gears game. Improvement there is not only about extending physical limitations. In an extreme form it is why I like sailing - an old crock can sometimes best those in their prime.

lmh - I think I can understand what you're saying. When being tight is the problem, resting does not necessarily do the trick.

Aaagh got to rush.

Me? Yesterday. The Stairs. 4 ascents, with hiking boots on - a new tactic. Today, 3 miles, running off a fit of temper. useful stuff, this running.

Take care all.

28/02/2012 at 13:51

afternoon all

lmh, hope it all eases up for you and is only the upping of training

stickless love the running off in a fit of temper!

spot on stickless, I am in a happy place about the whole trip now, I got to see them and had some lovely times and the return trip was a dream!

a  nice scratch has appeared on my nose, or erupted, thanks to Cleo, think she thought it was funny! Oh she is even more lovely in the flesh, and she took to Nanna England so well

I do need to get back into somesort of training but unfortunately the problem I had last week seems to be sneaking back so I will go with how I feel.

why: something maybe

why: not sure how I will feel later

last hard: ?

last easy: last week or so

have  a good day all

28/02/2012 at 16:18

Afternoon all.

What: sod all.

Why: up most of the night with back pain and spent all day feeling sick.  If I have this again tomorrow I may have to accept I am ill and need a day off work (I feel guilty unless I litereally can't get out of bed though ).

Back still sore despite many painkillers.  Urge to vomit still strong!

Only 45 mins of work and 1.5 hours of making papier mache bowls with 7-10 yr olds to get through!

Have a good evening all.

28/02/2012 at 16:48

Well I guess the papier mache bowls may come in useful from the sounds of it emzap.......... Hope you feel better soon.

Stickless - that's it, it all works when I run, bike and swim, it doesn't hurt more or change my gait so I figure I'm better off putting the miles in regardless though I'm not doing any semblance of speed or hill work. I run off fits of temper too.

Dustin - hope you feel better soon.

Wabo - take it easy.

28/02/2012 at 19:17
Evenin' all,

Nice trip to Barcelona there RFJ, the weather must have picked up these last weeks. Well done with the pacing...

Wow, that promoted some response! Many thanks to all the comments on yesterday's efforts. I don't employ any coach, physio, masseur or any other higher being, this forum is as good as it gets. Plus from the state of some of you I can understand the concern, truly.

To clarify somewhat, yesterdays 35k was achieved in a smidge over 2hrs 30min, so within striking the "holy grail" of a sub 3hr.
However, it was on the flat, in the air conditioned, clinical perfectness of the gym. It's hardly the real world.
At nine weeks off the Marathon and with no races to go to, a tester was required, that was it.
I won't do it again, promise! (Sure felt good though...)

I see the contradiction there Dustin, lol.
The Nationals sounded a good day out, well done to jnr.
Hope your nose clears..

Hey tinebeest, glad your folks made it home, despite the technical issues. How does the TM translate to the road? I reckon it can be done pretty well with some compensation. I do all my mid week runs @ 2% incline to give a bit of resistance, apart from the "hilly runs".
It may sound a "cop out" but I can't face the long run on an incline, I reckon the time on the machine is trial enough.
My last marathon training was done at sea for the first 10 weeks of a 16 schedule, missed out on the 3hrs by a couple of minutes.
Ultra running is not on the agenda, yet...

That sounds painful LMH, whats the "smt"?

Nice stairs stickless. What do you sail?

Oh dear emzap, hope it passes.

So, did 10km easy tonight, no, really easy.

28/02/2012 at 19:27
Thanks for the explanation desres!
What: zero... And don't need to explain.
Lyrics: no
28/02/2012 at 22:17

Greetings all,

don't overcook it Des.... nice and easy with the long ones from now on as others have said.... as for the weather, yes was nice, no rain and t shirt and shorts weather......

What - 6.1m at 150 HR again
Why - Base and try tio get fit Slowly
Last hard - Cannot remember....
Last Rest - every other day at present....

Take care

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