Tuesday 31st March 2009

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31/03/2009 at 20:26

Evening peeps.

What: 4M yesterday and today.

Why: Kinda got to really.

First day in new job over and done and it wasn't too bad.

Saw the Iceland football team out for a walk in the centre of Glasgow this afternoon. They're playing Scotland tomorrow evening, for anybody wondering what I'm going on about !

Read back to see what's been happening.

Night peeps.

31/03/2009 at 20:38

So that's where you are!  Good to read your posts again, safe journey home.

Big day tomorrow - going to try my first club run since October.  Will drop a few groups for an easier pace, but it will still be an hour of running so longest & furthest of 2009!

31/03/2009 at 21:57

Scobos, and SGQ, good to get such positives from your sessions

FL good to see you back; sorry you've been having problems

40 mins, good to be back to proper running; hope the club run goes well

What: am 4.5ml tootling with Tigger in the park; pm 12.4 ml inc 3 x( 5x 400m @10K pace;  2ml @ MP), except that I missed out on 3 of the last set of 400s
Why: thinking I've got over my tired legs
At lunchtime I felt great, and was looking forward to the evening session. It started surprising well, and did the 400s in the time well under current 10k pace that I've been hitting for the last few weeks. Even the first 2ml went OK.  I'd forgotten my HRM, so its difficult to judge what effort I was really putting in, B ythe second 2ml I was falling behind again, and the third set, the MP miles were 22 secs/ml too slow.  Actually that's not so bad....
Still I think its time to take advice, from several quarters and cut my losses, and have 3 really easy days to get back to where I should be.  But at least I've had a pretty good month:

Miles for the month:   361
Races: 2 (first in age group at both)
Rest days: 4

31/03/2009 at 22:49

Evening, manged to get out for a run after work today and lots of stretching afterwards! The ache doesn't get worse so I think less miles more often will have to be the way forward!

What: 4.2M in 37mins @150av
Why: major niggle prevention
Last hard: Sat race and Sunday's tough 25miler on the bike

March mileage: woefully pitiful so not counted up!
Lyrics: nope, erm Junior Senior from a few years back?

DD - you looked tired in your pic, yes, and the bloke behind you in the red vest looks like he's about to pray or count on his fingers!

There are some worse pics of me on another site, one is a real weasel picture of effort!

31/03/2009 at 23:11

Evening all,

Imski: sorry to hear about the digestive issues. Take the positives from how your legs felt and batter it on the 26th!
FL: well raced at the shuffle. catch up with you soon.
DD/TT: nice pics

Cheers for the well dones all,
Dustin, I wouldn't worry, there shouldn't be too much bog trotting on the pennine way. If you fancy a run when your up, feel free to drop me an email.

What: 8.5m easy
Why: club night

March totals: 250 at an average pace of 8:46 min / mile
Races: 3, PB's 1

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