Tuesday Session - 19 November

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19/11/2002 at 17:31
What: speed session
Why: Coach told me to.....!
Last hard: Saturday
Last rest Yesterday... all my troubles seemed to far away.

Followed by reduced Beer intake.
19/11/2002 at 20:36
Where am I? Whats going on?

Short business trip and bodz clock is completelz up the spout.

Left Germany at 13:30 on sunday, arrived in Canada after 8 hour flight at 3:30 in the aftrnoon. Got to hotel and went for a run (late afternoon but body clock said nearly midnight). Went to bed at 9:00 pm (or was that 03:00 am? Woke up at 04:00 am.

Rested on Monday as completely cream crackered.

Up at 5:00 am this morning, went for a run. Now in the airport waiting to go home get on plane at 17:30 arrive back in Frankfurt at 07:30 - go straight to office.

Training today, Wednesday ???????? Who knows!
19/11/2002 at 20:37
Excuse the zeds in the above I'm not used to English keyboards - z and y are reversed on German keyboard
19/11/2002 at 21:19
What: 5M on the treadmill at thegym.

Why: easing back after calf probs. Began to feel it in the calf at about 4m but seems ok now.Breaking in new shoes NB854 not convinced about them as they feel squashy and knees sore at the end!

Last hard sesh. Sunday
Last rest: yesterday
19/11/2002 at 21:29
what: rest today
eh?: Two fairly strenous days in a row deserve a break.

last 'ard: - monday
last rest: - today

Last time got locked out of flat naked: 1995
19/11/2002 at 21:30
i can't spell
19/11/2002 at 21:34
What : 4 miles
Why : Dont want to get to old to soon
Last hard : erm ....today !
Last rest : Yesterday

Suspect shin splints caused by 7 mile run last saturday or I need new shoes
19/11/2002 at 21:44
Just have to say, ooh, I enjoyed that. 20 mins worth of hill reps and another 40 mins running with bursts of speed because once again intimidated thinking I was being followed. Am I paranoid, or is someone playing cat and mouse with me when I run. Wish I had a running partner. But who else wants to run at 9pm at night!!
19/11/2002 at 22:15
AM - 4.3 miles easy
PM - 8 miles - incluiding 5 miles fartlek
Why: Speedwork
Last hard run: Today
Last easy day: Yesterday

Saw Paula Radcliffe whilst on my run tonight, which gave me an incentive to run a bit faster :o)

19/11/2002 at 22:37
Nasty evening with unpleasant chilly damp SE wind. Most of the group in pieces having raced at Abergele (apparently the course included a 600ft climb amongst its many undulations). So most of them did a steady run while I got despatched on a 5 mile (maybe a fraction more) tempo run. No-one to run with either...ho hum. Got round in ~32 mins. Not as fast as I'd have liked, but one 3/4 mile stretch of road was dark & unfamiliar - stumbled over the kerbs & pavements. Oh well.....
19/11/2002 at 22:38
that is, raced at Abergele two days previously, on Sunday
Trogs    pirate
20/11/2002 at 00:04
What: Should have been a gym session but wasn't
Why: Spent time available stuck in a traffic jam. Not a happy Murf
Last hard: Sunday
Last rest: Yesterday

but I did remember to go blood doning so I'll be interested to see what affect it has on my running this time round. Last time I felt really pathetic for a couple of weeks; the time before it didn't affect me at all.

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