Tuesday session 8/10/2002

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08/10/2002 at 12:26
What: a) 1.5 - 2 mile cycle accompanying elder son who will be running.
Then b) either 4x1 mile off 1/3 mile recoveries or 2x2 miles with 1 mile jog recovery. Should just get it in before dark.

Why: a) Matthew forgot to go to X-C training at school yesterday
b) Speed endurance session before Chester Zoo on Sunday - not done one for a couple of weeks

Last hard day: Fri
Last rest day: Thu
08/10/2002 at 13:08
Well I did it. Turned into a 5 - 6 miler and it wasn't too bad. Is fartlek supposed to make you feel sick? Running fast and slow got better towards the end - maybe I was slowing down but also I think I was getting used to that slightly naueous/shaky feeling when you stop your speed burst and go back to normal speed.

Is this right? Are speed sessions always unpleasant or do you get used to them?

Oh and Tim, that wasn't constipation that was me gearing myself up to the challenge like some muscle bound mutation in a Marvel comic (not that I'm muscle bound but I might be considered a mutation...)Enjoy your lunch, what is it today ? DON'T ANSWER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/10/2002 at 13:28
What: 5 or 6 mile steady
Why : first exercise since marathon
Last hard : 29/09
Last rest : all week

Not looking forward to this ... in fact last night visa card hid under sofa as I ensured I would get my motivation back. Cant wait till my goodies come now... out in the old tights tonight though !!!
08/10/2002 at 14:48
Nessie - Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I'm staying in a hotel tonight and that isn't a service they offer!

Mike - Good luck with the race this Sunday, do you always do hard sessions so close to races?
08/10/2002 at 14:58
good call on joining a club, it is without a doubt the best thing I've ever done for my training.
08/10/2002 at 15:15
Martin - if there is any body lotion in the hotel, use that - any massage is good - the lavender is just a bit better.

I'm just back from the dentist, and, despite 3 injections, he couldn't get my mouth to freeze enough to pull the tooth out. So more antibiotics, but I will be able to run tonight. Hydrating is a bit of a problem at the moment though, as I only have half a tongue and am missing the right side of both lips.
08/10/2002 at 15:18
DD, I think you can safely anticipate that your fartlek-induced nausea will improve as your body becomes accustomed to mobilising fuel for fast running spurts without dropping your blood sugar to an uncomfortable level.
08/10/2002 at 15:43
Hi all. Yesterday's swim got dropped as my colleague had forgotten about it and by the time I caught up with her it was nearly the end of the lunchtime lane session. Also have caught a cold from the wretched freshers...another 2 weeks and it'll be fresher flu.

V'rap, do lecturers count as 'key workers' to get a flu jab on the NHS?

What: club run between 4 and 6 miles.
Why: club night
Last rest day: yesterday
Last hard day: saturday's walk
08/10/2002 at 16:16
Thanks V-rap - is that what's happening then ? Fascinating. I always assumed that my blood sugar is rock solid because I can go for hours without food, run long runs on an overnight empty stomach and feel fine.

I shall continue.

Got to dash, got my smallest's MMR school booster in 20 mins. Poor little mite's sitting in the playroom telling her Daddy excitedly about the trip she and Mummy are going to have. Need to know basis has always been my strategy with jabs. But maybe I'll put a lolly in my handbag to reward any brave behaviour!
08/10/2002 at 19:34
What: nothing! Well, I went swimming. And did my press-up, crunch and chin-up sessions. (2x40 reps then 1x20 of presses and sits; and 3x5 reps of "chin to the bar")
Why: alternating running and upper body until December cos I have to do all-round physical tests then, and then will go back to mainly running for FLM.

Last hard run: Friday
Last rest day: Running: today - complete rest: Saturday.
08/10/2002 at 19:46
What: 50 minutes fartlek in gym on treadmill plus 5 minutes warm up and warm down covering 12kms in total.

Why: Key session in build up to Amsterdam half marathon

Last hard run: Sunday 2 hours
Last rest day: Monday
08/10/2002 at 21:23

For the sort of distances I'm covering, I'd have thought 5 days allows plenty enough recovery.
Having said that....got stuck in work having to recover a database & got home late. So accompanying Matthew went out of the window (he did 3 laps of the block by himself apparently).
Got out in the twilight and opted for the 4 x 1 mile session.
Not brilliant...under 6 minutes each time, but the 1/3 mile jog recoveries were all outside 2:45 - which indicates they were hitting me quite hard.
Couldn't see my watch properly in the twilight and didn't appreciate the sort of splits (and HRs) I was returning - might have dropped the 4th mile if I'd seen.
Throat feels a bit rough again - a session too far maybe.....
08/10/2002 at 21:24
What: 55 minutes, including 25 mins fartlek. Running in Regents Park at Lunchtime, what a relief to not have to go out now!
Why: Disastorous week last week, this is my last week of trying to fit in training before Dublin taper
Last rest: Monday
Last hard: Boozy session in Bolton on Saturday/Sunday
Loads of runners in Regents Park today, any forumites?

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