Unfit newbie wants to use a HRM

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03/10/2002 at 23:05
Evil Pixie (what a wonderful name) I would suggest that you read the thread by Ron Grover on the general forum regarding the RW article on using a HRM. It may take you quite a while to read all the messages but he has posted some really useful messages which should answer all your queries.

As for the weight loss thingy - the faster your run the faster you lose weight. Your metabolic rate, which is a key element in weight loss, stays at a higher level and for longer after a hard run than after a slow run.
04/10/2002 at 09:26
Go for it Evil Pixie, it's a must for anyone in geek land. I'm another HRM fan.
In addition to reading the thread on HR, you could spend time just gathering the data from your HRM. All the formulae in the world are only relevant when set into context of your individual HR at your existing level of fitness.
Don't know if you keep a training log but if you don't start now and note the length of your runs, distance if you know it, and av HR. Over time you'll build up a good picture of how your HR behaves in relation to your running. Also you'll get the satisfaction on seeing improvements in your fitness reflected in your HR.

Good luck
04/10/2002 at 09:55

Go for it, I'm a fan too. And since I know you must be IT competent (how did I guess) you'll soon have more tables graphs charts in Excel than you kow what to do with.

BUT don't get too obsessive, lots of things affect your HR and from one day to the next you get fixated on it and feel things are going backwards. Relax, note with interest and enjoy running.

I just use avg HR and track the calorie usage function on mine - I'm pretty confident on the data for calories I feel I can use it to estimate distance +/- 3%.

re the fat burning issue:

Yes long slow runs are shown to use a greater proportion of fat as fuel. BUT on a slow run you are using less fuel/minute. When you put the two together it actually means you need to be working quite hard to get the optimum fat burning while exercising. And as Drew says, working harder means your metabolism runs on at a higher rate (burning fat) after you stop.
04/10/2002 at 11:58
I'd advise reading the book 'Heart Rate Training for the Compleat Idiot', which despite not being able to spell complete, is an excellent read. It's simple and focuses on not overdoing things, with a couple of harder runs in the week. Look at the link:


By the way I notice there’s a link about running speed and burning more calories on the Q+A section of this site, if that any use.
04/10/2002 at 12:06
Amazon say its out of stock - but it is spelt that way!

I have an old HRM it doesn't store anything, the ranges can only be set in 5's, but I love running with it. Good for both hard and easy runs since in both cases it makes me adjust my speed as I don't run fast fast enough or slow slow enough.

I want one that stores the whole run, and can download to my laptop. Now that would be fun!
04/10/2002 at 12:11
I find my HRM doesn't work on the treadmill, EVER, is this normal? Is it interference? Mines a M22, so coded.

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