V02 max, anaerobic, lactate threshold... what is it?

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08/10/2012 at 13:46

Just purchased a book called about exercise physiology and functional anatomy as I like to know what my quinquagenarian body and that of my clients are doing and found it pitched at th right level (L3/A levelish) for studying the changes we all go through in response to exercise - I got it very cheap as it was 2nd hand.  Yes stop and go are good, but also being able to figure out when you are doing too much or indeed the wrong type of training is equally as good.  The book keeps one this side of being blinded by science.  Keep learning and above all, enjoy!

08/10/2012 at 13:53
Ratzer wrote (see)
SomeOldDog wrote (see)

I am astounded at one or two of the responses in this thread.

The OP posed a perfectly valid, perfectly common-sense question.

To say 'don't worry about the science' is something that would get you banned (or at least a warning) on most halfway decent strength and conditioning forums.

And I actually think that attitude is very condecending.

Either defend your views with a least a little credible science, or leave it for someone else to do.

I also don't consider it's appropriate to say to someone: 'undertake tempo and/or speedwork sessions', then deny them the understanding you have been benefitted with.

You are right that the OP posed what appears to be a valid question, and I apologise for my initial flippant answer.

You are misleading to post that this kind of response would get you a warning or banned on certain other threads.  

Note that the majority of advice across this forum for beginners and improvers at running is to join a club or get a coach.  Running under two coaches at two clubs, I would not expect to get a defence of any session in scientific terms from either coach.  It is entirely up to the coachee to determine what comments like "it's to improve your threshold" actually mean.  A more advanced runner with a coach will have undergone that experiment of one, and know that the coach has recorded what works, and potentially put down his thoughts as to why.  But still I wouldn't expect the coach to expand on why a session works - it has been seen to in the past, for the coachee, and so we do it now.

And this brings us full circle.  If you want to know the science, good for you, there's plenty of information out there.  [I do want to know it, so I read a lot.]  It takes years to sift the wheat from the chaff.  If you want to run, just do what people have been doing and refining for many, many years, and then find out what works best for you.  Not condescension, but the simplest advice refined from years of results.

Ratzer -- the commment was not directed at you. You were one of the few who tried to post a serious answer with relevant information. Apologies if that wasn't clear from my post.

08/10/2012 at 17:57
Siily SOD. I think we have to be democratic about people expressing their views. I'm glad I don't live in the society that you would like us to live in . I can't say what I think you are without breaking Godwin's law!

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