VLM, 14 miler this weekend - what strategy

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24/02/2012 at 07:53

Hi I am training for the VLM, My first Marathon.

I am hoping for a sub 4 hour time, I have done half marathons at about 1 hr 45. (My main aim is to get around in less than 4.5 but I Know that if everything went well and I got my strategy right I could hit sub 4 hour)

I am running a 14 mile event this weekend. What do people think is the best race strategy for this build up event?

Run it fast going for a good 14 mile time?

Also and perhaps more importantly in March (18th) I am doing a 20 mile event - what should my strategy be for this?

Kind regards


24/02/2012 at 10:16

If your basic question is whether to race them or take them easy that there's no reason why you shouldn't race both - unless you start to feel any sort of niggle.

cougie    pirate
24/02/2012 at 10:50
I'd race the 14 miler - but not so sure of the 20 miler.

It depends on your recovery - what have you got 5 weeks til the race after that ? I think I'd probably just use it as a long run, rather than a race.
24/02/2012 at 11:25

Race the 14 but not the 20. Especially since this is your first marathon.   Use the 20 to get some MP practice in - say first 10 miles slow, second 10 @ MP.  

26/02/2012 at 20:12

Did the 14 miler (Fordingbridge heartbreak) in 1:56

Happy enough with that, its quite up and down

I think I could have ran the first half a tad quicker but at best could have done about 1:48.

It didnt help that i failed to get my garmin hooked up to a satelite so was running on instinct as far as pace goes (not many mile markers)

Great run though and a good workout for me

Looking forward to the 20 miler and a 17 miler (personal run next weekend)

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5 messages
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