Wed 2 February 2005

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02/02/2005 at 01:13
Apologies but I haven't kept up with posting my training log for over a week now. Am pulling some incredible hours at work. I have read these threads often and am glad to see everyone is doing well especially with those awesome PBs!!

I wish if things were going great (hint!) but I haven't run for the last 10 days due to left-knee niggles. Though it seems to be on the mend - I hope it continues.

What: Pose drills, leg & core muscle work, pillates, stretches, 60mins CV on bike - p'haps a short 3-4 mile run tonight (depends on knee).
Why: Continue with CV fitness. Prepare the body for Pose running.
LastRest: mid-jan05
LastHard: Mar2004.

Finally, just over 10 weeks to FLM and where I should be freaking out for the lack of runs, I somehow feel pretty much ok :-)

A belated congrats and welcome back to Minks.

Best wishes to all those on the road to recovery.

02/02/2005 at 06:04

What: 4 miles
Why: Didn't do it last night
Last Rest: Yesterday (PMT)
Last Hard: Thursday last week

02/02/2005 at 06:05

What: 4 miles easy

Why: All I can fit in

Last hard: Sunday

Last rest: 104 days
02/02/2005 at 06:18

What: 10M pm ;-)
Why: Last effort before Sunday's 20K

Last hard: hills yesterday
Last rest: 16 days
mellifera    pirate
02/02/2005 at 06:28
Hello All,

what:11-13 miles easy
why: med long run
last hard: yesterday
last rest: 6th Jan that's 27 days, longest ever (for running)

I managed 215miles for January which isn't bad considering I've been building up since the marathon.

Hippo - congrats on your highest mileage month ever!

AF - hope you feel yourself again soon. Hang in there.

BR : "trying to fill in the holes in the cake with icing" what a great way to put it!

nrg - I hope you knee continues to recover.Welldone on keeping your positive attitude - that can only benefit you.
02/02/2005 at 07:15
morning all!
nrg - quite right to keep chilled, you have tons of time! Hope knee recovers rapido!

What: Nothing
Why: studying
last hard: sat
last easy: mon

take it easy!
02/02/2005 at 07:16
Morning all, thats an old song. Amazing how I never get online unless I'm at work

What: Mtb to work and back 2-4 mile recovery run pm
Why: Recover from yesterdays miles
last hard: yesterday
last rest: Sunday

I seem to be resting every 6-8 days which as my miles go up is working very well. Did 140 miles most of which were in the second half of the month after I made the decision to do the Comrades.

Good luck to everyone this year
02/02/2005 at 07:29

M- I have had these sets of tests booked since before Christmas and cant cancel unless I want to lose my money(180.00) so I shall be there !!!

Physio day for me!!

Have a good day out there and enjoy your training you never know what is around the corner!!!

02/02/2005 at 07:37

Thanks for all the words of support yesterday, much appreciated. MikeS, I think you might be right about doing TG after Helsby, the mental effort of that pb certainly took a lot out of me and was far more important to me.

All these niggly knees, look after them!

AF, hope you're feeling better soon, post viral is horrible but it will pass if you give it a chance.

What:5 miles am, done Club run pm

Why:Marathon miles

Last hard:Sunday

Last rest:Monday

Enjoy the day
IronMelissa    pirate
02/02/2005 at 07:43
Hello again,

What: 4 miles slow
Why: mending legs from speedwork yesterday
Last hard: yesterday
Last rest: Monday

Feel not-dead from yesterday, which is good and unexpected. Good running all.

PS. Does anyone else hear the commentator in their heads during the speedwork ('And Mutola kicks, but she just doesn't have enough left to take Pine on in the final straight...'), or is that just me?
02/02/2005 at 07:45
No, I just hear a voice saying stop slacking you lazy bastard and start sprinting.
02/02/2005 at 07:45

Hope the injured heal soon!

what:15 miles
why:mid-week long run
last hard:yesterday
last rest:12 days

Have a good day all.
02/02/2005 at 07:46

Also up to my neck in work :(

What: 4.5m am, 8ish pm
Why: easy day

Last hard: last night pyramid session at club
Last rest: 35 days

Have a good'un.
02/02/2005 at 07:56

nrg - hope your knee is OK, injuries suck.

Some great monthly mileages up.

Ankles feel a bit sore from the last few days training. It was my first track session for a while on Saturday.

What: 1 hour on the ski machine followed by some weights

Why: X-raining and see above

Last hard: Monday

Last rest: Friday

02/02/2005 at 08:09
Morning All

What: 8 miles easy
Why: recovery from last night's testosterone-fuelled club run
Last Hard: Last night
Last rest: 9 days

January mileage 287 miles - a record for me.
Aiming for 300 this month perhaps.

Gary T - no mention of the football then? :)

Have a good one folks.
02/02/2005 at 08:18
morning and welcome melissa sorry i missed you yesterday. you'll get lots of help and good ideas on here.

sorry that there are still some worrying injuries nrg and wp esp hope you are right soon, and take care those of you with bugs. mikeS hope you are ok for abergele.

on the january mileages there are some impressive totals (hilly i'm sure you must get the bus!) i managed 132.7 which is a mere hop skip and a jump in comparison.

after a warm up yesterday a weird thing happened, went off on 4 mile tempo run. 1st mile 6.40 felt ok so think i will be able to hold this. get to turning point in 17.15 and think what's going on, can't be this bad on the second mile then realise i'm on the 5 mile route. sense of direction not my specialist subject. anyway managed the 5 in 34.43 so would realy (really) love to break 34 mins in sunday's race.

what - 4 miles easy
why - recovery day
last hard - yesterday
last rest - monday

happy training/recovering
02/02/2005 at 08:20
morning all,

well a paltry 54 miles for January, but pleased enough because it's been injury free. Hoping february will be well over 100 as Prague M schedule starts next week.

Last nights run was binned as working late. Hate using this as an excuse but i'm up at 5-45 and didn't get home till 6-30, then ate and had massage at 8-00 and when that finished i was fit for nowt but bed.

Massage was good though and physio told me it almost certainly isn't compartment syndrome but found quite a bit of gristle in the muscle. Calf feels much more flexible this morning. Another session net week. Hopefully this is the end of it all.

what : definatately out tonight 6 ish
why : club night
last hard : monday
last rest : tues
02/02/2005 at 08:22
Good morning all

What: am 5 miles easy, pm 7 miles easy
Why: Recovery from yesterdays fartlek session
Last Hard: Sunday
Last Rest: 74 days

Yesterdays faster session (first for eight months) wasn't too bad. As expected, I went blazing away, only to be swamped in a sea of lactate after 600 yards!!. Gradually got the session under control, but I struggled to hold the efforts for the anticipated distance - again running them much too quickly. I ended up just holding the efforts for as long as was sustainable - so in that sense it was a proper fartlek. Feeling a bit leg weary today, with a little stiffness - hence the easy sessions.

Total mileage for January (31 days) was 430, definately the best for a very, very long time.

Have a good day everyone.
Blisters    pirate
02/02/2005 at 08:32
I study nuclear science
I love my classes

Ah yes, a band with a huge string of hit albums and singles - now, what were they called?

Melissa Pine - I'm guilty as charged on that score too. My favourite is to have a real go on the penultimate set; with 200m left I can here myself screaming "Go, Kelly GO" and power past a load of them to the finish. I really pay for it in the last set though!

PHippo: You beat me on mileages. You must be sneaking them in without letting on. I assure you, it will all come together soon.

Planned training today: hmmm. Midday 8miles.
02/02/2005 at 08:37

what - nada
why - guess? my chest feels better, but still not right. when i cough there doesn't seem to be any gunk coming up, but i still can't inhale fully without coughing. a few more days before i can run, i imagine....

not even going to bother with 'last hard' and 'last rest' - too depressing.

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