Wednesday 2nd June

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02/06/2004 at 22:18
Well done Monique, particularly on that 5k time! Well done FG, loved the report.

Well done to BR and Donaldo too!

Back from club run. Was invited to run with senior men again, this time made them promise not to leave me behind. They were either true to their word or I'm getting some speed back! Did about 5 miles of a mystery tour, good session.
02/06/2004 at 22:18
BR - I tend to echo your sentiments. I dont race as much as you... in fact I probably race no more than once a month.... but the last few weeks have been just tapering and although I enjoyed it at first... now its getting boring! I've had 3 races in the last 6 days and all I do in betweens is, like you, just recover.

What I think I'll do after the marathon is cut the mileage, increase the number of sessions and seriously train for a half, and see how close I can get to 72 mins again in late August. There, that sounds like a plan.
02/06/2004 at 22:37
Donaldo, BR, good stuff, you guys race well even when you're "cruising".

BR, how about the Notts 10M on Friday evening at 7:15pm to get you warmed up for the Northern T+F league on Sat and Barnsley 5k on Sunday. You'd love the course, it's 2.5 laps of the Watersports Centre, which I know is very dear to your heart following last years Robin Hood marathon ;-)
02/06/2004 at 22:50
Evening all,

Well done for the solid runs BR & Donaldo

Yateley 10K Series – Race 1

Plan was to run relaxed to half way, then pick it up gradually if my legs feel OK.

1k 4:31 (HRave 156bpm). Spot on 45 minute pace

2k 4:23 (170). Feeling relaxed, start to pick my way through the field.

3k 4:22 (173). Legs feel ok. Stay relaxed….long down hill coming up. Have strained my calf muscles here twice in previous years.

4k 3:39 (172). No problem with calves……confident I’ll get to the finish now.

5k 4:12 (178). Time to stretch out….feeling pretty good.

6k 3:49 (183). Quickly moving up the field now, catch Angelis just after the halfway point.

7k 3:35 (186). Oops, I’m going to pay for that….shoulders beginning to tighten…legs getting heavy.

8k 4:16 (186). Try to stay relaxed…..stopped moving through the field now…try not to lose any places.

9k 4:12 (186). Holding my position….nearly there

10k 4:13 (187). Lose 4 places on a longish drag, then hold the gap into the finish.

Unofficial time: 41:12

Very pleased. Should be back under 40 minutes in the next few weeks.

02/06/2004 at 23:13
What? 7.2m in 44:59 with the Serpis
Why? Tempo run
Last hard? Yesterday
Last rest? Monday

A bit chaotic today, wanted to run in the 6:30's group but it wasn't clear what the pace was, so three went ahead running 6:00's stayed 2 miles with them but then backed off as I realised that this isn't 6:30's. Finally, dropped back in the 6:30's group, which was easy going, but one of the tri geeks keept the pace a bit higher and three others were really increasing the pace. Drafting behind those until Buckingham Palace and after the corner I went ahead and the couldn't stay with me (well they really have asked for this!). Closing in on two causalties of the 6:00's group, particular one guy started too fast. At around Hyde Park Corner I almost ran over Huw Lobb (2:15 in FLM!!!). Wondered, why he is training in Hyde Park. Kept the pace and was pleased with the 6:15 pace, last two miles must have been 1/2m pace. Good response from the 6:30's group, they never ran the course that fast as today :) Well, train with URR and a PB is guaranteed! ;)

TT - Nice comback! Great to see you back competing, that's a step forward.

Monique - Awesome! Your 5k finish time is bloody good! Well done.

BR - Good sign, you ready for PBs soon.

Donaldo - Well done, quality training.
02/06/2004 at 23:18

Mike B - hope things clear up quickly
M - congrats on the new job and well done on the TT
Welsh Poppy - please take care
Hilly - hope you get better soon
FG - cracking report of a great race for you.
Monique - fantastic racing and a great report
Swerve - hope you can take it easy
Zilla - Glad you are taking it easy
Barbera - Well done. Am sure you are getting faster.
TT - Well done on the racing.
URR - Nope am nowhere near your speed but one day maybe I will train with you.

As for me:

3 miles. Tempo on the way out and steady on the way back. Knee is currently niggling after that burst of speed but will see how it is tomorrow.

Last hard: today
Last rest: Sunday.
Monique    pirate
02/06/2004 at 23:27
Beginning to wonder if the course was short now, but the 10k time was about right so I figure not.

Loved your report forefeet and Two Ton, I never seem to remember the detail of each kilometre my mind wanders.

Barbara, glad you didn't get left this time, I bet it's your speed returning.
02/06/2004 at 23:56
Evening all,

Late checking in for me. 5 easy miles done, but hip problems persist. Just seen this all about piriformis syndrome - sounds worryingly close to what I've got. Looks like a couple of weeks off might be in order :-(

Some good results tonight though, cracking run FG, like your brainless/spineless quote.

Monique, great result, a 5k PB in that race is fanstastic!

Good luck with job tomorrow, M.

TT, glad to hear you're racing again - those times will tumble in no time.

Speedie, WP, I get more like 25 hours of battery usage out of my Timex. Buying cheap batteries is a real false economy, they seem to go really quickly. You can get Duracel Ultras 3 for 2 at Boots, probably the best value for money around.

Right, I'm off to bed!

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