Wednesday 31st October 2012

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31/10/2012 at 18:34
Tom: a good month's figures, and good to see a little fartlek creeping in. What distance and surface are the Frostbite runs? Confirmed today (results of second swab) that I haven't had an infection in the leg, so what the red, hot, swelling was remains to be determined!

OH: enjoyed the reference to pyramids!
31/10/2012 at 19:23

Evening all.

What:8 km round some well lit roads!
Why: it's very dark and there are ghosts around
Last hard: the potholes in the unlit, unpaved bit I ended up on!

LMH hip is ok if I don't go too fast or too long.  Constantly have to readjust posture as wel, but I think it's all part of the learning to run again curve.  Definitely improving, but very slowly still!  Hope you're improving and still resting?!
Ale yay
RW  took me a week to start walking properly down stairs, you're doing very well.  He he to the weekend as well!

Dad is coming to visit tomorrow for 6 days for the day that I get a bit older (Friday) and I am more than a little excited (Still clearly a Daddy's girl at heart...), first time he's been out here to visit us.  I'm a little concerned that he may get lost getting from the airport, his German is less than non-existant!

Have a good one all

31/10/2012 at 19:28

emzap - sounds like you are going to enjoy seeing your Dad.

Alehouse - good that there is no infection - onwards and upwards.

Tom - you have really started getting stronger since joining that club.

What: 4 mile jog, only wanted to do 3 miles, but friend said that I could go a little further. Not sure that she was right!!


31/10/2012 at 20:18

You're getting back into it quickly NZC - I take it your illness has receded?

Alehouse - that is good news, probably just bruising and swelling in response to the insult?

OH - you sound a little down about not having the opportunity to exercise, hope you can get out soon.

emzap - it's lovely that you're looking forward to seeing your dad and that he'll be with you for your birthday. Yes, another rest day today but feeling better as my jab starts to take effect. Hoping to have a new start with the new month.

Tom - where is the NVH race?

31/10/2012 at 21:07

LMH - I think it is amazing - all the attention of my defence system seems to have gone to sort out my legs! Now as my legs start to feel better, I feel my head and nose starting to get stuffy again!

31/10/2012 at 22:49
LMH - the NVH 10 is at Bretton, Peterborough.

AleH: The Frostbite league is a series of six, closed to participating clubs, winter races on road, grass, country, trails roughly measured at 5M. For me the challenge is to measure my progress against other runners over the series rather than to achieve specified times.

Christine: I agree about the benefits of club running - the benefits of running relatively hard sessions without the stress of doing it one your own can't be underestimated.
Blisters    pirate
31/10/2012 at 23:12

Tom/NZC, I also count this place as an inspiration to get the arse out of the door.

I was hoping that todays's lyrics were going to be Bat Out of Hell, or Scary Monsters, Super Creeps, both of which I found lurking in my vinyl collection. Obviously they got an airing for the little door knocking darlings.

A long drive home this afternoon, but in sufficient time to be able to clock 6.6 miles round the usual loop. Amazingly it was the only dry spell in the whole day, and you know how I hate getting miserable and cold or wet. Mind you, the legs only managed 7:56m/m, which is a reminder that they need to do more to crawl back up the improvement slope.

Monthly stats:
Runs = 10, total distance = 83.4 (longest was a 20)
Swims = 12, (longest 2500m)
Bike = 4, total distance = 169

Individually, that looks like a load of tosh, although the swim sessions are reasonable, and there were 28 sessions in 31 days. Total was 32 hours training.

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