Wednesday 4th July

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04/07/2007 at 06:50
Morning all

Really struggled to think of lyrics but wanted to post!!! how sad am I?!!

What: 5 recovery
Why: hard session yesterday
Last hard: yesterday
Last rest: Monday

Had handbag stolen last night whilst out running with club. People these days - I don't know!

Hope all those on the sick bench are feeling a little better with the new day dawning!

Have a good one all!
04/07/2007 at 07:11

Back from the mountains,weather was horrible. Only back at the office on Monday, a bad day at home beats a good day at work.

I am a terrible 'swimmer',I don't swim,just refuse to drown.

SiT - Sorry to hear about the injury,hope you get this problem sorted.

Melli,Podro,Holly - Good luck at IMA. Hope I haven't missed anyone.

Peter G - Good HM.

What: 10K
Why: Ticking over
Last hard: Running at 3500M above sea level. It was torture.

Have a good day.
04/07/2007 at 07:13

that's just such a horrible thing to happen nutty. did you leave it in the car or the changing rooms? not just that someone has your personal stuff but having to replace cards, phone etc - major bother

got your lyrics but i thought someone might pop in early with bruce's 4th july astbury park (sandy)

nice to hear the new placement is going well brumliz

just heard alan johnson has been released

what - 4 miles easy
why - just some aerobic miles, easy day
last hard - 3 days
last rest - 2 days
04/07/2007 at 07:57
Morning - thanks for kind words.

Have my bone scan in two parts this am. So should have answer by end of week.

To those who asked can I find out what is causing this. Have tried everything I can possibly think of i.e. blood tests, bone density scans, analysis of calcium levels, analysis of gait, orthotics, regular physio and massage. Conclusion: I and nobody else seems to have a clue what is causing this all.

I also tried the minimalist approach running in NB 150s and 205s and there instead of havign a stress fracture on my tibia (5 of those so far expecting 6th to be confirmed this week), I had a stress fracture on my metarsal which ruined our trip to Font Romeu for some training and walking as could not walk never mind run!!

What does seem clear is injury always comes when my mileage gets above 70 miles per week.

If anybody has any other suggestions/thoughts on avenues to explore, input gratefully received.

Thankfully I am not too down at all of this partly as I have been through this so (too) often before.


04/07/2007 at 07:58

v.sorry to hear that nutty, hope there was nothing too personal in there

healing vibes to all on sick list at moment

another dry and sunny morning down here, though clouds and wind building up - more showers on the way

what - 8 miles including 4x800 strides hard
why - because i felt good after yesterday
last hard - this morning
last rest - sunday

good news about alan johnson, just read that on the BBC website.

happy runnings all
04/07/2007 at 08:00
SiT - I hope you mean that the scan is in two parts, rather than the leg, otherwise I think even I could diagnose the problem! I can imagine that 70+ miles a week may be a touch hard on the lower limbs - about 50 is my limit!
04/07/2007 at 08:00
What: Yateley 10km
Why: I entered the series
Last hard: Saturday
Last rest: Thursday
Lyrics: No

I have no idea what will happen tonight as my mileage these last 4 days has been very high (70ish) BUT I will attempt to run 35min pace.

NR. Sorry to hear that and even more stunned that it was taken from your club.

welcome back Sporta
04/07/2007 at 08:17
NR - thats awful!

SiT - i'm so sorry to hear this has happened again to you.

what: just an easy 5k today for me after yesterdays tough tempo run. i was expecting tight sore calf muscles but they were fine :)

it was nice actually - i went out mid afternoon after 4 and 1/2 hours of back to back meetings and felt much better by the time i got back! i'm getting into the habit of adding my lunchtime runs to my diary so people can't put meetings over it - very useful today!
04/07/2007 at 08:40
Nutty - Why were you running with your handbag? [Hope nothing too important lost]

Club run this evening, hope it stays dry for a change.
04/07/2007 at 08:48
Lazy bones reporting in.
Again failed to make it out last night and duvet monster won convincingly this morning too to eliminate only window of the day...

What: rest
Why: almost a habit now
Last rest: yesterday
Last hard: thursday
04/07/2007 at 08:55
not sad nutty, quite apt lyrics for how I want to be actually! Horrible to hear about your handbag nutty, its rotten when that happens.
Got a run in with hubby last night, quite fast I think. Sciatica still playing up and I am so fed up I shouted out really loud while we were running f**k! Hubby looked suddenly at me shocked! I said sorry but its so sh*t running when every step tugs in the back of your leg. Getting back on my bike tomorrow.

What: nothing
why: hurting and I am not really 100%
last hard: last night
last easy: lots and lots

take care all
04/07/2007 at 09:02

Imski - Can understand how the duvet monster won. This weather makes me want to hibernate.

Nutty - Sorry to hear that.

Gobi - Hope it's a good one

What: 8 miles with some kind of speed session. Haven't made my mind up yet:)
Why: Race is getting closer

Best wishes to all on the injury bench. Hope the day brings better things for you all.

Enjoy the day all.
04/07/2007 at 09:10
Imski - duvet monster would have won for me this morning were not for combination of dawn chorus and v.early night yesterday (embarassed to say it, but i was asleep by half nine)

Nutty - lyrics have stumped me today

04/07/2007 at 09:14
Morning All.

Sorry to read about having your handbag stolen NR.

Thanks for the welcome backs and the half marathon welldones. They are very much appreciated :)

Legs still slightly mashed from Sunday and as I want to race tonight I have decided to miss my morning run. Race is only 3.7 but after warm up/warm down should get about 7 in.

Hope I dont get another dunking, but somehow i dont think i'll be so lucky.

Healing vibes to all the injured.

Good Runnings everyone.
04/07/2007 at 09:28

Imski - get out there - you've got a triathlon to race!

Sportaloo - thanks (but be careful - you forgot the short Scottish one in your list!)

Nutty Runner - that is sad :-( - from now on everyone will have to carry their handbags with them when running.

SiT, Scobos, WP, Tom,... - that bench just keeps attracting people :-(

Last night was a scene of havoc at our house. I just wanted to find my passport... Shiraz said she knew exactly where it was as she'd tidied it away before her friends came around last weekend... two stress-building hours later we were googling how to get emergency and temporary passports (it's not easy)... another hour later and then we found them... and breathe...

What: last night's run turned out to be a swim, but this morning d&d a slow 5 miles.
Why: ticking over.
Lyrics: nope.

I've seen the weather forecast for Sunday - blue skies here in England! So I'm hopeful you won't be tracking the IMA performances online, but in case you are here are the race numbers I know of:
- Debbo - 2473
- Hwood - 538
- Melli - ?
- Mr Melli - ?
- Podro - 1935

Last day on here for me - I fly out early tomorrow... bring it on :-)
04/07/2007 at 09:29
Morning everyone, I'm just idling away some time before the major stressful event of an interview arrives later this morning - eeeeeeek!

NR - sad to hear about that handbag. At first I thought you said the bag went when you were running - I had a vision of you running with your handbag; the thief would have had to run quite quick to catch you up! Sorry to make light of a drama....

Wabo - have you considered that the biking could be shortening your hamstrings which is aggravating your sciatica? I've been stretching my hams off a lot to counteract the biking and running. In my pilates class, the non-runners and bikers can strecth their hamstrings well, whilst I take some time to get there!

As for me, well, last night was one of those runs where you wish you hadn't bothered. I felt OK when I set off but after 20mins, the lack o frunning and abundance of biking caught up with me and I was dropping behind people I shouldn't have been behind. There was just nothing in the legs except 8.30min mile pace.

People keep saying that I'll get back into it, but it's not a lack of opportunity that I'm suffering from; it's a lack of motivation to get out there and RUN! Mind you, last week was 21M of running and 70M of biking so no wonder my legs were at plod pace last night (sorry if others are thinking, why is he bothered about that pace, I wish I could do that?!).

At least the incentive of Harrogate 10k looms. I need to do 25-30M a week for a bit to get my run hunger back!

What: probably a rest
Why: see above
Last rest: a week ago (total)
Lyrics: yes!

Hi to all the (back) benchers, keep the faith!
04/07/2007 at 09:34
Hollywood - unless you're a black and white, pig shaped animal, shouldn't your name be 'Hollywood (Pirate Resting and Tapering)'?! Here is that thing:

Good luck for the race, anyway!
04/07/2007 at 09:36
Oh, your picture has just loaded onto the screen. I can now see that you got the joke....

I'll get my coat as I feel a bit of a donkey.........
04/07/2007 at 09:41

What: Club run pm
Why: No swimming until chest is better
Last Hard: Monday
Last Rest: Yesterday
04/07/2007 at 09:46
NR - treat it as an excuse to but a new handbag...think my missus is keeping Radley in business at the moment.

Managed to sneak out for 4.2 miles yesterday after shrugging off the worst of the man flu.
Off work today for July 4th USA holiday, so should be able to get out for an hour or so later. Would like to do my long run (14-16miles) but think they may be pushing it after the sniffles.

Have a great day, its sunny here!!!
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