Wednesday 7th October 2009

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07/10/2009 at 12:06
Morning all

Wabo - hope the legs return for you sooner rather than later, mojo is such a good thing, you've done it all before and you'll do it again.

TT - 30 min for 1500m by mrs TT - that is good going. i swim breaststroke and can just about cover that distance in 35 ish minutes on a good day, when i have not biked to the leisure centre, otherwise its slower as the legs are naturally more tired. i think with my swim challenge i'll be able to increase my speed as i will have to get in an extra session each week.

Gobi - nice one, saw the mountain climb you referred to on triathlon shown by eurosport a few weeks ago, a tough one indeed. well done sir!

NZC - another solid run at O'Hagans well done

DD - good to hear you've overcome man flu, other than 16 hours sleep any other good tips for my future reference he he

BB - George best of rugby league it's good to see you;ve learned your lessons on the alcohol otherwise i'd guess you would have been with George B long ago.

What - 11 Mile on bike, 1.9km in the pool d&d
Why - cross training / swim channel challenge
Last Hard - 04/10
Last Rest 03/10
Lyrics - no idea, think i'll google them
07/10/2009 at 12:21
T i still have a drink but i do not go out for a week the last time i got drunk was when man u won champions league & i broke my neck in 2 placers so you could say i learned the hard way but the daft thing is i only had about 3 red wines
07/10/2009 at 13:04

A'noon peeps.

It's getting busy again on here .

What: 3.5M Steady

Why: Habit and a cracking autumnal day too up here.

NZC: Good 5ks, cheers for sons birthday wishes. He's rolling in the money he got .Plus the new mobile phone.

Gobi:Enjoy hols.

Lyrics:Yes, shocked .

Are those my feet; Glad to have you on here.

Have a good one.

07/10/2009 at 13:26
well no on the lyric fo me , so guess it must be 60s track or something 'rocky'
Af - neat pic
mava - consultants, advisors, think tanks and quangos (as well as trade unions) all up against the wall when I'm in charge
Last night was 7x600s off 2oom recovs in constant drizzle on grass. Really enjoyable session
Today  -  6.2 miles very easy with two boys from here. 9 min/miling so very relaxing
07/10/2009 at 13:31

Sorry mava. I misunderstood what you were saying. I've given it one more try. If that doesn't work, put the number 1 @ yahoo . co . uk on the end of my name and drop me an email. Annoying this technology, isn't it!!!

Sounds like you're in excellent shape Paddy

Tec - I think that's why triathlons appealed to her as she's quite strong on the swimming. It's only lately I've been able to understand what it means when she tells me (but don't tell her that). 

Didn't know the lyrics even when I googled them.

07/10/2009 at 14:04
cheers tectona, they should because they have been well rested.  Fingers crossed!
07/10/2009 at 15:13

Mava - sorry to hear about your job. I keep telling myself every day that I'd rather do something else but then I'm too lazy or complacent to do anything about it. I guess I too should slowly grow up and figure out what I really want.

NZC - that's impressive 5k running. Nicely consistent too!

Mrs. Scobos/Mightos - brilliant 10k result. Wow.

Ouch indeed, Sharkie. I know why I prefer long distance stuff. Sprinting's just too painful. And I'm too much of a snail

Wabo - what's with the legs? Are you injured? Sorry, I'm relatively new on here. Hope the legs will start to cooperate. And sorry to hear about VLM rejection.

DD - glad to hear you are now man-flu less

What: gym stuff today (spinning, upper body weights, core stability
Why: training plan said easy run but I felt I needed a change
Last hard: Monday
Last rest: Saturday
Lyrics: of course! I'm a rock chick

Edited: 07/10/2009 at 15:14
07/10/2009 at 16:22

Lyrics - no, not even an inkling.
Spotty dogs - no, not even an inkling

What - 9 miles at 7.57 pace with the dog - quite pleased as that's as far as I've run since last year and I did the last 4 miles at ~7.30s, I know that means only did the first  5 at about 8.25s but you can't have everything.

Mava - jobs eh, I'm also looking at getting into something else - seems to be a universal condition - best of luck with figuring out what you want to do.

07/10/2009 at 17:03
Spotty dogs is presumably a woodentops reference and the peculiar way the dog walked?  Once again, showing my age...
07/10/2009 at 17:40
Gobi  Yeah I know, not really endurance based - but short recoveries so speed endurance building sort of? Anything that doesn't have 5 minute recoveries I call endurance based, because I am a complete fairy. Anyway you missed my first session back which was 10 x 300s on grass. Plod, plod!

SGQ You are dead right about the Spotty Dogs. I think we are of an age! There is only me in the world that calls this particular drill Spotty Dogs. It consists of springing forward with straight legs from the balls of the feet in a sort of bouncy scissor movement.

chickadee Nice gym session missis. Rock chicks never grow up by the way. I should know. I still have a bass amp that serves as a coffee table in my London flat. I used to subscribe to live fast, die young, stay pretty. Now I run fast, live long (I hope) but look like a ropey old hag.
07/10/2009 at 17:58
LOL Sharkie, I also use Spotty dogs as a drill and call the Spotty dogs.

I have a funny feeling we discussed winter training methods around this time last year.

This was outside the hotel we stayed at in Les Deux Alpe last year :¬)

Todays ride was from this years accomodation to last years, basically all up hill followed by all down hill :¬)
07/10/2009 at 18:31

That must have been before piccy then Gobi....

What - Some miles on the tready
Why - Son sitting as he is now sporting a shiner from a clash of heads in rugby....
Last Hard - eating loadsa nice food for our anniversary yesterday
Last rest - Yesterday

Take care

07/10/2009 at 19:11

Evening all

Ahhh......dont you just love rest days.....mind  you there's a wee voice in my head saying I should get out there and do i'm having a glass of vino rosso to drown it out!!

Joined local club last nite. Was their speedwork nite..12x400m..enjoyable even though me tongue was on the ground for the last few as everyone disappeared into the distance..

Last rest before tonight: last wednesday.

Lyrics: Hadnt a clue..googled..knew the song alright..what a drag!

Wabo: if you have the mojo the legs will follow.....eventually!

Birkmyre: Thanks for the welcome..

have a good one

07/10/2009 at 20:22

Evening folks.

AF - no probs at all...I knew you never meant that! We'll accompany each other to a 2.37 sometime......

First post-marathon run today, after an hour on the mountain bike last night. Did an easy 4.7 miles in about 34mins. Surprised at how good it felt, though the calves were still a bit tight. Just made sure I ran flat-footed rather than up on my toes. Had to battle through some seriously heavy and cold rain...Winter's a-coming....!!!

Good that the thread's getting a bit busier again!

Have a great night.

07/10/2009 at 23:05

AF - Great pic, but sure you could still string together a few 3:30 Ks!

What:  Just over 8 miles in exactly an hour
Why:  Club night
Last hard:  2 days
Last rest:  6 days

Good run, although only 3 came in the group with me.  Thanks to a sub-7 closing mile we managed 7:30 pace.  Beggining to feel the fitness coming back.

07/10/2009 at 23:24

evening all

didn't run today and achilles is sore so its a good thing, swam instead cos I can now front crawl! 

chickadee, had and maybe stil have  a bit of an achilles problem so the legs are not so used to running, in fact just touched my calf muscles and they are all loose and floppy, that good or bad??? not used to them like that!

anyway, lyrics today - mothers little helper, rolling stones!!


07/10/2009 at 23:25
nice one nzc you rock chick!

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