Wednesday 9th March

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09/03/2005 at 19:35

been stuck in London for two days with no kit and no internet - what's a girl to do???

So just catching up

Congratulations BR and Mrs BR - hope it doesn't interfere TOO much with your running!

URR - commiserations - but no doubt the right decision, hope the recovery goes well

LizzyB well done on the medal - a nice momento for when you return to Nottingham! You deserve it for that race alone - great pics.

podro - I'm not sure how 11 x 9 flights of stairs is rehabilitation - sounds knackering to me!


popsider - long time no see

what: 1 hour walking in London
why: see above
last hard: Sunday
last rest: Monday
09/03/2005 at 20:21
Hi all, what's this news for BR and Mrs? Is it what I think it is?

Me, well, I'm not running (at least for this week) due to having an awful tummy bug that has rendered me totally incapacitated and on first name terms with the toilet.

Mum came around to check on me yesterday and whilst opening the door to her, I fainted and fell against the wall and radiator causing me to get concussion (plus a nice black eye from the radiator valve). Mum and Dad took me to their house so they could place me under 'observation'.

I'm home now, but the stomach is churning and I'm hoping I don't see the small amount of pasta (first solid food in 2 days) reappear later tonight.

So much for running every day this week.....
09/03/2005 at 20:31
Sound pretty nasty FL, seems a good job your mum turned up when she did! Hope you feel much better soon.

Recovery wishes to all of your injured or ill!

Lizzy, great pics. You live in a beautiful place!

15 miles done tonight. The first half was fine, just a nice easy pace, but the second half I suffered a bit. I had a blood blister from Sunday's race and it's in an area below the big toe so could feel every footfall even with a Compeed plaster. I blame the 'Paula socks' I wore rather than my shoes as I've worn these make of shoes lots.
09/03/2005 at 20:55
Evening all. Quick post during half time Arsenal v Beyern Munich.

Comiserations to URR and Stickless. Lizzy, dying to see the pictures so will look when I have more time. Sounds awesome.

What: Hills
Why: need speed
Last hard: today
Last rest: Friday

My poor wife is off work sick, but that does mean I get an extra two mornings running this week. Every cloud and all that.

Right, back to football.
09/03/2005 at 20:56
If the lyrics were "Without them what would a poor boy do", I'd be well away.
09/03/2005 at 21:00
Sorry, "Without you..."
09/03/2005 at 21:05

Just finished my evening 10 miler. Legs feeling the effects of the speed session last night so fairly pleased with 72mins.

URR, sorry to hear about your FLM. Hope you recover your fitness soon.
09/03/2005 at 21:21
13 fast miles on the bike, then 5 mile recovery run.

6 miles with 4 miles at half-m pace last night.

Best of luck to URR & WP, swift recoveries to you both.

Take your time FL, sounds nasty.
09/03/2005 at 21:24
The right decision URR. Get yourself right for a good autumn marathon.

FL - sweat the bugger out. Get your trainers on:)

What: 5 miles am / 8 miles pm

Why: recovery day

Last hard: Sunday

Last rest: 139 days
09/03/2005 at 21:48
Greeings all,

What - 3m to club 2m with a new runner then 3m back home

Why - Club night (Rota for new ones)

Last hard - last Night

Last rest - 8 days

Get well soon those on the injury bench,

Take care:-)
09/03/2005 at 21:48
Hello everyone :o)

What: About 2.5 miles of running and a bit of walking.
Why: Legs a bit leaden after yesterday. And the clear hour I thought I'd have for running didn't happen because my 8-year-old's karate class was cancelled so I had to fit things around it.
Last hard: Yesterday.
Last rest: Monday.

Hoping to get a decent run done tomorrow.
09/03/2005 at 21:51

What: nothing for me today.
Why: on the bench.
Last rest: Yesterday.
Last hard: Monday.

Let's hope Miss-Injured-Hipster clears up before Sunday because I shall be heartily pi$$ed off if I can't run.

09/03/2005 at 22:02
Cath, I missed the fact you were injured too. Hope it's a quick one and you are fit for Sunday.

Piccys are great Lizzy.
09/03/2005 at 22:02
hi all,

not had much time to post over last two days; here's what I've been doing


30 mins at 70% MHR - went 4miles


1 hour and a bit at 70% MHR - went 9 miles

09/03/2005 at 22:10
Club run cut a bit short when one of our lady runners turned an ankle after 45 minutes. Fortunately one of our group lived not too far away, so we got a lift back in his camper van.

ICRAM - Quarter marathon? New one on me.
Blisters    pirate
09/03/2005 at 22:14

That sounds REALLY nasty, and anything lasting more than 24 hours usually means that your body's defence mechanisms need outside assistance. ie It's time for the quack. (Not that they want to catch it).

Healing vibes and frozen peas to all on the bench.

Hot chilli sauce to those suffering CBA.

Respect to those banging out the miles or the quality (or both).

Yesterday was rest day - not fully planned, but probably not a bad idea.

6.5 miles today, achy shins from the last couple of sessions. 7:30 m/m. Funny thing, I set off feeling bouncy, but rapidly died. I don't know why I wasn't slower, in fact I'm happy to have got round at that pace.

Last hard: Monday at the track, which followed Friday's 21 miler.
09/03/2005 at 22:53
It would have been great to be part of the 25th FLM, because it's the best field ever, including BR,MikeB, Elastigirl,Plodding Hippo,Hilly,Sodahead and all the others from the daily thread!

I would be more frustrated if I would have put in all the miles, set PBs all the way, but then would get injured just before FLM.

AF - I am sure you bounce back and smash your time in Berlin/Chicago. What's your knee problem?

Peter Gledhill - Wow! Grete Waitz is every year there, she always does the friendship run or is at the post race party/expo.

Aardvark - That's a great statement, I will remember that. Very true.

Popsider/Trinirunner/Melifera - Lyrics "Street Fighting Man"

Plodding Hippo - Sorry need to wait a few races more :)

Suddenly, my Piriformis feels much better ... and my pain around the ITB is almost gone ... maybe ... maybe I can do FLM? ..... heheh just kidding :)

09/03/2005 at 22:56
Very good run tonight - did 12 miles at bang on marathon pace, average of 6:49. Apart from a slightly too fast first mile, the miles were between 6:42 and 6:59 pace. Slightly more variable than I would like, but not going to worry about that.

Off to bed in a bit - night everyone!
09/03/2005 at 23:20
swim went well

4 x 1km - aiming for 20mins per km


So overall swim time of 1:20:42

When I went to club la santa in october i couldn't hold that pace for 400m so I'm very very happy with that. So looking forward to the swimathon now - hoping for 1hr40 but we will see.....

09/03/2005 at 23:38
Just a wee posting before bed...

...legs felt pretty tired for tonight's session, so just ran the first few reps fairly easily with the group, then picked the pace up for the last few. Finally got round to measuring '400m' reps...around 420m.

The 'odd' reps are slightly uphill, with the 'even' reps slightly downhill.

So, 10 x 420 with 45secs recoveries... 83/80/83/80/82/77/81/76/77/71

Pleased enough, considering how the legs felt to begin with.

Anyway, time for bed...

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