Weekly Training w/e 7th May 2006

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02/05/2006 at 12:15
This is my first week 'back in the saddle' after FLM, so thought I'd get the ball rolling on the second of the resurrected Weekly Training threads.

This week will be very easy, as after previous marathons I've leaped straight back in after a week's rest and ended up overdoing it, which has resulted in poor training several weeks later. Hoping to avoid that this time around. The plan for this week is:

Monday: Rest (done and dusted).
Tuesday: 3 miles easy.
Wednesday: 4 miles steady.
Thursday: 3 miles easy.
Friday: Rest and curry!
Saturday: 3 miles easy.
Sunday: 6 miles 'LSD'.

02/05/2006 at 14:53
hi Minks sounds like a good restart programme! I know how difficult it is not to restart to early post FLM your mind says "go" but really the rest of the bod is saying "whaaaat?"
Post FLM I swam last Tuesday cycled 6miles Friday and completed the Gt Weston 5miler yesterday!
all very gentle no records or PB's but felt good to be back out

Start running again and golf this week
Good running:)
02/05/2006 at 15:05
Interesting concept, Minks - perhaps we should come back at the end of the week to see what went well and badly.

My plan...

Monday - 8 / 4
Tuesday - 4 / 8
Wednesday 3 / 7 inc. short race
Thursday - 12 + curry:-)
Friday - 6 / 4
Saturday 10 fartlek / 4
Sunday - 20
07/05/2006 at 17:54
% HRR (heart rate reserve) = (max-rest)*percentage+rest
% MHR (max heart rate) = max*percentage

Mon - 7M - 149bpm avg (65% HRR, 73% MHR)
Tue - 12M - 160 bpm avg (72% HRR, 78% MHR)
Wed - 7M - 147 bpm avg (64% HRR, 72% MHR)
Thu - 13M - 163 bpm avg (74% HRR, 80% MHR)
Fri - 6M - 151 bpm avg (66% HRR, 74% MHR)
Sat - 13M - 154bpm avg (68% HRR, 75% MHR)
Sun - 17M - 167bpm avg (76% HRR, 82% MHR)

Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat easy. Thu steady. All at consistent pace/intensity.

Tue steady run with ~25 min @ MP in middle of run.

Sun - easy 4M warm-up then had a run round the Eyam 1/2M as a couple of mates were heading out there to do it and it seemed like it might make a nice change to one of the usual Sunday routes. The claim that this course is one of the toughest road 1/2 marathons in England is well-warranted! A couple of brutally severe climbs coupled with quadriceps annihilating downhills would ensure that anyone who raced this all out would be suffering for a number of days afterwards - still the views from the edge were spectacular.

Total: 75 miles

07/05/2006 at 18:55

Monday: 8.4 miles at 7:24 - 70% MHR
Tuesday: 8.4 miles at 6:57 - 77% MHR
Wednesday: 7.2 miles at 7:25 - 70% MHR
Thursday: 8.6 miles at 7:15 - 72% MHR
Friday: 7.2 miles at 7:26 - 70% MHR
Saturday: 9.1 miles at 6:59 - 77% MHR
Sunday: 6 miles including road relay leg 2.1 miles at 6:01

Total miles 55m

Despite the above appearing to look sensible and controlled, it actually hasn't been that good a week, as the the pace of the runs didn't seem to have much relation to the level of perceived effort. Despite all that todays relay felt quite good.

Furthermore the sciatica/piriformis continues to aggravate - its one year tomorrow when the same injury stopped me running. Although it's not bad enough to stop me actually running, at the moment its efects are dominating every run that I do.

Hopefully I'll get some direction from next Weds sports injury assessment.
08/05/2006 at 07:33
Mon: 5 miles easy plus drills
Tues: am: 4 miles easy pm: 6.3 miles fartlek, paces from 6:22 to 8:00, over 200m to 800m
Wed: 5.9 miles easy at 9:22 116bpm 67%MHR
Thurs am: massage pm: 6.8ml 8*400m @7:00/mile 90s recovery
Fri: 5miles easy
Sat: 6 miles easy 9:10 111bpm 64%MHR pace returning - see wed
Sun: 14miles steady 8:47 129bpm 75%MHR

Total 53 miles

This was my second week of running and first heavy week since Boston 3 weeks ago. I felt quite tired by the weekend, so maybe I picked up a little too quickly. Also unusual for me to do 2 speed sessions in a week. I'm pleased that my pace seems to be returning despite some warm weather. Legs are a bit stiff, but not too bad - another massage booked for tomorrow.

2 weeks to go before the IOW mara.

Next week I'll keep the mileage about the same or slightly lower, and keep the quality, before cutting right back in the final week before the marathon.

Mnks - looks sensible - hope you can keep it that way!
fly - have a good recovery
BR - good plan - lots of doubles!
marmite - good mileage - and no doubles!
tom - good luck with the piriformis. I find wriggling about on a tennis ball helps me
08/05/2006 at 08:13
Mon am: 4.7 miles tempo ave MHR 85%; p.m. beginners 5 miles, ave HR 99 but we do walk breaks etc, I kept HR down to below 70% at all times
Tue 4.7 miles below 70%
Wed: 7.5 miles below 70%
Thur: a.m. 6.7 miles: 2 below 70% 3.2 at 85%, then home v slow (under 70%)
Fri: 3,7 miles keeping below 70% but pace much faster than expected (8:55 min miles and not 10+)
Sat: 9 miles on my own at below 70% then 4½ miles with beginners.

Total: 50½ miles for the week.
08/05/2006 at 08:25
Not quite what I planned above but near enough.

Monday - 8 / 4
Tuesday - 4
Wednesday - 4 / 7 inc. 3.75 mile Spencers Dash in 20:49 (pb and 2nd place)
Thursday - 11 round the smoke of London
Friday - 11 in London
Saturday - rest (travel)
Sunday - 19 / 5 - felt strong all the way.

75 miles
WildWill    pirate
08/05/2006 at 08:26
MON - BIKE - 6:30 - 100mile
MON - RUN -- 0:30 - Beach Run straight off Bike
TUE - RUN -- 1:00 - Easy Run
WED - SWIM - 0:40 - Crap Swim
WED - RUN -- 0:50 - Trail Run
THU - SWIM - 2:00 - Masters Session (felt Good)
FRI - RUN -- 2:35 - Long Trail Run (sore knees)
SAT - BIKE - 3:55 - Including the last 15mile at av of 20mph
SAT - RUN -- 0:40 - Beach Run straight off Bike (Felt Great)

SWIM = 02:40 ..... 6.2k
BIKE = 10:25 ..... 259k
RUN = 05:35 ..... 59k

TOTAL 18:40

And i felt realy stong at the end of the week
08/05/2006 at 09:05
Mon - 8m steady
Tue - 9m steady
Wed - 3m am/3m pm
Thu - 8m steady
Fri - 8m steady
Sat - 10m steady
Sun - 5m easy

Total: 54m

Still rebuilding mileage after injury and this was a consolidation week, ie roughly the same as the week before after 4 weeks of increase. I haven't been training by HR so far, but I'll start to phase it back in this week. So far it's just been about (a) making sure my achilles is ok, (b) getting my legs used to running again and (c) getting fit enough to start training properly.
08/05/2006 at 09:07

Not alot to repoer on, been an easy week for me.

Mon - 3M
Tues - 3M with strides, 1.5M - 8.01
Wed - 5M
Thurs - 5M inc 10 x strides @ 5k pace
Fri - Off (last rest 1month 20days)
Sat - Away with the TA
Sun - Combat fitness test - 4M in 1hour carring 25kg over catterick training area.

Total 21.5M

This week, some good quality work to sharpen up, thats if I haven't lost all my fitness! :0
08/05/2006 at 09:17
Thought I'd post what I planned and what I actually did, to see how they marry up:

Monday: Rest (done and dusted).
Tuesday: 3 miles easy. Did 3.2 @ 8:16 - not easy enough.
Wednesday: 4 miles steady. Did 4.4 @ 8:30 - switched to easy session after last night.
Thursday: 3 miles easy. Did 3.1 @ 8:20 - still not really easy enough.
Friday: Rest and curry! Change of plans did 6.1 @ 7:34 with BR & Hilly - so an unplanned tempo run!
Saturday: Rest (switched from Friday).
Sunday: 6 miles 'LSD'. 6.1 @ 8:09 - really need to discipline myself to slow down on these runs. First mile was 8:40, then couldn't seem to stop myself from speeding up. Not good.
08/05/2006 at 11:19
Monday: rest – recovery from lurgy
Tuesday: 6 miles very easy
Wednesday: 6 miles very easy
Thursday: 6 miles very easy
Friday: 6 miles very easy
Saturday: rest – felt washed out
Sunday: 6 miles – felt awful

Total: 30 miles

Poor week due to a combination of being under the weather and a couple of very long days at work. I had originally planned to run round the Shakespeare marathon on Sunday, very glad I didn’t as the 6 mile jog at home was hard enough!
Will endeavour to sort out my diet and sleep patterns this week to get back into the swing of things.

Minks – have you tried any strategies to slow yourself up? One I have heard of for marathon races, which you could adapt to training runs is:
Say you want to run 9 minute miles, but get to the first mile marker in 8:20. You stand there until 9 minutes is up, then start running again (hopefully a bit slower). Same at the 2 mile marker until 18 minutes has elapsed, etc. etc. The frustration of doing this should soon make you slow down your pace fairly quickly.
Another one I used to use was to do the entire run with my mouth tight shut. i.e. only breathing in and out through my nose. Having a big nose may have helped though…
08/05/2006 at 12:01
TT, thanks for that. To be honest, I haven't really tried anything to make myself slow down on easy, long or recovery runs. All I tend to do is look at my Garmin or watch and note that I'm probably going too fast, but then do nothing about it. Or I manage to slow it down a bit, but not enough for it to be easy/recovery, then get frustrated and speed up again.

I like your idea of waiting at each mile until the allotted time is up before being "allowed" to carry on. That might frustrate me into submission. Also breathing through my nose as that's pretty hard to do when you're going hell for leather.

My first mile always seems to fall within the proper pace range but once I'm warmed up, I can't seem to hold back. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it or perhaps as I've got faster, my easy/recovery pace has also got faster and that pace I think I ought to be running is too slow? Will have a check on the McMillan site as I haven't revised my training zones based on my marathon performance at FLM, and probably should.
08/05/2006 at 14:15
My week:

Mon: 8x400 (90 secs) - only timed recoveries and cut down from intended ten to eight as feeling tired and heavy legged after the racing/travelling of the weekend.
Tue: 55min steady
Wed: Paarlauf relay - 2 legs each of approx 1.2M - ran mine in 5:26/5:34
Thu: 3x10m30 on grass (90 sec jog) - last one was actually 1'45 - toilet stop recovery - 9'00. Followed by 4x150m (walk/jog back)
Fri: 45 mins easy + 6x60m strides

Sat: League match - injuries on the day, last minute unavailabilities etc gave me a heavy workload for this one. 1500 in 4:10.5 (5th place, 3rd 'A' runner, PB) then 40 mins later 15:16.x for 5k (2nd by less than 2 secs, might have won had I gone with the leaders earlier instead of trying to save myself as I was unsure how bad I'd feel late in the race). 40 mins after that I ran the opening leg of the 4x400 in a shocking 63.8. I think I've earned my day off today.

Meant to include a couple of doubles but life got in the way, still a decent week of training and racing put in and a 5k of that quality 40 mins after a PB 1500 was satisfying if frustrating not to win the race.
08/05/2006 at 14:59
Max HR 183

Mon - 6m @sub135 av pace 8.53
Tues - 9m @145-150 av pace 8.02
Wed - 6m @sub135 easy run with mate
Thurs - am 9m @sub 135 av pace 9.01
- pm 5m @sub135 av pace 9.04
Fri - 8.5m @150-155 av pace 7.40 inc 1m warm up and 1m cool down
Sat - rest
Sun - Ed 10k - 40.35

total - 49.7
09/05/2006 at 11:48
maxHR 200 restingHR 47

Monday pm 77mins42@178 (11.25m) Race, usual problem at moment, can't sustain HR at level I could last year-178 was my marathon HR for Loch Ness in Oct, and now was very tough for this distance-completely washed out and just hanging on by 9 miles

Tuesday am 40mins@136 (4m) Stiff legs

Wednesday pm 60mins@136 (6.1m)

Thursday pm 63mins@150 (6.8m) Hilly loop

Friday pm 60mins@148 (6.9m) Stiffness going from legs now

Saturday am 51mins@139 (5.1m)

Sunday am 48mins@165 (10k) Great Edinburgh Run- Not racing, just pacing my brother round his first race-very enjoyable.

46.3 miles for the week.

No real problems-legs a lot less stiff now than at the start of the week
09/05/2006 at 18:38
After a bit of trouble getting going my 2nd post marathon week turned out not so bad...definitely slower than normal for the heart rate, but I'm now starting to feel much better.

Wed...8.1 miles in 1hr20mins. This one felt tough
Thurs...6.9miles in 1hr9 mins. Felt much better, but was a flat route
Fri...6.8 hilly miles in 1hr8mins. Starting to feel good
Sat...13.9 v hilly miles in 3hrs9mins (run with a slower clubmate, most of this was at recovery HR, 30 minutes was below 60%).
Sun..5.4miles in 51 mins. First mile was slow, then I progressively picked up the pace until the end.

weekly total-41.1 miles.

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