What are strides?

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04/07/2003 at 07:55


I'm currently following this 10k training schedule and the final pre-race session refers to 'strides'.

Can anyone tell me what they are?

04/07/2003 at 08:43

all types of training explained here. What why etc.....


I hope this helps.
04/07/2003 at 08:48
....... here's the extract on strides,


Warm up 5 mins gently building heart rate, incorporated in run time

Training focus Race pace preparation

Effort Same as Recovery run but after 20 mins, inject 2x1 min relaxed efforts (or 'strides') at 10 km pace concentrating on stride length, arm swing and breathing. Recover with 2 mins easy jogging between each stride. The object is to prepare your body for race pace in the days before race day.

Key words Race pace strides

Heart rate 50-65%

Aerobic/Anaerobic Aerobic

RPE (6-20) 6-9

Cool down Incorporated in running pace
04/07/2003 at 18:09

Just the ticket, Pizza man

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