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20/07/2014 at 10:51

Just going through the Runner's World 3:30 marathon training program, all going great so far but a bit confused by what it's asking me to do here, can anyone help?

"Tue 6M of 1M jog and strides, then 10 x 400, with 200m (1-min 30) jog recoveries, then 1M jog"

Is that saying 6miles of jog and strides, and then you do 10 x 400m intervals with 200m (1:30) jog recoveries? Also a 200m distance in 90 seconds is a walk and not a jog for me.  Can anyone explain exactly what a stride is as well?

20/07/2014 at 11:18

I'd say 1mile warm up (inc some strides at the end) - then 10 x 400m with either 200m OR 1:30 recoveries (presumably if you're on a track the 200m would be easy to measure, on the road/trail then 1:30 is easier)

A stride is a short burst of spead, maybe 20-30 seconds almost flat out, full recovery between each stride.

To workout the pace for the 400m you can use mcmillian calculator

20/07/2014 at 11:32

It looks like 400m in 1:15 which should be fine.  Just the strides bit threw me off as normally the sessions always start with 1 mile jog.

20/07/2014 at 13:44
Simon I am still a little confused by this session. I thought I'd post to try get my head round it and offer my thoughts

Firstly I don't train for marathons. However the session is huge. Nearly 10m worth of volume!

A stride can be done as a warm up, after repetitions or a steady run..

It's a strong quicker "run" over 50-80m focusing on good form with a gain in speed quicker than regular steady run.. Normally 3/4 would do..

I would (and have) read this is different ways...

But I'd say this is like this

6m steady state run, then perform the strides, the strides would break you in from a slower run ready for the 400s.. Otherwise blasting some 400s from a slow jog could cause a muscle to pull!

4x 50m just to tick the legs over. Then the 400s at relevant pace.. Walking recovery is fine if that's the distance it sets.. I never go by distance recoveries - too inconsistent unless you time it, in which case might as well time it

Then a mile steady state after the run I'd say would be quicker than the first 6m but not like a tempo pace effort
20/07/2014 at 13:46
Ps - when I say steady state I would have thought it's 6m at marathon pace not a regular steady run which would be slower

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