what is a good time for 5k?

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27/08/2003 at 18:12
i am now training for 5k races next season but am wondering what is a good time for a 5k? and what would be a club level winning time?
27/08/2003 at 18:33
Good time for a 5K is anytime where you finish.

I don't know about club level but from my copy of british runner the 2003 rankings have times for men of 14:11 to 14:46 and ladies of 15:50 to 16:52
27/08/2003 at 18:54
is that british champ never mind?
27/08/2003 at 21:07
That would be the kind of times in most local races jimbo c for the winners.
27/08/2003 at 21:12
what kind of times??? i have not raced for ages
27/08/2003 at 21:32
Those times above.
27/08/2003 at 21:57
Sub-15 mins is a nice thing to be aiming for... at regular pace it equates to 3mins Ks -or 20K per hour. Keep that going for 42.195K, and you'll just fall a little short of the Marathon World Record.
Sub-15mins will also win most 5K races- though it obviously won't get you in the top-15 yearly rankings...
27/08/2003 at 22:07
cheers guys
27/08/2003 at 22:42
I've noticed a Nick J in British runner race rankings a few times, is that you Nick?
27/08/2003 at 22:45
where can i find these british rankings everyone is on about? are they in magazines?
27/08/2003 at 22:53
jimbo c-British Runner is a magazine, I subscribe for mine, but you can get it in large newsagents. They have monthly rankings for different race distances and obviously other run info.
27/08/2003 at 23:53

Yep. I think I'm still somewhere among the top 15 in the yearly marathon rankings... There's a few big marathons coming, so I'll probably be relegated bef. the end of the year though... :-(
I'll be in the monthly rankings occasionaly for shorter distances, but I'm far from cutting the mustard when it comes to comparing myself to the top guys...
28/08/2003 at 08:37
Still something to be proud of though Nick. It's no mean feat being in the top 15 yearly rankings!!

I've made the odd monthly ranking when nobody else has run!!
28/08/2003 at 09:05
nick j,
your obviously an occumplised runner can you suggest a good training programme to get me running sub 15min 5k i am male 22 years old!
28/08/2003 at 09:10
can an old 35 year old improve her time of 29:34 (only been back running since june, ran 25:24 in 1989 but that was another lifetime)
28/08/2003 at 09:12
i know how you feel gemini!...... well apart from being a 35y.o woman of course..... ANYWAY i think nick j is the man to help us .... come on nick!!!!!
28/08/2003 at 12:25
Don't think 35 is old Gemini seeing as I'm 39! And I don't feel or look old! I have run 20 mins for 5k and hoping to go quicker in the next year. Mind 5k does attract the very young women as they have more speed than endurance at 15-16!

Follow a good 5k-10k schedule and your times should improve. Also, join a club, if you haven't already. Lots of support, advice and people to train with.
28/08/2003 at 12:35
Thanks hilly

above mentioned 5k was ran bank holiday monday just gone, currently training for 10k on oct 5th
28/08/2003 at 13:24
I got a faster 5k in the 10k that I got my pb, but don't count that as you never no if the marker is slightly out. However, always a good indication.

Good luck in your 10k!

I've got another 5k the week before my marathon and hoping to go under 20 mins. I'll be tapering then so I might feel a bit more fresh. Don't like 5k's very much though!
28/08/2003 at 22:28
If I knew how to run sub-15, I'd be over the moon -though I was that fast once, it was a fair few years ago...

Jimbo, there's no universal method... it all depends on your experience and current training. What have you run so far, and what sort of mileage are you currently doing?
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