2012 in review

How did we all do?

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meface    pirate
03/01/2013 at 21:20

Run: 805
Cycle: 1405
Swim: 73,000m.

I suspect the cycle and swim are somewhat under recorded. I swam double that the previous year and although I was bit short on OW swims. I swim most weekends with a masters group and do 2500-3000m which is more than  the total shown. Also rarely recorded turbo sessions this year.

Sub-4 at Brighton Marathon.
1:45 at MK Half
13:20 for 54m While Cliffs Challenge

and generally swimming, biking and running. would even list as bailing at mile 77 of a 100m walk as highlight.



04/01/2013 at 10:51
Totals not clue but deffo not as structured or committed as previous years

Helping train up some mates for their first IM (outlaw) and watching them and my bruv crack it
Lows a couple of early bike crashes which sidelined the first bit of the year
Sitting in a car for 7 hours trying to get to the Little Woody before giving up and going home (first DNF on the journey to a race )
04/01/2013 at 10:57

Run: 827km
Cycle: 2638km
Swim: 263km

10k OW Swim
New 5k PB at 16:40
New 10k PB at 34:24
New HM PB at 1:17:30 
1st in AG in Irish National Middle Distance Champs
Qualifying for London champs in 2013
First century bike ride
No injuries worth mentioning
Shiny new bike! 

Forgetting my wetsuit at a race and borrowing a surfing wetsuit
Turning up hungover or fatigued to too many races 

Sub 16 minute 5k 
Hang onto my AG title in May
Give the world champs a good effort 
Cycle more 

04/01/2013 at 12:06

Biggest deal for me would have to be my son buying me a fat triathletes can-do memoir  rather than lance armstrongs biography cause 'he's a cheat dad' and re-awakeing my desire to be dave scott.

Bit short on totals -

Run: 160mls
Cycle: 68mls
Swim: 6mls

Highlights :

Got up of my considerable posterior and began training, resulting in loosing 2stone+ of the hard white stuff that kills you and achieving

5k PB at 35:05
10k PB at 1:09:15
aquathon PB at 1:03:51 
dropped from 305lbs to 277lbs
entered outlaw half in 2013

(oh, and ordering my pirate costume - in a size I havent been since I lost the hair and gained 100lbs of insulation)

Dam near snapping a foot of at the aquathon
missing outlaw full entry due to expensing my new jobs european travel for two months 

Sub 30 minute 5k 
Outlaw Half in sub 7hrs
sub 2hr15 half marathon 
shed another 5stone by outlaw race day

(oh  ....Outlaw 2013 entry via waitlist and have some fun)

Ironman UK 2014 entry 
Outlaw Half 2014 entry 
Speed and Endurance after the lard loss

Run: 800mls
Cycle: 1680mls
Swim: 160mls


04/01/2013 at 14:10

The new tri bike
EDT training camp in Lanza.  Rode with the fast group, won the hill climb TT - go me
IM Lanza.  So good I'm going back again

(Cue mawdling music)
Broke after the above camp.  oops
Broke permanently again in October

being able to ride well
completing Lanza 2013 with a walk/shuffle/run on no run training

thedrainman    pirate
04/01/2013 at 16:03

Being able to run again due to injury been carrying since 2011, completing 10m after long lay off


Not being able to do anything longer than a sprint
Putting on the weight again since IMW 2011 now 17s 8lbs


Lose 2 stone plus
Completing Challenge Henley or IMW
Finish the year injury free
citizen 146    pirate
04/01/2013 at 17:04


It's all hand written ,so that must make me a low tech nerd. Achieved 10 hours per week training for the first half of the year.... second half tailed off a lot since my last event in October.


Outlaw in 14 52 ,which was 2 hours faster than hoped for, and my first full distance.

Meeting the pirates at the above and deciding to come on board for a bit of swashbuckling..


Current chest infection and string of colds for over a month , makes me realise how fortunate I am to be rarely sick!

There is a silver lining ? No training for weeks and weeks has seen the disappearance of nagging back ,sciatic , and knee pain! Puts me in mind of that fantastic internet spoof were the triathlete spieled off all her distances for that session whilst confessing to multiple stress fractures and writing it all off because ''I am a triathlete''  - that's what we get...


Outlaw 2013, IMUK 70.3 2013, Getting back to being able to train ( reading through this thread it seems to be a common cause of misery)

citizen 146    pirate
04/01/2013 at 17:08

this has inspired me to keep a running total in my lovely low tech notebook for next year, Can't wait until the pirate kit comes next week, if it doesn't fit quite as well as hoped, that can be sorted

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