2012 Pirate Cycle Jackets

Get your order in for this coming winter

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09/07/2012 at 13:20
*wonders what Waff was doing hanging round car parks*
09/07/2012 at 15:29

Umm, which model Jacket is it Schmunks LG has about 5 I think

Running Postie    pirate
09/07/2012 at 15:46

im swaying!

bburn plO.dder    pirate
09/07/2012 at 16:06

I'll have one

09/07/2012 at 17:07
Gyraffe wrote (see)

Mouse - sell old clothes wot are too big.

Currently that's at least 4 pairs of jeans and 2 bras.

09/07/2012 at 18:08
09/07/2012 at 18:09

Bburn - please put your name on the main kit thread if you would like a cycle jacket.  Ta!

09/07/2012 at 19:24

Thanks Schmunks, much appreciated.

10/07/2012 at 17:12

Good news - we now have 12 jackets on the list so we meet LG's minimum order.

Not so good news - one of the names on the list has not posted since October 11 and has not yet replied to a PM I sent out on Sunday, so it may be that this is a red herring and we only have 11 on the list.

So.....if you are still considering a cycle jacket, please come forward so that the order can be fulfilled for the other Pirates

10/07/2012 at 19:21

Schmunks, you have FB mail in both of your 'guises'!  Thank you!  

10/07/2012 at 19:32
Siggy - if it's the one I think it is, I have included that in my figures
10/07/2012 at 19:38

Thank you!

30/07/2012 at 17:54

Just to let you know I'm removing one of the people from the list as they have not been on the forum since July 2011 and have only three posts.

Unfortunately this means we need another name on the list to fulfil LG minimum order level of 12
Doner Kebab    pirate
30/07/2012 at 18:18

i have committed or been committed, i can never remember, to a jacket

citizen 146    pirate
02/08/2012 at 02:03

Have you got me down for a jacket ? I want one please!

02/08/2012 at 12:27

Schmunkee sorry to do this but I'm going to cancel my jacket requirement, sorry.

04/08/2012 at 14:51
Gazmanmeister wrote (see)

Schmunkee sorry to do this but I'm going to cancel my jacket requirement, sorry.


27/08/2012 at 19:54

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have had another withdrawal from the cycle jacket order.  This means we are only just meeting LG's minimum order level of 12

If anyone else withdraws, then the order cannot proceed.

However, if you are lurking as you are in two minds, please speak now or forever hold your peace

The order (if sufficient numbers are reached) will be placed around September/October and another order will not got through until approximately this time next year

Running Postie    pirate
27/08/2012 at 19:57

still want one...please

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