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M...eldy    pirate
20/06/2013 at 20:42

Have you got a tag-a-long for Max??  

Trogs    pirate
20/06/2013 at 20:51

I did say, if I'm on the bike, no lifts

20/06/2013 at 21:03


20/06/2013 at 22:19
Trogs. wrote (see)

I did say, if I'm on the bike, no lifts

That's similar to what my bike says to me when I climb on board these days, but less subtly!  It shouts 'Oi, it's not a f*****g Tandem!  There's only room for one!'  

Lee the Pea    pirate
21/06/2013 at 08:47

  hehehehehe!  Sounds like we have the same bike Siggy!!!

Iron Pingu    pirate
25/06/2013 at 13:00

Just reading through Outlaw race info, has it been annouced which station the Pirates are running?


25/06/2013 at 13:04

There has been nothing formally announced yet

M...eldy    pirate
25/06/2013 at 13:05

1st and the one at 80 miles, both of which are the same ... If I remember correctly!

M...eldy    pirate
25/06/2013 at 13:06

Which was 'informally' announced on here I believe!!!

Iron Pingu    pirate
25/06/2013 at 13:15

Oooh, glad it's the first one, I can remember that ... after that it'll all be a blur, thanks

seren nos    pirate
25/06/2013 at 14:23

i read it in the formal stuff as well..........it gave a breakdown of the different groupst that are doing the different stations.........

27/06/2013 at 14:31

Barley - do we need to do anything if we're swimming? Check our accounts for an entry or anything? Thank you.

27/06/2013 at 14:39

Mouse - I sent off the spreadsheet to OSB on Monday and I have yet to hear from them.  It wouldn't do any harm to check your account to see if the swim is in there.

If it is, all well and good.  If it's not, please could you pop back in and let me know and I will just confirm with OSB that they have rec'd my mail. 



Bouncing Barlist    pirate
27/06/2013 at 14:44

Just to confirm, OSB do not require us to do anything further, I checked with them, all they need is the spreadsheet, they will update our accounts.

I would guess youll need to register for the swim at HPP, they should have your details on their list. 

27/06/2013 at 15:01

Barley - I do think it is worth people checking so that I can approach OSB if, for example, my email has not been received?

27/06/2013 at 15:01

I've just checked my account and I can see the swim there. The only thing is, I can't remember if I partially filled it on or not but the way the page looks, it seems like the entry is complete as opposed to awaiting payment.  So, I think they've done it. 

Might be worth someone else checking who didn't misread the last instruction and start the entry off but didn't pay, if you see what I mean?

Thanks Barley and Schmunks. 

27/06/2013 at 15:11

Barlos - please do as the Good Lady says and check your own OSB account.  Thanks

27/06/2013 at 15:13

I am in the 3k  thsnks Smunks and Barley

iron fraggle    pirate
27/06/2013 at 15:13

I'm down for the 3k swim, so I reckon your email arrived loud and clear - Cheers Schmunks 

27/06/2013 at 15:36

Excellent news! Thanks for letting me know

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