A bike is a bike... or is it?

Newbie road bike recommendations and numpty questions....

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M...eldy    pirate
05/05/2011 at 16:46
05/05/2011 at 16:50
What you snarling at?
05/05/2011 at 16:56

If you still have another bike for pootling on I would be tempted to make this new one a road bike- I had a hybrid for my first year of tri-ing, but it wan't/isn't as fast/light as the road bike I bought to replace it.

£500 will be sufficient to get you a reasonable steed from any of the big manufacturers (Specialized, Giant etc) but you might also want to have a look at some of the left field options (Decathlon, Raleigh).  Fit is all important so you need to find either an informed friend who can accompany you or a bike shop who know what is what.  Most bikes have 700 wheels, but you can get 650 (the numbers are a measure of the circumference IIRC) on some models which will mean the top tube of the frame is lower. 

05/05/2011 at 16:59
Meldy you just have to go to someone trust worthy.

I'll sell it you if you like
M...eldy    pirate
05/05/2011 at 17:01
There is nothing I would like more than another Fusion but unless you want to swap it for a Sceneic it aint gonna happen !
05/05/2011 at 17:06
I do finance
05/05/2011 at 17:09
You could check out the Merida range of bikes, (they make frames for specialized amongst others), they produce road, tri, mountain and 29rs. The specs are high, and the prices modest. I ride one of their hybrids for commuting, very fast and light.
M...eldy    pirate
05/05/2011 at 17:14
Madlot wrote (see)
I do finance

I dont !
05/05/2011 at 17:21
Don't blame ya!
05/05/2011 at 18:13
Thanks, djwolf and Ferrous I'll have a little nosey at those brands.
Regarding the smaller frame, FF - I have quite long legs (in proportion to my height) and I've been trying to work out if that will make life difficult (in that my back is, therefore, dis-proportionally short for reaching the handlebars)?

Kanga - I'd certainly be interested in a 2nd hand bike, if the opportunity arose

Bruce - what you doing lurking on here?!
22/05/2011 at 17:56
Just a quick update - courtesy of ebay, I am the soon-to-be proud new owner of a bargainous Specialized Dolce road bike
23/05/2011 at 18:10
*backs quietly out of the thread*

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