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My impossible dietry requirements again............

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18/06/2005 at 08:51
I'm probably repeating what has been said before but...Grizzly it's worth remembering that maltodextrin and modified maize starch are also wheat derivatives (I have a severe intolerance to wheat too). They often appear in a lot of low fat foods which are described as wheat free!

apologies if it's already been said
19/06/2005 at 08:09
Hi Debster,

I am fine with both maltodextrin and modified maize starch, but I thought they were both maize (corn) derivatives not wheat?

See this link for details of maltodextrin which includes the statement "Corn-based maltodextrins are safe for patients with celiac disease since they do not contain proteins from wheat, barley, oats or rye" (sorry, I don't know how to do the link thing!).

Either way, I'm not sure if mine is wheat proteins (as this should have shown up in tests), but everyone is different and I have discovered that none of this is straightforward!!
19/06/2005 at 08:15

Thanks for the comments - and an exclusion diet is not that hard if everything (as it felt at the time) makes you ill!! The only time I felt OK was when I didn't eat - so I didn't!. That will be because my staple diet consisted of milk, eggs and wheat........

Having isolated the problem foods I am reluctant to start isolating the exact compounds because I have a reluctance to return to a state where I quite simply could not function, so in that respect I don't think I could emulate your example and find out (for example) if I can have freerange eggs, wholemeal flour etc. etc.

I can live with it and have a pretty normal life (allowing for training for an IM!), but I still think you are right, completing an IM is going to be difficult. Even if I am fit enough, the fuelling is going to be difficult!!
Duck Girl    pirate
19/06/2005 at 08:18
i think maltodextrin can be wheat too - maybe that was what triggered the lucozade thing?
19/06/2005 at 09:33
Hi Grizzly et al,

I was diagnosed with Coeliac's Disease just over a year ago and have been having similar issues trying to find foodstuffs suitable for long runs and also for overnights during moutain marathons.

Regarding power bars - I haven't found any with the sort of carbs etc of the designer energy bars but I have found some very palatable bars made by orgran, which are wheat and dairy free (and gluten free). They're very tasty, easy to eat and can be ordered online from

More difficult has been finding super lightweight dehydrated food which is gluten free (and also veggie) for the overnights - anyone any ideas on this?

Duck Girl    pirate
19/06/2005 at 09:35
Can you eat Beanfeast? I live on the stuff for camping.
Duck Girl    pirate
19/06/2005 at 09:36
Vegan friend who does mountain maras takes Wysoy powdered baby milk for tea & to make custard - seems to work fairly well.
19/06/2005 at 09:44

I can eat beanfeasts but I seem to remember that they take a long time to cook and to keep the weight of the rucksack I only carry enough fuel to boil a few pans of water, a lot of people use super noodles or dehydrated food in foil bags which just need hot water adding then no cooking.

Will have a look at the Wysoy stuff though, ta!
Duck Girl    pirate
19/06/2005 at 09:55
Beanfeast slow?
they've always struck me as really fast, like about 3 mins of actually needing fuel? if you put 1/2 the water on it says they're faster.
I did DofE with a coeliac friend, & we ate mostly beanfeast & quick-cook flavoured rice thingys - they take about 3 mins & in Tesco's they were near the Supernoodles & came in blue packets.
Much cheaper than camping-shop specialist stuff too!
21/06/2005 at 22:19
Well I hunted out the beanfeast and the instructions say bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes - maybe you like your food chewy DG?

Will try out the rice meals next but any other ideas welcome (Coeliac and veggie)

Duck Girl    pirate
22/06/2005 at 16:18
skippy - in theory yes, in practice when you're up a montain & starving, just needs to get a bit wet!
Suggest experimenting at home first?
Otherwise nut/seed mix in with quick-cook rice is good too, & doesn't need cooking at all.

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