Any newbie triathletes here?

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17/08/2008 at 17:22

Oh my swimming is just SOOO pants! Swam 1500m after my run today. And I am sooooo slow! I tried to do all the things I think I'm supposed to do, but just felt like I was hardly moving. I think I shall have to look into some lessons to try and understand where I am going wrong. Either that or maybe I am just destined to be a slow swimmer! On top of that my goggle leaked and my contact lense made my eye very sore. When I got home I took them out but it was too late by then and my left eye is now really sore, bloodshot and a bit gungyfied. Oh poooh!

AND my friend who is a nurse said be prepared as they may say I can do nothing for 2 weeks after my cortisone injection. WHAT??? Nothing at all?? says me. A nod confirmed. Crikey! At least when I can't run I can still bike and swim. I shall go quite quite mad. I can;t imagine doing nothing at all. I am soooo hoping she is wrong!

Gosh what a moaning minnie I am! I won;t be doing Perrnaporth either as friends hen evening. Close friend too so can;t miss and she wants to go clubbing! Me at my age! That'll will take a week to get over. Anyway maybe Perranporth is being a bit ambitious. I've done Bude which is only 500m swim and you swim out via a river so only get the waves on the way back in. Perranporth is 1000m swim  and no river....

 ATM - what tri are you doing? How's the swimbling? Have you been to tri club yet?

Julie - when is yours? Or have you done it? If so how'd it go?

17/08/2008 at 18:31
Scooby - Blimey ! I was only joking about Perranporth too!

FWIW, my best swimming occurs when I concentrate on long slow strokes, reaching and rotating. Whilst exhaling through my nose so as not to gasp for breath.

Other times its just a wild splash fest.

90min/30 min bike/run today at this end.
18/08/2008 at 08:48

 'morning all. Went to the Tri club coached swim. I was extremely nervous, I have to admit. but it was great...everyone was very welcoming. I'm c*** but I was still amazed at how much I managed to do.Being in a group  is a completely different experience from swimming on your own and I got the chance to watch lots of swimmers up close. Using flippers made me feel secure enough to relax..a bit. The atmosphere was really good and when the coach said' Oh, yes,we can get you to swim better', I believed him   It was really interesting to see how hard everyone, the coach in particular, was working.If anyone is hesitating about going along to a club, I can only recommend the experience.

Scooby, the Tri is at Balerno. Coming?


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1,661 to 1,663 of 1,663 messages
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