Anyone done an Ironman at the gym?

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19/11/2011 at 19:12

did one third  gym ironman today.

did the swim last - 1.3k in 36mins, which i was v.happy  with as it was only my second swim in about 4 years.  The first one was 6 weeks ago when I struggled to 500m in 15 minutes.  So I went longer, at a quicker pace (2.45/100m instead of 3.00/100m) and I was knackered when I started as i'd run 14k (1:23) and biked 60k (won't bother saying the time as you'll only bang on about how it means nothing anyway).  So reckon with a bit more practice I could get that swim time down to 2.30/100m which would get me round in close to 1hr30 for the full swim.

Might have a go at 40% IM next Saturday - 17k run, 72k bike and 1.6k swim.

19/11/2011 at 21:20
oh and btw  i swam in my glasses, took my contacts out that i normally wear, has anyone else tried this.  I did have prescription goggles, but water always seems to come inside my goggles, unless i do them blood cirulation stoppingly tight.  I tried swimming with neither contacts or glasses but i just can't see fk all.  nothing wrong with swimming in glasses in a swimming pool imo.
25/05/2013 at 17:28

Hey Basher,

I know it sounds crazy, but I'm planning on doing a full gym Ironman in a few weeks. Sometimes I decide to do stupid things, but I always find ways to complete them and it feels good finishing the objectives you set your mind to. 

I started out from zero and asked people for advice on runner's world and they made fun of me. Some of them were quite rude. This was only 20 months ago and now I'm a sponsored triathlete!

A gym Ironman would be totally and utterly dull, but it would no doubt increase your physical fitness, and mental toughness. 


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141 to 143 of 143 messages
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