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18/12/2003 at 14:26
Pre-requiste, must sell Cannondale bikes.

I need some advise on a good Triathlon / Tri friendly bike shop where I can be properly fitted and purchase a Cannondale R800 or similar model.

Does anyone know a good place to do, ideally in the Midlands (I live in Coventry / work in Milton Keynes).
18/12/2003 at 15:08
ride in holbrooks
another one in far gosford street can;t remember the name
mike vaughans in kenilworth (bit pricey)
or more specifically tri-bike in nuneaton (v. friendly)

must be some good ones in MK too what with all the tri peeps about down there.

PS how bad's the commute? i could be doing it in the future.
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18/12/2003 at 15:18
Havnt commuted for 2 years (truth is I actually live in MK now but still visit Kenilworth most weekends).

I did commute by train for a year in late 90's and that was pretty good (35 mins without delays). I imagine its worse now.

By car from Coventry via M45/M1 is pretty easy but very busy these days but should be achievable in lass than an hour presuming no major hold ups or accidents (I can do it in less than 50 mins off peak).

PS. I need shops that are likely to stock Cannondale, none of the ones you mentioned appear on the Cannondale stockists list (the only one that is on the list in MK doesnt stock them any more - a pretty good bike shop to by all accounts - Phil Chorley Cycles).

18/12/2003 at 16:07
There's also Total Fitness in Nottingham - only another 50 miles up the M42/M1 (so, anything between 50 minutes and 3 hours then!)
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18/12/2003 at 16:24
Yes distance really doesnt matter providing its a good friendly (newbie friendly) place. Ive already phoned a few local places and there is nothing in MK or Coventry/Solihull.
18/12/2003 at 17:03
if you have the cannondale stockists list.. why are you asking us ? :D

and why cannondale anyway?
18/12/2003 at 17:09
Total Fitness do Cannondale - just looked at their website cos I needed my daily fix of bike porn.

But Cannondale just doesn´t hit my buttons. Off to the Campag website then....
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18/12/2003 at 23:55
ed m, just becasue they are a Cannondale stockist - im not assuming the shop is good! personal referrals count.

Buying Cannondale (Looking at an R600 for about £1100)as id heard they are a good all round bike though im open to suggestion / if any of you wouldnt recommend them id like to know why?

22/12/2003 at 15:50
Total fitness nottingham is a good store now it has new premises. I use it often. Staff are friendly and will offer all the advice you want, and they know what they're on about. There website is

22/12/2003 at 16:22
Yeah why Cannondale? You said you wanted a Tri bike, there are many out there that are a lot better for the money than the cannondale!
You are assured of some after service with most others brands and this is not always the case with cannondale.

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10 messages
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