BananaMan Triathlon

Looks an interesting distance.

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23/07/2007 at 09:59
Thanks for the tip GMI, I dont suppose there is any way of avoiding being in the last wave?, I suspect you get what you're given.:-{

What a horrible thought tho a deserted track with only empty cups as company EEEEkkk

At least it will up the incentive for training.
23/07/2007 at 12:07
Sorry I couldnt wait till right at the end GMI, but my littlest one was very tired by that point, and we needed to get him home.

I didnt even see you on the bike till you shouted, I was a bit in the zone. You should have drafted me, every other rider there was at it. I managed to pass 7 in one go as they were all in a train, I just screamed " coming right" and shot through.
23/07/2007 at 12:38
Having done the event for the last couple of years thay have tended to change the start times round every time. So if you started last this year, next year you may get a midday start.
I was just extremely gratefull for the weather (even though I did get 2 punctures) it could have been lethal on some of those bends with the amount of mud and gravel about. Good day out, roll on next year.
23/07/2007 at 12:48
No worries Bassy, was good not to be last out of the event though. Was a tough day for the kids though....
23/07/2007 at 12:56
We were sorry we had to go too - but Shiraz wanted to drag me back for yet another swim session...

And I don't suppose I can drag any of you along to the end of Summer
relay? There is a BBQ :o)
23/07/2007 at 12:59
GMI - We did feel just a little guilty when we saw you swimming back... we guessed something goggle related had happened - we knew the dive was partly our fault...
23/07/2007 at 13:03
Oh the pressure to do a dive. I could feel all these pirate eyes watching!

23/07/2007 at 13:04
Although thinking about it it was the best partof my entire swim :0(

23/07/2007 at 14:31
*Partly*; it was your fault, lol but a true comedy moment and kept me laughing on the bike!
24/07/2007 at 10:56
Results are up. Was 10th in my category :-) Well chuffed
24/07/2007 at 19:21
6th in my category, wish I could swim!
24/07/2007 at 19:25
Those results are rubbish - they don't seem to have a column awarding points for diving style - pah, amateurs.

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241 to 252 of 252 messages
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