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Sore Shins    pirate
02/02/2009 at 23:21

what have i got myself in to hey

 my missus is spewing - she thought my running training was bad enough - ie time away from the house...hohohoho

these pirate runs/rides seem a good thing - i'll keep an eye out for them

  " got masses of brilliant tips from loads of pirates, like foods, gels, arse cream, punctures, shoe wedges, ergonomics, seating positions, bike fits, cadences, hill techniques, how not to mash, caffeine, Nuun/Zym, lactic control, kit tweaks, gear ratios, motivation, tea stops...."

im gonna be busy

 i asked earlier - do you have to be an IM to join or can you just turn up?

Dustboy    pirate
02/02/2009 at 23:41

I have only ever done a HIM distance and am therefore lower than Roger the cabin boy.

But as I think Candy God King Blackbeard Pirate said, the main focus is IM. Seems a few are donning pirate gear for sprints and stuff but I kinda feel that if you are going to wear the badge, you have to do the time so to speak.

Re family, I have similar issues, wife who married a guy who never did any sport and was always around the house, 2  kids 5 & 8, yeah it's tough at times "You and your stupid bloody pointless sport, you had better give me all the passwords to our accounts before you do this stupid race" etc.

I suppose it's "How much do you want it?" 

I hope I am right in that quality training is the key, not necessarily just hours pounding out the same old route.

And you can't bury the bike to the back of your mind and hope that your swim and run will be good enough. Crikey, I have even bought a fixie/single speed for training and I hate the bike leg of any race coz I am shite at it.

I shall now have to take my own counsel.....bu66er.

Will the missus be at Boltonman?


Sore Shins    pirate
03/02/2009 at 00:03
aye the missus will be with me - number one supporter and all that - the kids 7&10 have been dragged to many of my races kicking and screaming - IM is a very long day so i'll have to sort something out there - but its fairly local, about 30 miles away so hopefully the can be rounded up for the 'expected' finish time.

i agree about the pirate gear - badge of honour etc same thing about wearing IM stuff - wont don the yellow lycra til ive do the deed.. at least HIM at least anyway

i want it alot - i'm fully paid up and im a right tight b@stard so i'll make sure i get my moneys worth...

im aiming for a 2hr swim, 7hr bike , 5hr run - so ive got a little time in for punctures, toilets , etc

pushing for the snow to shift soon .... saddle time req - as you say - im sh1te on the bike need to up this 30 mile route and soon

Dustboy    pirate
03/02/2009 at 00:21

Aiming to finish in a similar time. But 1.30 swim and longer bike and run. Bit old for speed.

Have you considered your nutritional requirements on the bike leg? Can you eat/drink while riding? Don't forget they are using Gatorade on the day, do you get on with it? Don't wait till your mashed brain says try it on the day. Sainsburys for you m'laddo and try it out.

If IMUK are to be believed, this will be up there with the big IM races. The kids will love it. And apparently CH4 and Eurosport are televising.

And I might finally get to run a marathon....

Dustboy    pirate
03/02/2009 at 00:29

BTW, I'll probably do Weymouth Half distance 7th June, think Bala is around then and closer to you, big pirate event, very highly recommended by the cognoscenti. Have a go.

If you are nearish Bolton, ther is a pre IMCH Midlands ride I think. Maybe a Northy type one too. Shoudl be a thread somewhere.

seren nos    pirate
03/02/2009 at 07:20

Bala half is 14th June and is a big pirate event

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