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23/06/2012 at 16:39

Hi all,

I did my 1st ever triathlon in May 2012 and enjoyed it so much I have entered another in August! I have a mountain bike and a road racer but prefer doing my general training on the mountain bike - more gears, live in a hilly area, weather - wet! Should I be putting more rigorous tyres on my road bike and using it more for the training??

23/06/2012 at 17:26

You just need to make sure the road bike suits you - fit and suitable gearing - and then ride it more.   It should be more fun to ride a lighter bike with less rolling resistance than a heavier MTB with fat tyres.  

The tyres you have on should be OK for training unless they are worn out - you don't really need different race and training tyres.

What is your road bike and do you know the gearing on it (how many teeth on smallest chainring on the front, biggest sprocket on the back).   Being massively over geared for hills can spoil the enjoyment.   

24/06/2012 at 09:38

Thanks Popsider, I have a lot to learn on the cycling side, have done some distance stuff on the MTB before but never raced on any bike until I did the tri in May which to be fair was reasonably flat after a slow long incline at the beginning!

The roads are not brilliant around here and the tyres have virtually no tread and are very narrow, it has 14 gears as opposed to the MTB 21, I just wondered if I am not helping things by doing most of the training on my MTB, I have spent 20yrs on that bike and only got the racer last year, it is a Viking Elysee (cheap basic bike) as I didn't know if I would do more than 1 tri, but I have enjoyed the variety in the training schedule. I am a swimmer by trade and took up running 5yrs ago with a background enjoyment of the bike, have raced individually with the swimming and running but never on the bike. The transitions from bike to run are hard! I can equate the dead legs on the 5k run to the last few miles of a marathon and my head says that is just ridiculous!!

25/06/2012 at 09:38

MTBs are fine for winter training imho as that extra weight helps build strength but for tris you really need to ride the road bike more frequently.  it does take a little time to adjust to the crossover from MTB to road - I was a MTB'er before changing to road for tris and early days it just felt hard with no suspension and skinny tyres.  persevere with tje road bike and it will get easier.

as for bike to run legs - do some brick training which is where you go for a short run after the bike ride.  that way you train your legs to adapt to the run.  it's also useful in the last km or so of the ride to change to an easier gear so you spin the legs over quicker as this is a little closer to running cadance.

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