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The Evil Pixie    pirate
12/11/2012 at 06:16

Very confused pixie here.

I've got a cateye on my bike as well as a Garmin cadence sensor.

yesterday I went out on the bike and neither cadence sensor was working.

Today I've tweeked the garmin, reset it and still not working

Any suggestions?

Mr StOat    pirate
12/11/2012 at 06:25

have you paired it with the garmin under settings? If so try pressing the reset button on the sensor and repairing.

I think you can do a differetn reset by fitting the battery upside down briefly and then putting it in correctly.

If it's still not working, try a new battery.

Failing that, is it nor recording anything? I had one that carried on recording cadence but not distance/speed - the reed switches are quite fragile and have been known to break on heavy impacts

The Evil Pixie    pirate
12/11/2012 at 06:28

yes reset set it and nowt

not recorded anything either

just seemed strange that both have stopped working at the same time

will get a new battery for the garmin

12/11/2012 at 07:57
Is the arm of the sensor close enough to the magnet
Dustboy    pirate
12/11/2012 at 17:09

I have had a few Garmin issues, when bits stop working. Only thing that sorted it was to delete all the history (obviously after upload) and so far so good.

12/11/2012 at 19:08

Does resetting it mean turning the function on to recognise the cadence sensor - if it does ignore me - if not withmy garmin you need to actively set it to recogise a cadence sensor somewhere in the menu.   

The Evil Pixie    pirate
12/11/2012 at 19:44

fairy - yep in position

Boys ... I've checked the wrist bit knows it has a sensor then pressed the reset button on the sensor

It's got to be something really odd for both devices with seperate sensors to stop functioning at the same time

Doner Kebab    pirate
12/11/2012 at 19:49

turn the microwave off


Mr StOat    pirate
12/11/2012 at 20:24
Magnets fallen off over a bump?
The Evil Pixie    pirate
12/11/2012 at 20:39

nope they're there! really weird

12/11/2012 at 20:49
How many magnets? One for each or the same one for both?

If two magnets, are they on the same side of the wheel? If so, have you tried moving the magnet and sensor for one to the other side

But I guess the big question is.....why two cadence sensors anyway?
The Evil Pixie    pirate
12/11/2012 at 20:56

bike (2nd hand) originally had a cateye on it with own sensor

I have a garmin with own sensor

been working OK for ages then Sunday nowt!

12/11/2012 at 21:00
If it was me I would take one off and see if you can get the other to work. Personally I would keep the garmin on, but then i am a Garminphile
Mr StOat    pirate
13/11/2012 at 08:26
As Schmunks says. Take the cateye off. Put a new battery in the gcs10 and then reconnect it to the garmin wrist unit. If you can, try moving the arm a bit on the sensor (not the one with the watch on)
Have you checked the seal on the sensor, maybe take it off. Put it away for a few days and refit it. I had that happen, a sensor died. I replaced it, then fitted it to the it's bike (I was going to persuade her to replace it) but it miraculously worked again
The Evil Pixie    pirate
13/11/2012 at 11:40

thanks will try that

very annoying

Mr StOat    pirate
18/11/2012 at 15:50

Did yoiu get it sorted? My speed sensor part of the garmin combi wasn't working today - turns out the magnet had slipped down the spoke.

18/11/2012 at 18:41

How do you get the garmin sensor to pair with a new watch. Pairing is enabled and I've changed the battery in the cadence sensor. It picked the heartrate monitor up straightaway.

Mr StOat    pirate
18/11/2012 at 18:50
Go to the bike profile, check cadence sensor is selected and then rescan. Start pedalling and hey presto, should pick it up
The Evil Pixie    pirate
19/11/2012 at 06:21

not had time to sort this TBH but my HRM has read 243 today and over 200 for large chunks of my last 3 runs (run walk at 13mm pace I don't think my HR is really that high!!) so I think the new garmin will have to see the doctor

PSC    pirate
19/11/2012 at 06:29
Sounds like it could be poor chest/strap connection. Is the chest strap a snug fit? Is it under your bra? Do you wet it before you put it on?

If yes to all the above then it could be faulty and may need a trip to garmin hq.
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