Challenge Henley - Bike Recce

A gentle amble in the Chilterns......

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Cortina5    pirate
26/04/2013 at 17:13
Rafiki wrote (see)

You coming out to play on Sunday Cat? I'll be cycling over via Burchett's Green to make it a 80 mile trip if you want to join me..... I need someone to draft

You'll have to find some other mug. I'll be cycling around the Big Sur and other mountainous parts of Northern California...

Rafiki    pirate
26/04/2013 at 17:21

Ahh .... give me Remenham Hill any day .... as long as I'm going down it that is!

26/04/2013 at 23:27

I really don't like Remenham Hill. 

Hope you all have a good ride on Sunday.

Blisters - ooo see you Sunday then! I'm not going to be in pirate kit but I'll give an arrrgghhh to anyone who is. And should I be getting up to full distance?  Well should and plan are two different words in my vocabulary. My running is so slow and I'm pushing so far out of my comfort zone with the swim and bike that I'm planning to walk half of Henley. I won't lose that much more time and have better chance of finishing that way.

26/04/2013 at 23:58
IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)
BrokeButTri'ng wrote (see)

I am starting a new job on Monday in Abingdon and I will be down sometime on Sunday, if I get down there in time I may pop along for a ride as it isn't to far away

Good luck BBT. Are you moving up this way? Otherwise that's a hell of a commute!

I was thinking of commuting by cycling the 120 miles each way as part of training 

I will be moving up, got a couple of weeks in a hotel but then need to have found a place, not sure where yet though but hoping to be closish to Abingdon

M...eldy    pirate
27/04/2013 at 05:44

BBT ... If you are looking for places to rent in Abingdon then give me a shout, we have a few advertised at work

Blisters    pirate
27/04/2013 at 14:25

Crashie's going to be in Pirate gear too.

See you tomorrow at Stratford.

27/04/2013 at 17:05

Thanks VERY much for being so welcoming...I look forward to meeting you tomorrow...have great evenings and here's hoping stays sunny !

Scuba Trooper    pirate
27/04/2013 at 17:16

See you all in the morning.

27/04/2013 at 19:13

Cars packed - I'm almost ready to roll. See you tomorrow.

WhizKid    pirate
27/04/2013 at 19:20

Il be riding down so will be early... Il be the tit in the Wallace and grommit outfit

27/04/2013 at 20:48

Will bikes be OK @ Starbucks? Don't really want to carry a lock...

WhizKid    pirate
27/04/2013 at 21:03

I'll happily sit with them

WhizKid    pirate
28/04/2013 at 16:14

Cheers for the ride out today lads and especially thanks too raf for showing us the new course. Was nice too actually ride with others for a change! I had a blinder of a run afterwards as well! Cheers again fellas

Scuba Trooper    pirate
28/04/2013 at 17:20

Thanks all for a nice ride out, great to meet you all.

Its made me think of a few thing I need to practice, firstly unclipping in a hurry so no more embarrassing verge diving when riding in a group. The big hills is nasty and more climbing work will be needed but it could have been worse, I need to man up on the descents I'm far to scared of the speed. I'm also going to find a car park and practice the tight turns that are going to be needed to U-turn on those country roads.

28/04/2013 at 17:51

Great ride out today. Nice to meet everyone. nice that the weather was warm too and that the course was flat 

Rafiki    pirate
28/04/2013 at 17:56

Cheers for comimg out to play everyone - was a good ride, hope you found it useful. And was good to put faces to names at last! See you on the next one!

Scuba Trooper    pirate
28/04/2013 at 18:04

Raf - Thanks again for being such a great tour guide. Next time it would be nice if you could point out a few more of the local sights and told us a little more of the history of the town I didn't feel like i got a know what Henley had to offer the weekend visitor other than a hard slog through the country side.

28/04/2013 at 18:06

Yes, cheers all. Enjoyed myself and was great to get some course knowledge at last. Will post up my Garmin data in a bit for those who couldn't make it. In summary though, it isn't too bad! 3rd crack at the climb might hurt a bit though with 100 miles already in the legs...

Rafiki    pirate
28/04/2013 at 18:07

I apologise Scuba, how remiss of me! next time we'll start with a history of Henley Brewery and then a pub crawl - sounds a lot more fun! At least then you'll have an excuse for falling over 

Edited: 28/04/2013 at 18:08
iron fraggle    pirate
28/04/2013 at 18:19

Did you not point out the infamous Teddy Bear shoppe ?

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