Clinchers and Tubs

Stupid question...

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25/08/2004 at 14:26
but I really don't know the answer..

do you get wheels that are either for clinchers or tubs or can you use either on most wheels ?
25/08/2004 at 14:30
different wheels
cougie    pirate
25/08/2004 at 14:31
Different beasties altogether.

Tub rims are nice and smooth for glue.

Clinchers - have to have a lip for the tyre to lock into.
25/08/2004 at 14:40
what kind of mph advantage do you get with tubular tyres cougie? is it about 1mph or something?
cougie    pirate
25/08/2004 at 14:45
I don't think its as much as that. They do 'feel' faster - but not done a test.

The aerodynamic position of tribars is much the biggest improvement on speed that I've found.
25/08/2004 at 14:47
are these tubs wheels ?
cougie    pirate
25/08/2004 at 15:14
Naaah - high pressures/clinchers.
cougie    pirate
25/08/2004 at 15:16

These are tubs.
25/08/2004 at 15:20
R U sure (about the Hed wheels) the seller has posted

"These are clinchers not tubs!"

R those Spinergy wheels any good ?

Quite like the idea of tubs apart from the fact have to cart around a huge spare tire (as oppose to a nice little inner tube), and being totally shafted in a race if you get more than one puncture..
25/08/2004 at 17:29
tssk i'm getting tubulars. you were supposed to say that they add 1 mph, dammit.
25/08/2004 at 17:30
any thoughts on the Spinergy Rev-X wheels ?
25/08/2004 at 17:32
would they add 1 mph perhaps ? ;-)
25/08/2004 at 23:32
my ex raced alot and swore that tubs were the best bet

in fact, he cited punctures as a reason for changing to tubs

reckoned he got less of them and/or easier to change if he got one

though that seems to run against what you are saying above

also better for high speed cornering?
( you gotta be pretty good for that to apply though i guess)
cougie    pirate
26/08/2004 at 10:22
Erm, cartman - you're right - I searched on Ebay for tubs - and the description says 'not tubs' and that's why it showed up in my search. Doh !!!

Spinergy are nice wheels. I borrowed a pair once and PB'd on them. And knacked my handicap for the next few seasons.

They might be a bit old though. Not sure if they're still made ?
26/08/2004 at 10:34
thanks Cougie, they are a bit old and not made any more... so have decided to give them a miss...

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