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i solved it at last!!

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01/05/2004 at 23:41
You may be right about my match fitness for the mafia. On friday I was merrily continuing with my education in swimming and as I approached the end of a length of breaststroke someone of the description you mentioned (minus the chatbuddy) decided to catch my foot and put me off my stroke. I gathered myself and continued my swim, on my next breathe I saw him steaming across several "lanes" to the otherside of the pool. He actually cut across another couple of swimmers in his haste. Muppet. How he managed to swim into me with his head out of the water I don't know. Not an old fella by any means.

Not that I would have made much in the way of reminstration, I'm not that sort of person. I suppose my initial "look" may have inspired him to remove himself.

02/05/2004 at 21:21
Spending 2 weeks in southern France last month I was pleasantly surprised to find a local 50m pool with organised lane swimming. One largish section was roped off and marked 'Public', then a wide lane for 'crawl' swimmers, then another for 'faster swimmers', and the rest of the pool for clubs. Returning home I happened to mention this to one of our club members, who is French, and he said oh yes, this is common in French swimming pools. Very nice, no hassle swimming.
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
02/05/2004 at 21:48
Guess if we had a few more 50m pools here we'd get this sort of thing. As far as I know there are about 8 50m pools in UK, most Australian cities have more than we have in the whole country.
Monique    pirate
03/05/2004 at 14:19
I had a lovely swim last night, only one or two people in the lane the whole hour I was there, and we got along famously, a faster front crawl guy, also dong drills like me, so I let him through and a slower front crawl lady who let me through when the need arose, then they both left and I did most of my mile on my own, which made a difference in that I could relax, it's the first time in ages I have got out of the pool without a stress headache, which I always put down to my swim cap being too tight.
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
03/05/2004 at 15:10
Been swimming this morning and pool was nearly empty.

Decided to do some laps i.e. not touching walls and all i can say is its darn hard work when you dont touch off or stop for a rest. Did 50 mins (equivilant to 80 lengths and only touched down about 3 or 4 times) - im not looking forward to this open water swim malarky...
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
03/05/2004 at 15:10
Oh and b4 anyone says - Yes I know the wetsuit will help lol
03/05/2004 at 16:14
I'm lucky in that I have 2 50m pools close to home. We'll stage our club tri in one of them 6 June, we're putting on the normal Olympic and a sprint for those who're not yet ready to move up.
Monique    pirate
05/05/2004 at 18:33
Carl, my biggest problem when swimming outside is the sighting you have to do, I seem to be unable to swim in a straight line.
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
05/05/2004 at 19:24
Not tried it yet but have trouble going in a straight line in the lanes. Just today I was sharing a lane with one other guy and he asked if I could stay over a bit becasue I was going to near the middle.

All will improe with practice I hope but can see the disadvantage of not going straight - i.e. swimming a few hundred meters than needed.

Ill more than likely be switching between Breast Stoke and crawl for my tries this year so ill be able to correct myself and swin stright during the breastroke.
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
05/05/2004 at 19:26
Oh gord my spelling is awful - still im really tired and took tonight off since I was feeling a bit fatigued. 18mile run tomorrow night eek.
Monique    pirate
05/05/2004 at 19:46
Yeah you can always stick a few strokes of breast stroke in to get your bearings.

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