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13/10/2004 at 18:44
I swam on Monday night but didn't do much. I wanted to work my legs a bit more, so swam with a float for a bit (do you think that is allowed?!) Lessons start again at my pool in Jan, so I might book up and do those.

In the meantime I will continue with my carp swimming...

Well done the rest of you though, sounds like you are all turning truly amphibian!
13/10/2004 at 21:10
Course it is Smitch, we've done holding a float (I believe "kick board" is the posh term for it - sounds better than a float anyhow!) and just using the legs. Gives a really good work out. There's a leg float thingee as well called a "pull buoy" you can stick between your knees so you just use your arms.

Do you wear a swimming cap, all that hair must create quite a large drag. Not a problem I have of course!

13/10/2004 at 21:42
err no! Was thinking about buying a cap though, but scared that I would look silly. Wore my goggles though.

Perhaps I should get some arm bands!
13/10/2004 at 22:16
I have a cap - you have to wear them for triathlons.

Goggles are great :o)

Do they do lessons at your pool, they've really helped me improve?
13/10/2004 at 23:15
Yes, the lessons have started already, so I have to wait for the next batch.

The pool is tiny though - not a proper long pool.
14/10/2004 at 08:51
Last lesson tonight, they start another batch after that. Hope you can find some soon.
14/10/2004 at 09:00
Morning, cr@p swimmer here, but improving. I'm having problems with my sinuses after swimming, any ideas?
14/10/2004 at 09:04
Nose clip? What sort of problem, is the water going up your nose?
14/10/2004 at 09:06
If you mean lots of snot, I get that too - haven't found an answer!!
14/10/2004 at 09:24
I find it clears the passages out nicely! (Haven't managed to fit a swimble in this week yet, but hope to manage it this lunchtime.)
14/10/2004 at 11:38
The morning after a swim it feels like I'm getting a bad head cold and my nose is streaming but it clears by the end of the day.

XFR some of the links you've put on here have been very useful, I can now do freestyle and breathe bilaterally and not look like I'm impersonating a windmill.
14/10/2004 at 18:05
I might get a noise clip.
14/10/2004 at 18:33
I got one, can't say I liked it - I tend to breathe out through my nose and it got in the way. Then again I do get water up my nose a lot!!

They're only a couple of quid - well worth a try anyhow. I would offer you mine but I might use it again. You can borrow it as long as you promise not to stick it up your nostrils :oS
14/10/2004 at 19:09
err, thanks all the same Fruits, but I will try and buy one.

I am definitely going to get a cap too, as my hair goes a bit funny with too much chlorine.

14/10/2004 at 22:45
[Bear bites tongue]

They're only a couple of quid as well
15/10/2004 at 08:46
Will try a nose clip.

Went and bought myself a new cossie, checked what time pool opens in the mornings, 6a.m. just got to get me @rse out of bed early now.
15/10/2004 at 09:02
Good for you WW - that's quite early isn't it.

I thank you for your restraint, Fruity.
15/10/2004 at 10:10
Maybe you should shave it off, like your piccie Smitchums? ;o)

6am - gulp! Think my pool opens at 7am, which means I'd only get half an hour before having to get the train into London :o(
15/10/2004 at 10:52
I can't somehow see me getting there for opening time.
15/10/2004 at 11:36
Swoops in with a tumble turn for 200!

Looking forward to lots of swims over half term :o)
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