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WildWill    pirate
01/09/2004 at 12:10
I went on the TI weekend workshop and now incorporate many of its principals in my swimming

I can now swim and swim and swim …along way (4 me) at my steady swim pace of about 3k/hr (25m pool) and faster open water in wetsuit
01/09/2004 at 12:12
Dan - did you learn it off the video or the book?
WildWill    pirate
01/09/2004 at 12:13
the DVD is better than the book to see how the main drills should be done then the book is a good add on
01/09/2004 at 12:16
Agree that it must be very good indeed to see it being done, before attempting it, Will.

I didnt though, which actually probably helped me personally as it really made me think about each and every movement that I made, and the significance of these too.

I also just got my hands on other books on swimming too.Anything by the now sadly departed Doc Counsillman(legendary swim coach)
is just superb.

01/09/2004 at 12:20
What video system do we use in the UK?
01/09/2004 at 12:23
Can anyone recommend one of these dvd's for breastroke and crawl? Just looked at them ,its interesting h ow they mention tai chi, I do this and it also seems to be mentioned regarding running.
So if I do tai chi, how come I am cr@p swimmer and possibly equally cr@p runner???
01/09/2004 at 12:28
If only there were a direct link between being good at one thing and then being good at another!

I dont do tai chi, but I am quite into buddhism, Zen and meditation etc. The feeling you get when you meditate and simply experience the connection between body and mind, when they 'become one' for a better way of putting it, is exactly the feeling I get when my swimming is at its best.

01/09/2004 at 12:29
In non-nonsense terms..'in the zone' is what it refers to.

TI now do videos for each stroke.
01/09/2004 at 12:35
Just had my 2nd lesson yesterday & trying to remember proper technique is harder than the swimming itself. Apparently my kick is/was a screw kick thingy. Joining a new gym soon though so will try to do more then.

And, not in an innuendo style, I'm another breastroke man - I swallow too much with the front crawl. No comments from Multi or Smitch, please.
01/09/2004 at 12:43


Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, ......
01/09/2004 at 13:12
Multi, I have my PHONE don't forget!!!
01/09/2004 at 13:14
I heard when you go on holiday that some illegal immigrants are planning to hide in it, Smitch :oP
WildWill    pirate
01/09/2004 at 13:16
Gavo - TIP: dont breath in while head under water
01/09/2004 at 13:17
Am I eligible to join ... I also did the 1500m open water swim that Ping Pong Boy was last in. I breast stroked for 10 minutes paniced because of the swell and raised a hand to be rescued. They didnt see me so I calmed down and carried on breaststroking for the remaining 35 minutes till I got out the water. I was 3rd last by my reckoning as the results are not out yet.

01/09/2004 at 13:27

What video format is used in the UK?
01/09/2004 at 13:30
Pal I ........... I believe
01/09/2004 at 13:31
WildWill    pirate
01/09/2004 at 13:32
01/09/2004 at 13:33
So PAL vids are no good then?


Bog all use selling them on the UK TI website then!
01/09/2004 at 13:34
PAL, Bear.
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