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03/08/2009 at 15:28

Good luck tonight for everyone swimming

I biked to work and will swim tonight. Planning on working on my drills again - assuming the pool isn't too busy like it was on Saturday afternoon. Damn those other people to think they can come along and hog my waterspace. Bluddy selfish of them. I was supposed to run yesterday, but I did a bike/run on Friday and my shin was really sore after. So i'm resting it until tomorrow. After four months sidelined with ITBS, i need another injury like I need lead weights on my ankles in the pool.

03/08/2009 at 20:46

Update from a truly cr@p swimmer.......

Did the Mazda London oly yesterday and for the first time ever managed the whole open water 1500m at a slow but steady front crawl - didn't stop once and even passed some people!!!  That was in the rather grotty dock at Excel.
Time was below average at 38mins, but much better than last year's 45mins of splashing, getting knackered and breaststroke and cursing! 
This has come about from steady slow progress gradually building up in the pool and a couple of lessons.  I have found it to be bit like learning  to drive, especially as I had no swimming background and struggled to remember all the technical bits.  IMHO drills are the way, get some sort of technique before going for distance, otherwise in my experience its an awful lot of wasted effort!

All - keep up the focus it will happen for you, it does come together.

Am off to sign up for my first IM now....

03/08/2009 at 20:53

Okay, back from swim lesson...

  • Warm up: 8 x 33m lengths: FC; BrS; FC; choice; repeat all
  • 6 x 33m lengths legs only with float thingie, alternating FC and BrS
  • 4 x 33m zipper
  • 4 x 33m catch up
  • 4 x 33m fists
  • 4 x 33m splayed hands (dunno the name for that one!)
  • 6 x 33m: FC; BkS; BrS; FC; choice; FC
  • 4 x 33m FC sprints (but I only managed 2 before the lesson finished! )
  • Cool down in our own time after the class

The long and short of it was...

...I was too damn slow.

This class very much focused on aerobic fitness and made a lot of assumptions about people the knowing techniques already (alarm bells should have rung when I noticed most of the blokes had lycra shorts on rather than Bermuda-type ones, and the types of intricate goggles on display). 

I did get a lot of advice about my kicks (which are completely wrong at the mo!) but ultimately the class didn't focus enough on technique for me.

I felt like a complete numpty - I was determined to keep going but it was always frustrating being the last one to finish everything (which also meant I got less of a rest between lengths/exercises than everyone else ) - took me back to PE lessons at school!

Next week they're concentrating on backstroke, so it's likely to be even worse for me trying to keep up/not bash into people coming the other way!

So I've made the executive decision and for the next two weeks have swapped to the "improvers" class later in the evening which is more about technique.  Unfortunately it's only 30 minutes rather than 45 and I'm unlikely to get any money back as I've already attended the first one of the more advanced series but hey ho...

The legs are a real problem for me though - which means my arms have to work so effin' hard.

In FC I apparently kick from the knees (inasmuch as I bother kicking at all) and as for my BrS legs - it's incredibly uncomfortable - almost painful - with my misshapen hip joints trying to get my legs to go in the right direction and the whole thing is so utterly lopsided.

Some people actually class my joint problem as a disability - personally I've never regarded it as such, but this evening has really brought home to me how much it can have an effect.

I've been swimming along in my own little dreamworld, and this evening has brought home how much work I need to do to improve...

Good workout though - I'm absolutely bliddy knackered!

03/08/2009 at 20:54

Well done Jim. 

Bit of a busy weekend here.  Well done to all the training improvement splashers.   Me-Tube is full of useful stuff.

03/08/2009 at 20:55

Thanks for the update, Jim!

Well done on improving your time, and your little report is really encouraging.  Good luck with the IM training!

CologneJim wrote (see)
 get some sort of technique before going for distance, otherwise in my experience its an awful lot of wasted effort!

The above is very much the thought for the day for me!

Tommygun2    pirate
03/08/2009 at 21:11

Just been swimming and my technique seems to be ok its just that I am still struggling to do more than 2 lengths back to back. Its not my arms or legsi just seem to run out of breath. I just can't get the breathing bit right. I feel like I am breathing properly but I get to the end of a second lenght and I have to stop to get a couple of deep breaths in. I'm obviously not expelling the carbon dioxide and not getting in enough Oxygen. This is becoming so frustrating, maybe I need to relax or something.

Should I be breathing differently ie from the stomach. Any thoughts would be welcome.

oh and I have had quite a few one to one lessons and I just don't seem to be getting anywhere.

03/08/2009 at 21:25

To me there is not a clear distinction between drills and simply swimming.  The drills isolate important parts of the stroke and aim to repeat that with good form.  Drills will be physical and hard so they are a work out. 

The other point about drills - esp when learning  - is that you will probably be using muscles (and developing muscle) different then you would otherwise.  For instance some of the drills will mean you use the back muscles more.

One reason I like the 'swim drills for tri' video is that you can see how drills are incorporated into the  swimmers stroke - almost like a billof materials the swimmer is building up into a stroke.

Re learning - main thing is to work a lot.  coaching is good but even with a coach the reality is most of your swimming will be alone.  Learn to give yourself feedback -  for instance time 25metres hard effort Vs 25 metres easy with a long stroke -it might be interesting how little difference there is.

04/08/2009 at 08:00

Morning all!

Your sessions always sound really interesting, UIW - I always like reading about the sorts of things done in your classes.

I've reflected a bit more about last night's session...

I think moving down to the improvers class to work on technique is the right decision for the time being - it was a really useful experience last night, but by the very nature of it I felt like I was rushing everything at a time when I've not really received enough guidance on how to do things properly.

They do, however, run all the classes throughout the year (normally in 6-week blocks) so I could start doing the swim for fitness ones again when I've improved my skills - even though I ultimately think some 1:1 coaching would really help, I can actually imagine these classes being of really great benefit in giving me a bit more of a push.  Either that, or I'm thinking of joining Sheffield Tri Club anyway.

The one thing, however, that I'm really reassured by is that - actually - the breathing was something that wasn't a problem.

Despite swimming at a speed I wasn't really accustomed to, having very short breaks and getting a high volume of lengths (for me) done, there was very little choking involved - that aspect actually seemed comparatively relaxed.

04/08/2009 at 10:06

Good morning everybody. Another lovely day at the office for me.

LP - your swimming class sounded..ahem.. hard work! But, as you said, whilst it might not have been ideal for you at the moment, it will certainly be good for fitness in the future. Plus you managed it without collapsing, so that's always a bonus! You're probably much better than you think you are.

Jim - great result! You have good reason to be pleased with yourself.

Tommy - I'm no expert (I haven't mastered FC yet) but maybe try drills to polish up each aspect of the stroke? Concentrate on the small bits and the rest will come together better? Just a thought... I'm sure somebody more knowledgable will be able to offer better advice.

UIW - the thought of swimming butterfly scares the cr@p out of me! Looks way too difficult. Kudos for swimming 300 m of it!

I went swimming last night, but the pool was busy again and I didn't manage many lengths of drill work. I'm still stuck on the side extension drills anyway. Sometimes it feels ok and others it doesn't. I just need to keep at it and eventually it will all fall into place. Kind of like riding a bike. (She says hopefully...)

04/08/2009 at 13:10

Afternoon all!

I'm actually feeling a lot better now about yesterday's swim class.

I'm sure it's the right move at this particular time to move down to the improvers class to get the basic skills sorted...


I actually did manage all of it bar 2 lengths, didn't collapse at the end of the class, didn't choke on any water, and - despite some feedback on my crappy kicking style - didn't get any comments from the instructors about being drastically bad at the arm motions which - despite technique not being the focus of the session - I'm sure they'd have pointed out had anything been really really wrong with the strokes.

These are all things I wouldn't have been able to say had I even attempted this class less than a month ago, so I'm actually making improvements quite quickly.

Stick with it, Angelic.  You might actually surprise yourself if you have a go at proper front crawl now.  I've really come around to the idea of doing both drills and proper FC in the same session as you can see how things fit together.

Bedders..    pirate
04/08/2009 at 13:23

I have a question - when I come back from any swim at the pool longer than about 45 mins I have the most amazingly snotty nose for the rest of the day. It is more like a severe case of hayfever. It lasts through the evening and the next morning I am fine again. Does anyone suffer the same or know wht causes it? I am loathed to get a nose clip as I think once I start using it I will have to keep using it and really don't need another thing to remember!

Any advice? 

sweetfeet...    pirate
04/08/2009 at 13:23

That's the attitude Lady P!

 I still agree with you that 30 mins on technique will right now give you much more gain than 45 mins on aerobic fitness. You can do that on your own what you need is their technique guidance.

Good luck!

sweetfeet...    pirate
04/08/2009 at 13:25
Bedders I always get a bit snotty for the day after a morning swim too. I just put it down to the chlorine/moist heavy breathing!! No cures from me though.
04/08/2009 at 13:25
LP, don't fret too much about your kicking.  For triathlon you want to save your legs for the bike and run so most of us have very lazy kicks.
WildWill    pirate
04/08/2009 at 13:52
Started to try and work on my speed (im a bit of a one pace swimmer)

Did a short interval session at lunch time, did: -

2 x (5 x 100m on 2:00) with 2 mins rest after both sets
Drills to warm down
Gyraffe    pirate
04/08/2009 at 13:59

Bedders - I get that if I do a long steady swim but not with drills and intervals. So I think it's to do with having your head under the water for a long time. I get a drippy nose for the rest of the day. [After a lake swim I get super-snot which is thick but clear and just has to be snorted into the nearest hedge.] I've tried taking an antihistamine for the runny nose but can't remember if it works.

mellifera    pirate
04/08/2009 at 14:09

beconase! it works a treat. i used to use an antihistamine but it's not nearly as effective. couple of squirts before you swim.

beconase is a corticosteriod so it is actually banned (though as i understand it corticos don't have performance enhancing effect but are banned principally because they can be used as masking agents for anabolic steriods which are PEDs.

without it i find my nose is blocked for at least 24 hours and i sneeze a lot. i think it's mainly the chemicals they put in the pool though muddy/algae rich water causes the same problem.

Edited: 04/08/2009 at 14:09
Bedders..    pirate
04/08/2009 at 14:13

Gyraffe - Exactly - it's the long swims with no intervals that are worse.

Meli - Many thanks, I will try the Beconase option as it is really driving me mad.


WildWill    pirate
04/08/2009 at 14:42
OOPS ... i use beconase ... get it on script for bad alergies also with strong anti hists
Edited: 04/08/2009 at 14:42
04/08/2009 at 15:52

Sorry Peeps for not popping in sooner but have been busy with running and biking.

Lots and lots of news here and it seems everyone has made progress.  Well done! *pats everyone on back*

First time back in the pool for me since Friday and am pleased to report that I did 20 lengths again.  This time I swam my length and then rested til it was 2 mins after I had started that particular length.  That meant if I put in a fast length then I had a little extra rest time.  It also means that, on average, I cut my rest time down by about 15 secs.  Am chuffed with myself today ( and was yesterday too as I managed 5k run without stopping - hurrah!)

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