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12/03/2009 at 17:36

The TI people really didnt recommend fins and paddles etc for the very reason that IW said - you can't use them in a race so they just give you false hope.  Fist gloves were the only thing we used. 

Bought some beconase spray today so fingers crossed.  Not been in the pool all week and missing it.

13/03/2009 at 06:11
plus using paddles if your stroke isn't 100% perfect is a very bad idea - for one thing it reinforces your errors in stroke mechanics and the other thing is you run the risk of injury.
13/03/2009 at 17:18

The toys are only useful for certain types of training and unless you know why you're using them you shouldn't bother.  Paddles and fins can be useful for strength training but, as IW says, you can easily injure yourself if you use them badly or too much.  Pull buoys can allow you to focus on your stroke without worrying about your legs but can reinforce a bad body position if you use them too much.

Aitch!    pirate
18/03/2009 at 19:08
I've been reading a TI book and am heading to the pool tonight to try out a few things...

I really need to improve my technique so I can speed up a bit. I know I can swim the distance for the Vit but not sure I'd make the 1hr 10 mins cut off right now and I'm probably more tired than I should be after it...
Edited: 18/03/2009 at 19:20
18/03/2009 at 19:11
Go on then Aitch....let us know what tips you're trying out??
Aitch!    pirate
18/03/2009 at 19:25
Erm, excuse the TI speak (which might not be accurate) but going to try pressing my buoy into the water to make body more streamline and no drag, seeing what my stoke count it, trying 'reaching for the wall' to lengthen stroke. I want to try breathing every 3rd but I just get so blinkin' tired, I think I might be trying too hard to go fast and not thinking about what I am doing! More rests between sets tonight so I don't get tired and sluggish... Hmmmm I will see how it goes!

Soupy, that review of the TI weekend was helpful, I wish I could afford it but I can't
20/03/2009 at 18:01

Aitch - it was a lot of money!  There are some coaches who give TI lessons by the hour in an endless pool though I think. 

The beconaise nasal stuff seems to be working so thanks for the tip.  I'm still doing TI drills and getting the timing a bit better.  Its going to take some time I think so I have to learn patience. 

WildWill    pirate
23/03/2009 at 13:22
Just had a short linch time session with the aim of checking my 100m time for 'T' based sets, did

400m warm up
3 x (100m hard + 200m Recover : 1min RI)

Times for the 100m intervals were: -


So quite pleased ... would like to get it below 1:30 befor the summer

Edited: 23/03/2009 at 13:23
25/03/2009 at 06:07

Tri club swimming last night - I think our coach is trying to kill us!

800m warmup - 200m normal, then count strokes for 50m, reduce number on each following length.
4 x 200m fast, 15 secs rests
6 x 50m with 25m sprint/25m easy
400m with pull bouy, alternating backstroke/crawl every 50m
4 x 100m fast, 10 secs rest
200m easy
100m time trial
200m easy cool down

I'm still the slowest of our masters group but they've all improved at the same rate I have!  


WildWill    pirate
25/03/2009 at 07:40
good session there IW
PSC    pirate
25/03/2009 at 08:17

Blimey, there are some good sessions being done... I haven't been in here for ages. 

My sessoin last night was..

Warm up
10 L
2 x stroke, 1 x left then 1 x right arm, 2 x stroke, 2 x arms only, 2 x stroke, 2 x legs, 2 x stroke, repeat.

Main set
Then in groups of two 2 x L lead, 2 x lengths follow x 5 - repeat 3 times (60 lengths) leader goes hard, follower drafts (well tried to keep up at least).
Then relay races
Then 10 L cool down

Bad cramp during the races in both calfs.  Ouch.

  I love swimming

WildWill    pirate
26/03/2009 at 13:27
did a 1mile TT at lunch time 32:19 another slight improvement
IronNina    pirate
26/03/2009 at 14:35
2.5k for me steady swim today in 1hr 12mins, nice to drift away in my own little world for a while!
WildWill    pirate
30/03/2009 at 13:23
a nice but short speed session today ..

after my warm up i did

2 x (7 x 100m on the 2:00)

about a mile in total
Edited: 30/03/2009 at 13:25
30/03/2009 at 15:42
Got my scheduled 3000m steady swim done on Sat - in a 25m pool! So 120 lengths. I'm used to training in a 50m pool. Still, I felt pretty good. I'm so glad I have a lap counter, I would never have kept accurate count in my head.
WildWill    pirate
30/03/2009 at 15:43
"... I'm used to training in a 50m pool.."

Your spoilt
30/03/2009 at 20:33

very likely, Will!

Where I live, I have no fewer than three 50m pools  in a 10-mile radius of my house, and another one a couple of miles further. One of the nearby ones is our winter training place, 3 lanes for the tri club on Tuesdays and one on Thursdays. One of the others is our summer pool - which is reserved exclusively for our club's masters group two evenings a week...........and people wonder why I live in Germany?


30/03/2009 at 20:41

Well I live in Paris and also have a reasonable supply of great pools. I only go occasionally (about once every 6 weeks). Thanks to my running stamina I can pretty much swim as long as I fancy and usually that 80*50M (4km). However I'm really slow, mixing front crawl and breast stroke. Usually it yakes me 40 mins. per KM.

Any tips on how I could get faster much appreciated.

WildWill    pirate
30/03/2009 at 21:43
go more often
30/03/2009 at 22:36
OO try and drop the breast stroke and just do front crawl.  I got faster doing that. 
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