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18/08/2009 at 23:47
I wasn't actually that bothered, I just focussed on technique drills.  Let him swim ahead a bit and off I went. Either that or turn and swim back so I could get ahead.  Sooner or later I was behind him again.  It was some of the other swimmers, especially in the fast lane who were getting stressed out and arguing.  It'll soon go back to being dead I reckon.
19/08/2009 at 09:37

Morning peeps  I was awake at 4.35am and didn't manage to get back to sleep.  No doubt I will be comatose by this afternoon.

Hoping to swim tonight if my eldest is willing to babysit. If not, i'll go tomorrow. I cycled in to work and it's lovely out. Ran last night, but my shin was really sore again. May have to go back to the physio and see whats going on there as it seems to becoming a persistant problem. I have the tri in three weeks and GNR in four weeks -  and i'm beginning to panic!

Shiva - my commute bike is a specialized hybrid and its been great, so i'm hoping the new one will be just as good. It certainly looks nice!!

19/08/2009 at 10:30

Angelic, I used to have a specialized rockhopper when I was young and it never let me down.  As a bloke I usually don't use colour to choose my bike bt when I got my new road bike through the cycle to work scheme I had it down to 3 bikes a Giant, a Felt or a Wilier.  After trying them all I went for the Wilier.  I like to convince myself it was something more technical that made me choose it, but I suspect that it came down to its looks. My wife said it was the prettiest anyway.

Will try to go for a swim tonight after i've finished with my brother.  I'm preparing myself for his exaggerated tales of his swimming prowess.  He once told me he swam a mile in 10 minutes which is so far under the world record it is hilarious.

19/08/2009 at 13:26

Hee hee Shiva - think your brother is telling porkies there. Get him to demonstrate!

Angelica - hope the shins get sorted. Have you done the GNR before? It's a great race. 

I had a dreadful swim last night, mainly because I ate before I went and I was so uncomfortable. Think it's also dawning on me that I don't roll enough - was really concentrating on rolling last night and because it felt so odd, have assumed therefore I don't usually roll much at all. Maybe that's why one of my shoulders keeps getting sore?

Blimey - you think you're getting somewhere with this swimming lark and then you realise you are still doing so much wrong! Argh!  

19/08/2009 at 14:50

Swimming on a full tummy ...   No, I haven't done the GNR before - i'm looking forward to the atmosphere, if not the fun driving there!! I just hope I get there in one piece. Injuries are the bane of my life this year.

19/08/2009 at 15:08

Hi ya lovelies. 

Not posted here much cos quite frankly I haven't been in the water for a week.  LOL  On a more positive note I'm feeling a bit more hopeful about the whole pelvis/hip thing as I concientiously apply myself to all the strength training, resistance band work, pilates, fitball etc stuff I'm asked to do by my physio.  Seems he's a believer in aqua jogging too and I have a belt that has not had much use so I'll give that a go as well.  I'm actually ok to swim, just haven't but will again at some stage this week.  I might keep the aqua jogging to the weekend when the pool is empty so I don't get in any lane swimmers ways.  Not presently meant to cycle or run any distances but should be fine for NW Tri as it's 4 weeks away.  Will just have to do it on the back of no training... LOL

19/08/2009 at 15:29
Cheers Wolfie.    I'm not worried about NW.  I am a bit worried about next year and have spoken to Rosey about this.  We'll just have to play it by ear how this pelvis thing sorts itself out, but one thing is for sure, it needs sorting.  I've not run or cycled for a month and am still very uncomfortable with the right leg but it's just beginning to get better I think.  Had 2 physio sessions so far and going into my 2nd week of my exercises with it.  Physio wants me to maintain a strength training regime even during tri training so it'll be interesting how we work that out with the training hours etc but I think he's right.  If the very worst comes to the worst Roth are very good about refunds.  Had a lovely email from Markus who explained that until April 30th they will give near full refunds (minus small admin fee).
19/08/2009 at 18:52

4 weeks to Nantwich - eek!!  I've gone back to square one in swimming.  Tried to keep a fluid stroke going today but ended up going too quick and out of breath after 25m (which is where I came into this thread!) .  Tried to do 100m but had to stop after 50.  It feels like I've gone from walking pace to sprinting so I need to find a jog pace!  I don't want to go back to swimming with dead spots to do the distance because that will just un-learn what I'm trying to do now. 

I think I kept the back of my head showing above the water instead of burying it all underwater and that made breathing easier as the air was a bit closer.  If I brought my head too far up my legs sank so I've got to get familar with the best position. 

I might have to do breast stroke at Nantwich but will see how my lessons go from here on.  I've not done any bike training (apart from a 12 mile round trip to work every day). 

Hope you recover quickly Nam.

19/08/2009 at 20:20

Soup Dragon - my tri is in a week and a half and my bike training has consisted of one off road ride and about 4 spinning classes! I will most certainly be doing BS for it too.

Angelic - I'm doing GNR too, my fourth time (and probably last as I don't want to pay the Golden Bond fee for another 3 years). I'm doing it in costume this year (it arrived today - it's a bit short which is rather worrying) and raising money for a small local charity. I find it hard to persuade people to sponsor me to run race after race so I'm hoping the costume will help.

19/08/2009 at 22:13

Speedy - what costume are you wearing? I'll look out for you!!! I know what you mean about sponsorship. I've done a couple of long distance bike rides for charity and the first was a doddle for collecting money; it got harder second time around! I was lucky with GNR - my first attempt and I got a ballot place.  i've applied for a VLM ballot place, so see if my luck holds out..... Spinning will hold you in good form for the tri. Those classes are bloody hard work! Great interval training for bikes.

Had a good swim tonight - breathing definitely getting easier. i can superman along without panicking at all. Now all i need to do is sort out my arms and legs. Eventually I might manage a cannibalised form of FC!

ImRio    pirate
20/08/2009 at 08:53
Speedy that was exactly the reason I did FLM last year as a Mr Man (Well little Miss Naughty actually) it really was the only way I could get people to sponsor me after 5 years.  But no more.  I have raised enough over the years now and I am in VLM next year after deferring this years 5xrejected place.   But it will be run all for me!!!  What are you going to be dressed as?
20/08/2009 at 09:50
Ultra-Ironwolf wrote (see)
oh nam, I do hope it gets sorted for you, you just have to be in Roth next year! I am so looking forward to meeting you. I have a chronic hip/back/groin problem, a sports doc told me two years ago to quit running. My answer was I can't, it's like eating and breathing to me, I've done it almost 50 years. So he said ok, swim and bike more and run only until it hurts - I most carefully didn't tell him it takes a very long distance indeed before that happens! I usually only hurt afterwards and then not always, it comes and goes without warning. Anyway, my fave doc (who's also quite nice to look at) is a runner himself so knows very well that "stop running" is the wrong answer to give an athlete! I need to work more on my core strength and flexibility over the winter - I am actually quite strong for a woman and love working with weights.

Aw cheers hun.  I had another hour of being manhandled yesterday and I think he's beginning to get somewhere with this.  I used to be really strong that's the funny thing.  Only in 2007 I could outsquat my bodyweight on a barbell (i.e. squat 60kg when I only weighed 55kg) but everything went wrong from when I first started getting orthotics and my first podiatrist mixed up my left & right prescription and put a raise on the wrong leg.  When I entered IMCH I was probably at my least fit and weakest but needed a goal, but to be honest I don't think I was fit enough or strong enough to do what I was doing and I'd like to do better this year.   We'll see how it goes.  We did some lower back stuff yesterday and I certainly need loads more core strength...  This weekend I'll be aqua jogging... when the pool is nice and empty while I look a complete numpty...
20/08/2009 at 12:28

Hello all!

Hi Nam - glad progress seems to be happening with your biomechanics problems.  Fingers crossed it'll get sorted.  Must be really frustrating.  Hopefully lots of core and strength work will really help.

I've never tried aquajogging, although I do actually see people doing it in our pool sometimes - the pool actually does keep a stock of belts and weights etc so that anyone can have a go.

I think at one time I would have been scared of looking like a numpty doing something like that, but given the fact that my warm-down after a run consists of pacing several times up and down my road whilst stretching my arms/doing windmill motions with them, shaking my wrists off etc before all the leg stretches I think I've got beyond the point of being embarrassed about looking a bit daft.  I can see how aquajogging might be really useful for rehab.

As for me - blood test done.  Took a devil of a job to get any of the red stuff out of either of my arms, and I normally have no problem at full blood donations, so I guess it might have been down to the enforced lack of brekkie (made up for it with a full English at a nearby café straight afterwards ).

Won't know the results until late next week, but at least they're investigating the problem.

20/08/2009 at 13:54

*waves back to everyone*

Like Nam, not been posting on here because I seem to have taken almost two weeks off swimming!  This has not been intentional but life is a little busy at the mo' so some things have had to take a back seat.

Feel I have taken some pressure of myself now that I have pulled out of Nantwich Tri sp hoping I can relax more and not push myself too much.

Like some fellows on here I too have a Specialized.  It's a Vita Sport and I absolutely love it.  Riding it after years on my MTB is soooo good.  Altho' I do have to say I am a little precious about it and worry that Mr S will scratch it when he loads it on bike rack on roof of car. that Jr S will scratch it when he puts his bike alongside it in the shed, that it will get rained on, that I will get a puncture etc etc.

Lady P - hpe everything is ok and it is just down to post-viral fatigue

Nam - hope you get yourself sorted soon

CC2 - hope GNR goes well.  I may be in it next year (Mr S works for BUPA and he may be able to get corporate places) altho I have heard a rumour it clashes with nantwich Tri.  Decisions, decisions!

Soupy - you can't chicken out of Nantwich.  There is only one person that can do that!  ME!

20/08/2009 at 15:53

Hi Schmunkee! I have the older version of the vita sports - was called a sirrus sports when i bought it. I love it  It's been a great bike. You're right about Nantwich clashing with GNR. This is the reason i'm not doing it. Might well happen next year too. So check! Hope the break from swimming has helped your stress levels. By this time next year, you'll be whizzing along.

Bedders..    pirate
20/08/2009 at 16:18

Whoever on this thread recommended to me using Beconase spray to stop my nose being snotty all day after a long swim was spot on. Tried it today and I have not had any cold-like symptons at all.

Many thanks!!

20/08/2009 at 16:33

I survived the day with my brother without too much exaggeration.  He did say that he could beat me in a triathlon so I have suggested we both do one next year.  The funny thing is that he is a confident swimmer, but his technique is poor so I think he would struggle in the swim too.  We'll see.

Other than that, had a nice few drinks on the south bank so didn't go to the pool.  have been in school helping the kids with their UCAS/clearing stuff today so will run and swim later on.

I didn't realise you were so badly injured Nam, hope it gets sorted soon.

SD, don't worry I am sure on the day everything will be fine.  You've still got time anyway.

Hi to everyone else, and what is your costume going to be speedy goth?

20/08/2009 at 23:13
I have swimbled 1500m
Gyraffe    pirate
21/08/2009 at 09:14

Well done Nam. I only managed about 1000m this morning - I lost count after about 3 x 100m. Haven't been swimming for ages and it was hard yakka - plus I overslept a bit which didn't help!

Schmunkee - hope all is well - glad to hear you're taking care of yourself.

Bedders - I think that was Mellifera's top tip. Unfortunately, I only remembered the advice while I was drying my hair after the swim this morning - it was like someone had turned a tap on in my nose!

21/08/2009 at 13:57

I had a nice swim session today.  100m w/u then 4 * catch up +1, 6* catch up and then 6* catch up -1.  Then 200m normal swimming.  My technique abandoned me on the last 100m so I stopped.

Only a sprint, I look forward to the day I can say that IW.

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